Combinations - Opana and Norco

Discussion in 'Drug combinations' started by Adultswimmer, Feb 24, 2009.

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    Feb 24, 2009
    This woman I know recently added Opana to her arsenal. She first tested the waters with only 5mg insuffilated. Okay but not the greatest. She said the coating is very easy to scrape off but even if some is left, it doesn't gel up so much. She also said the drip is not unpleasant.

    She next added Provigil as a way to stay up that night and do some more testing. That combo was very nice though she told me she had gone up to 30mg insuffilated. Do not try that if you are opiate naive or don't have a high tolerance!

    Since her body seems to be able to handle just about anything she puts in it, one day she added her usual 4-5 10mg Norcos to this combo. Ahhh, now there was the right combo for her!

    Effects started in about 15 minutes, increased at about 45 minutes, and lasted about 4 hours. No after effects, no nod, no nausea, no headache, just a very nice euphoria that lasted quite a while. That woman is now happy with the effects she achieved and is satisfied. I would never suggest trying something like that unless someone was very opiate tolerant like she is.