Experiences - no neckpain candyflip (LSD + MDMA)

Discussion in 'LSD' started by cort, Jul 29, 2005.

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    Mar 23, 2005
    as a result of swims last trip he was almost scared to do acid again. because of the severe neck pain during the whole trip. I has had this pain everytime hes tripped on lsd but the last trip was bad and painful. i dindt do it for 3 months because the pain was not worth the tripping. so i wanted to take some acid again but did not wany any pain so i thought maybe if i candyflipped (acid+ecstasy( maybe there would be no pain. swims favrorite drug was ecsatsy and acid was next but swim dindt wanna try accid again and have pain. so going to try acid one last time give it one last try,with ecsatsy and maybe it will take away the pain and swim can enjoy the drug he loves but has to much pain to do. swim aquires 2 hits of white blotter and 1 pink superman. this would of been swims last chance because this is the last of the acid for a while so i had to do it. 530 drop the 2 hits acid.545 take 1 pink superman. 600. completleyly fucked up. the ecstasy kicked in in 15 min and i was rolling unbelivably hard and it just kept getting more intence and more intence and bye 615 i felt the acid good and started getting visuals. 3 hrs goes by and i was still out of it tripping haaard but little did i feel the ecsatsy it felt like it just wnet away kinda but the aicd was still there tripping and all the way through it i thought abuot the pain feel like it was comming and and it did slightly felt like my neck was disocnecting for a seoncd and then i was fine. the pain did not ccome on the whole trip or the next day. then at 3:00 I took half bar of xanax and was out in a half hr woke up the next day and it was all bright and sunny and i was still fucked up. this candyflip was one of the best expreinces in my life. from the last time i tripped i was still havling problems from the acid. seeing slight visuals when i smoke only and felt like i had a kink in my neck after every time i smoke. the candyflipped cured all pain in my neck for the time i was tripping when its severe and the candy flip had to take the pain that was so unbarable to make an expeinrce so enjoyabale. its so weird that swims pain just went away with the matters of ecsatsy i dont understand. any ideas?