Health - ok - noticable side effects after binge use of k

Discussion in 'Ketamine' started by k-skywalker, Feb 16, 2007.

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    Feb 16, 2007
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    I has noticed few side effects after 4 months of k use .. one is really deep insights into things in normal life and beyeond and also weird things for example ... writting a text askin about someones uncle and then finding out u they wrote "dad" instead of uncle even though they meant uncle amnd goin to the fridge instead of the oven etc .. as for the deep insights >>> insights on how we communcate and a good way of proving if an animal is colour blind but they probably have done this idea already and lots more insights everyday. no time to explain yet ... and other insights reffering to the side effect itself example >> "side effects" are only called this to give them a label to distinguish between the main desired effect .. these side effects are prsumed bad by todays mentality but they can be good effects too like the above(great insights) which lead me to realise that if taking k for the journey then that is the main effect and the pain killing effect is then the side effect along with all the other little effects or if u aree taking it to get these great insights then the pain killing and out of body journey is then the side effects ....

    bottom line is everythin u take gives u a number of effects ... they are all effects in themselve and the purpose for which u take them governs which will be labelled side effects and which is the main effect and has nothin to do with what the designer had in mind when makin this substance in the first place ...

    anyone gettin me ?

    beltane ?
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    Jan 28, 2005
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    Ketamine puts a user in a profoundly altered state. The mroe time a user spends in such a state and the less time spent proportionally in what a non-K user considers normal reality, the greater ones risk not bouncing right back psychologically speaking. In hact, in SWIM's opinion, a user with the wrong disposition and unfortunate circumstances could go around the bend and only make it back with major ouside help. It's SWIM's opinion that one of the imain for this disaster would be an unhappy personal who did like themselves much and happened to be wound pretty tight.

    - Beltane
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    Dec 11, 2004
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    I think that if you go 'round the bend' for a while you will quickly 'recover' after stopping taking K. The insights are real enough, but out of synch with concensus reality, but perhaps better not shared with people with people who won't understand!
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    Dec 3, 2006
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    Ketamine has changed my life and the way he thinks about life in general, i'd call that a permanent side effect but I believe that this happens to every1. Ketamine actually made swim smarter due to a shortage of drugs. he was bored and wanted some ket (and other drugs) for ages and the only thing he could do was learn new shit so that his next ket adventure would be less confusing and he's b able to control it more. When I am trippin he thinks about space and time and life and when he had his drugs shortage he started watchin TV programs on discovery channels about whats in space and how life formed and how it can form on other planets, watchin these type of programs brought back memories of wen I was trippin. He got to a point where he wasnt socialising with his friends that take drugs with him cos everytime I went round to some1s house he just got bored. I started socialising at colege more tho and his college work became alot better and his grades stated goin up very quickly. My still got a bit of a shortage with ket but he's had ket since the big shortage with all my drugs and his college work is still gettin better. Dam swim loves ket :D
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    Jul 13, 2006
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    I used ket every single day for 6 months - usually taking 1-2000mg daily. At the time I was completely addicted and the only way he got out of it was to take a skateboard to the face and feel nothing (but god my face was horrid).

    The major main 'side effect' I have noticed is his mind replaces sounds occuring in realtime with sounds heard in the past, no connections just random sounds. The same occurs slightly visually.

    On top of this I have noticed things like going to oven instead of fridge as described above, as well as looking way too far into things (and I was bad enough for that before).

    I have also lost a lot of confidence since stopping but is gradually building it back.

    It deffinately affected my ability to hold down a relationship! He managed about a month before she probably left him because of his fucked up head.

    This is now 5-6 months off it but SWIM still feels like it has an effect on him - but he isnt spending all day every day doing nothing instead has managed to get back into photography and graphic design with a lot of DJing on the side.
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    Mar 6, 2007
    I've gotta say I was going through a rough patch at uni and at home but is now sorting things out in both realms. Swim only enjoys ket in moderation but is gonna get a large ammount soon so the challenge comes then I supose. Will he keep it together? Watch this space...