Combinations - One way trip to the K-hole on the H-Train

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    Dec 21, 2004
    What a marvelous ride it was. Previous to this experience, he had only tried heroin a few times before and it was all cut to shit. However he had been introduced to the world of high dosage dissociatves many a time. At a friends house, the party atmosphere was beginning to dwindle down as the coke wore off and ran out. Then, a friend came through to the house with an unopened bottle of Ketavet, and a 40 bag of dope. He cut up the brown ball and was skeptical about the size of his piece (was suspicious of friend taking some because he looked doped out). However, he laid out a line and broke a bit off for a friend to try for their first time. It went easily up his nose, and then began to burn a bit, but nothing extreme. He walked down the steps to grab a beer, and by the time he was half way done with it a surge of complete euphoria, empathy and life surged through his veins starting from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. "This is amazing heroin" he remembers commenting to his friends as he suddenly became under the influence of this potent opiate. Instead of becoming withdrawn from those around him he became incredibly talkative, indulging in conversation was pure bliss. Being alive was the greatest gift he could have ever recieved, he just wanted to sit back and enjoy this and take this ride. When he was fully peaking on his Heroin, friends opened up the bottle of ketavet and cooked it up in an oven to make it into a powder for snorting (since nobody had any syringes). "You are flying man, I told you this was good" It was a beaautiful night outside, so he went out and layed down in the wet grass and continued conversation with others. He could have slept in the fucking sewer and had a grin on his face, not a care in the world. Then they came out with the bowls of k powder, and a friend layed out about a 2inch line of ketamine. "After this...we're probably gonna have to carry you out of here" After he snorted the rail of K he fell backwards and spread out into a "jesus on the cross" position. He entered a dream like state. It was as if the ketamine was a new pair of glasses over his eyes, he could see the world in a completely different way than before. The warmth of the heroin went perfectly with this spacey dissociated world. His surroundings were no longer familiar, however he was completely at ease with this complete change in perspective. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before.

    And thats it. Cant really write more about this, because there are a lot of pockets of time and memory that are lost. But this was one of the best drug experiences of his life.
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    damn nice report. SWIM really likes the title. I need to jump on the bandwagon!
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    SWIM almost wishes that he knew what heroin felt like, if only to imagine how a heroin-style k-hole would feel... but he'll leave it to his imagination for now.