Combinations - one of my craziest trips (long)

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    Feb 27, 2005
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    hey all, thought i'd post the experience that me and my friends talk
    about the most. This might get long, so I will separate it into
    parts so yall can skip over shit.


    It all started with me and 3 of my best
    friends back in the summer before 9th grade, we will call them H, B,
    and F. We had been talkin about drugs for a while, i was already
    into them alot and had some experience but the others were
    newbies. The first night we got together at my place it seemed
    everyone brought something of their own.

    What we took in the begining:

    H brought some hydrocodone, F brought some Perc's, B
    brought ambeins, and i supplied some ambein and weed. We decided
    just to take it all at once, i think it was like 15mg ambein, 15mg
    hydrocodone, and like 20mg of the percs each.

    The experience:

    We headed outside to the golfcourse to wonder
    and smoke some bud, (we talked about shit and said we would never do
    heroin or cocaine), but got sidetracked and went to my dealer/friends
    house and he was coked up from a party. This was where he offered
    us some crack so me and H for some reason were all over this idea while
    the other 2 were iffy but ended up doing it anyway. The 5 of us
    all huddled around a peice of foil and a lighter must have been a
    sight. We then wondered off on the course and thats when
    everything hit me hard!

    The trees were morphing around like robots, moving
    in machine like motion. Some taking on a form with a mouth and
    some even talked to me, telling me to come here and shit which i found
    amusing and had to be taken away from the trees when i was talking with
    them. We stopped at our little place to have a quick smoke.

    Once we made it to my house, i thought, "what the
    hell, lets split some robotussin", we just split one bottle between the
    4 of us so it wasnt a huge dose. But i didnt wanna stop there, so
    i took my friend H upstairs where we took a few swigs of my codein
    cough syrup (or maybe this was before we left in the begining, not

    Now everything was in full swing, i looked over to
    my window well (we were in the basement) and saw a girls face, then her
    ghoastly body stretched itself about waste deep into my window and just
    looked around. This girl dressed in all white didnt seem to alarm
    me at all, i just said, "hey dude, check that chick in the window
    out". Everything was moving, closed eye visuals were cool, and
    our conversation was great. After that things got hazy and we
    pretty much just went to sleep i think.


    I will guess on the doses but that night we took
    15mg ambein, 15mg hydro, 20mg oxy, like 60mg codein, bowl of weed, 5 or
    so hits of crappy crack, 89 or so mg of dxm, and im not sure but we
    might have done some ritalin that night too. Sorry this post was
    so long, but i thought i would contribute this for anyone who has a
    bunch of time to read. Hope you enjoy, im on about 40mg
    insufflated adderall right now so i might have rambled, sorry.
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    Feb 27, 2005
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    Oh i thought id mention that that crack was made by crushed rock mixed
    with beer to re-rock. Wasnt us who did it so dont flame.
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    Feb 23, 2005
    Thats a pretty cool story. I remember the first time I did crack.

    This was back when I was 14. I started off the day with two of my good friends by ditching school. Where I lived at that time was rural so, we went to the outskirts of town to avoid cops. Each of us took 20 pills of coricidin (600mg DXM) and went wandering around some old abandoned houses. After a little while, one of my friends started to trip hard on the pills and started to throw up and mumble nonsense. An hour passed and he felt better so, we decided to rob a house and see what we could get for the merchandise.

    We went into a trailor park and proceede to knock on peoples doors, pretending to be looking for our lost dog. Finally, we came accross an empty trailor and pryed the sliding glass door open. I went in first and noticed an old man sleeping on the couch so, I told my friends to wait outside. In his bedroom, I found his wallet sitting on his nightstand which had fifty bucks in it.

    As I was walking out the man started to get up so, I ran back into his bedroom and hid under his bed. He went into his bedroom's bathroom to take a leek and he took a pill out of his medicine cabinet and went back to his couch. After a few minutes I crawled out and went into his bathroom. In his cabinet he had codeine, vicodin and a bunch of otherstuff I didn't recognize. So, I took the good shit and crept out his window.

    When I met up with my friends, we each took 4 vicodin and we went to the local liquor store to get some drinks. When we came out there was an ice cream truck stopped at the corner. My friend lived in that area and said the ice cream truck sold meth and weed so, we went to get some weed. When we asked for the bud, he said he only had crack and H at the time. After talking with one of my friends for a moment, he talked me into getting some rock. He had done it before and said it was fun. I bought $40 worth and we went back into the liquor store to get some glass pipes and brillo.

    We went into some nearby trees out of sight and started to hit the pipe. It felt amazing, as soon as I took my second hit I felt the vicodin take effect and I fell flat on my ass. After gazing into the distance for I don't know how long, I started to smoke some more. About 45 minutes, a crack head came over to investigate what we were doing and after talking with him for a few minutes, we dicided to share with him. About 10 minutes after he said he had to go and left just like that. When he was gone, we noticed half the rocks we had sitting on the baggie were gone. So, we proceeded to follow him from a distance and when we found where he was hiding, he was smoking some rocks. We confronted him about what he did and he told us that he was smoking his own personall stash.

    We didn't belive that for a second and we told him to give it back or else. He refused and asked us in a very condescending way, "what are ya gonna do about it?" and pulled out a knife on us. I was suddenly full of rage and I kicked him as hard as I could in the side of his knee and he fell. On his way down, he stabbed me in the shoulder and my friends pounced on him. I still had the knife sticking in me but, I couldn't feel it. We proceeded to give him a beating like you wouldn't believe, I swear I heard a few cracks. We left him there unconscious and went back to our original smoking area.

    My friend had the idea of burning my wound shut with the knife. After a few more hits of crack, I agreed and he held the lighter on it untill it was red and pressed it across my wound. I didn't feel the pain but, I could smell my flesh burning. When he pulled the knife off, I still had skin attached to it. I don't know if it was the smell or the sight but, I began to vomit. A few minutes later we finished the crack and I took 4 codeine pills. My friend traded me shirts so my parents wouldn't notice my wound and we all went our seperate ways for the day.

    I concider this to be one of my craziest days. I'm sorry for the graphicness of my story but, I've never got to tell it to anybody until now and I was reliving it as I was writting it.
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    Feb 27, 2005
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    damn bro thats one crazy time. Theres no way in hell i could be
    that stealthy on 600mg of dxm. I wish i had an ice cream truck
    like that around here. Good story man.
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    Oct 28, 2007
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    phew, swim cant say he likes the violence n stealing that much, but its a n interesting story nonetheless....You been doing stuff like that more ?
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    Dec 23, 2012
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    ok, i combined 600mg of dxm, 190mg of adderall, 5mg of xanax, two hits of acid and 5 grams of shrooms then while waiting for it to take effect I snorted two big lines of coke... first thing that hit me was the coke which amped me up and got me ready for the insane trip I was about to have, then the trees had fruit hanging on them with real golden hallmarks on them to much to mention, then a mr man came out of the woods who I believed was after me, he had big teeth, quite scary but funny at the same time and he was bright purple!. then i had to piss, i could do with a piss and instantly i was having a piss miles away in the bog in my house ...whatever place came to mind i was there instantly very freaky ...what had happened in between? big claw visible under my skin tearing at vital bits. the sun hanging on a rope that was smouldering slowly away. wandered into a park and potatoes were playing bowls and speaking in potatoe language. a very hot summers day and my trousers were flapping about 8 feet behind me for hours, then I walked into a store and satan himself was there and began asking me questions about my sex life, then the walls in the store started melting and the floor turned into water, after that I woke up laying on a white bed naked, seeing myself from above, then a computer voice said something, then three rows of spikes shot through my spine, my head was leaning up so the one that would have shot through my head was behind me, then across from me there was another man laying in the same situation as I was in he started singing, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard as he sang he slowly started leaning his head back into the spike, uncontrollably I started to do the same till I woke up sitting in the woods leaning against a tree, I'm not sure if I ever even left the woods because it was the same place I went when I started