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One life - Detox or Die (BBC)

Discussion in 'Opiate addiction' started by ~lostgurl~, May 8, 2008.

  1. ~lostgurl~

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    Dec 23, 2004
    from Australia
    A new entry has been added to Drugs Archive

    43 mins

    `David Graham Scott's life has been dominated and shaped by his addiction. For four years he was on heroin, but for the last twelve he's been on a daily dose of methadone (the legal equivalent to heroin). This means his addiction is managed - but the methadone habit seems even harder to kick. Filmed over five years we look at the world David lived in as a heroin user, his battle to come off methadone and the fight to beat his addiction. David is desperate to come off drugs. He's tried and failed many times. ONE life follows David as he risks all on an unauthorised, controversial and potentially lethal method that claims to clear withdrawal symptoms in one day and sends the user on a soul-searching, gut-wrenching, 36-hour deto

    The detoxifcation programme involves him taking ibogaine, a derivative of the West African shrub Tabernathe iboga, used for centuries in initiation rites by the Bwiti tribes of Gabon.

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit One life - Detox or Die (BBC)
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  2. oggy

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    Aug 29, 2005
    35 y/o
    Amazing, Swim just watched it all, being an Edinburgh man myself I could relate to him so much, how he felt about killing himself, his mother, that drone the methadone makes you feel. I went through a similar detox and on day 3 cold turkey kicked in. But without the ibogaine, he just used pure will power but it was hell and the anxieties, fear, panic, paranoia, muscle spasms while thinking God himself sent him to hell for ever and ever and ever for the sins I had done. Swim feels great now tho but never used ibogaine, he did have a very spiritual experience when the Angel's came to take his sins away. I couldn't see them but he could feel them all over his body like they were cleaning me, tapping my head and face with soft fingers, pressing my belly. It felt like soft feathers messaging My body and My heart was full of love and he could laugh again.

    That same night/morning Swim ended up in A&E having the worst of the muscle spasms, like my body had to go through it but it was the last day of My withdrawal and panic was no more.

    Swim still had to build his strength back, just the same way the Scotsman in the video did, but it only took 5/6 days till he went swimming then camping up Aurthur's seat and it was My best day he's had in 2 n a 1/2 years of the addiction. And life can only get better from now on, its a lovely day and I am going to the pool with his brother in an hour.

    Keep active, eat well, think positive, love, do not fear and you can achieve just about anything. The human body is much stronger than the mind thinks and when you realise this anything can be possible.

    Common examples of such afflictive emotions are greed, attachment, hostility, anger and jealousy. they trigger various mental urges, usually ones that lead to destructive behavior. these urges may be to act destructively toward others or to act in some self-destructive way. The result is that we create problems and suffering for others and, inevitably, for ourselves.

    Each and every individual is on their own spiritual path and they have to find their own way. Love and peace.

    Swim told his mother about his experience with the Angel's, she is a Christian, she told me that was the demon coming out of My soul when Swim screamed so loud. (in a manly way) It woke her and the neighbours up, that's why Swim ended up in A&E. She also said I was foaming at the mouth while having muscle spasms. This happened just after My experience. When she told Swim this it gave him shivers of joy because he does feel like a new man, he does feel reborn and everyone tells Swim how bright and well he looks now.
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