Addiction - Obtain opiate feeling naturally???

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    How does one go about obtaining this opiate-like confidence/peacefull energy naturally or with some kind of legal medicine. Im sure there is SOMETHING like it, where you dont have to worry about liver damage and addiction and all that. You see I am someone who used to do vicodin/percs all the time as an escape, I havent done them in quite a while, and I really dont plan to anymore. All they did to me was make me depend on them. It got to a point where they were like that drug from the movie Limitless, for me. I couldn't go to work without one. I don't want to go back to that. But lately you see I've been getting tempting. Just having a lot of dull moments and I always think to the awesome carefree relaxed person I was when doing those pills. How do I obtain similar feelings without them? ANYTHING?
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    Using the search engine will bring you to answers pretty fast around here, if you cannot find them then of course creating a thread as you have is the way to go. When there are threads already done about a subject and people create new one's, sometimes they are ignored for a while.

    Anywho, the only thing that is not a specific opiate medication that is like opiate medications are of course opium itself, kratom, and opiate-lettuce or wild lettuce. Of course opium is going to have the effects you seek, then kratom coming in second (careful, as helpful as this plant is, physical addiction does come with the over use or abuse of it), and wild lettuce coming in third as some people say they don't get anything from it while some say they do.

    Those are what is opiate like but not opiate medications.
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    Natural Method:

    Endorphins, or endogenous morphine, have the ability to resemble opiates since they are your body's natural pain killers. Endorphins can be released through exercise, pain, consumption of spicy food, and orgasm. Although the feeling you'd receive from endorphins wouldn't be the same as an opiate high, it would still be enjoyable and a healthier alternative to popping pills.

    Legal, Herbal Method:

    Kratom is a plant that is native to Southeast Asia. Its primary alkaloids act as mu-opiod agonists, so it is similar to some pharmaceutical opiates. Many people have used it to aid in withdrawals from opiates and recreationally. I must warn you though, the use kratom can cause addiction, both physical and psychological, if abused. So, it would probably be best if you didn't use it on a daily basis and started with a low dose, just so your tolerance wouldn't rapidly increase.

    I commend you on being able to control your temptations for opiates. I know it's hard, but you just have to believe in yourself (pretty corny... I know)
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    The unfortunate truth is that endorphins do not play a role in maintaining our every day mood. You won't be able to 'trick' your body into producing them 24/7.

    Ways to trigger a natural release of endorphins:
    - Strenuous and hard exercise. Apparently light exercise won't do. People who regularly put a huge strain on their body through what arguably would be a harmful amount and way of exercise can get an endorphin rush almost on a daily basis. Thing is, once your body gets used to that kind of exercise, it will stop. Some argue that 'runner's high' is responsible for our survival as a species - i.e. the faster and longer you ran from a predator, the more your body would 'reward' you. Marathon runners are the ones who experience this the most.
    - Orgasm [self explanatory]
    - Float tank [this is a weird one] Float tanks are those isolation water tanks where you are completely closed off from the outside world, people use them to meditate, or to re-awaken memories. It's pretty much just letting your body float in the water in complete silence and darkness, and relax. I guess you could reproduce this in a hot tub/small pool with a cover. Won't work if you are afraid of closed spaces or you can't relax enough in water to just let yourself float. I know some people are scared of sinking, personally I've never seen anyone sink when floating and I've never sunk when doing so. :laugh:
    - Acupuncture. This is the same principle when used for pain relief.
    - Pregnancy [another weird one] Apparently the foetus into the 3rd month releases beta endorphins through the placental tissue into the mother's system. Could be the explanation of post-natal depression.
    - Pain. Experiencing excrutiating pain, such as being shot, having a limb torn off, breaking several bones at once are the most common reasons.

    Not sure if this will help.
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    ^^ +1 - break a leg! :)

    seriously though, i've broken a leg in four places once and was left for 3 days in a hospital bed before being operated. They only gave me painkillers after 30 hours (assholes...) and i dont remember much from that episode (although i was not taking any drugs at that time).
    My family and friends however report that i was cracking joke after joke, laughing my pants off, loosing consciousness, waking up yelling and crying and then cracking jokes again, in a steady cycle, for about 6 hours before passing out completely. So i guess breaking a leg is actually a great way to trigger those huge endorphin rushes... but i wouldn't recommend it ;)
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    Hardcore workouts here also.

    My partner and I would lift weights for 2 hours then do MJ and eat a high fat meal-not burger. Five days a week, three years in a row it worked. We were high, very high, I ended up with 70# dumbells in each hand for curls.
    Way over kill and am 100 pounds lighter now, but the resulting euphoria lasted over five hours. Ran out of places to put muscle or would have done it forever.

    Some why there is a reason the body will not allow nonstop joy forever, darn that evolution.
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    Strong Indica Strains of marijuana are as close as you're going to get in your search for an opiate-like "high". Pure Indica will relax you and probably put you to sleep with pleasant euphoria and pain relief.

    I've experienced the body's self protection drugs, resulting from broken bones and self-induced pain of extreme exercise. Forcing pain on yourself to trigger natural endorphins for the sake of experiencing opiates without taking opiates sounds a bit insane, actually.

    Think of "eating" some good Indica treats if your wanting to avoid the negative health effect of inhaling smoke.

    For the record: Most opiates do not stress out the Liver to the point of concern. Ethanol and acetaminophen are far more toxic to you Liver than almost any (if not all) opiates.