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Opiate Withdrawal TIMELINE of Symptoms.

Discussion in 'Opiate addiction' started by tayo, May 31, 2007.

  1. tayo

    tayo Newbie

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    May 14, 2007
    from U.S.A.
    48 hours after last dose. (32mg hydromorphone insufflated. 40mg oxycontin insufflated and 10mg hydrocodone)
    friday mid-day

    tired, urge to take nap, beginning to feel unwell
    extreme sweating
    along with, fatigue, want to lie down
    curled up in fetal position, fatigue, hot cold sweats, no appetite, stomach cramps begin
    snotty, watery eyes, fatigue, anxiety, aches begin, stomach cramping, loss of appetite, hot cold sweats, all getting worse
    snot nose, watery eyes, aches, everything hurts, bones, joints, muscles, everything is painful, cramps, can't eat, hot cold sweats
    ..+72-4th day
    all of above symptoms, diarhea gone because no food passing through gut, shaking violently in fetal position, irritability, feelings of hopelessness, "this will never end. can i die from this? im dying someone help."
    also should include day 1-4- insomnia and in and out of consciousness from pain, trying to sleep to make it go away. also blurred, distorted vision and dilated pupils

    -at this point SWIM gave in to medical care, as I was intent on not using opiates in hir withdrawl

    0.1mg clonidine (3x a day) for most withdrawl symptoms
    chloral hydrate for sleep (they shouldve thrown in valium)

    clonidine as a blood pressure medication pretty much just kept SWIM in bed. but the shakes went away for the most part, pulse at the hospital was 110, a follow up visit...

    2 days later
    out of meds, blood pressure and pulse normal, but still irritability and anxiety, clonazepam 1x a day, 0.1mg clonidine

    headaches, neck aches 5-7 days later after initial symptoms began, anxiety, irritability...

    That is my timeline, however unclear it may be, SWIM hopes you get the point.

    What it's like.

    It was like 5 days of a broken leg untreated with pain pills, but all over the body.

    Anyone like to contribute their timelines of hell?

    Hope this helps people STAY AWAY FROM OPIATE USE, or at least know what you are getting in to. Or maybe the account of my suffering was amusing to evil people.
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  2. Orchid_Suspiria

    Orchid_Suspiria Newbie

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    Feb 10, 2007
    39 y/o
    When I go through opiate withdrawal its hard to gauge the timeline because time becomes well,meaningless.Everything is just a jumbled and confusing mess of pain.The timelines forever really in swims case because even if the physical part is long over mentally and emotionally he is scarred for life.
  3. tayo

    tayo Newbie

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    May 14, 2007
    from U.S.A.
    Mental was easy for SWIM, was set on not getting em anymore never second thoughted that, but opiates are the only thing I had any physical withdrawals from, cold turkeyed alcohol, weed, cigarettes all on the same day about 8 months ago... no problems. swim supposes that the fact that I was mixing, morphine with oxycodone, with hydrocodone, with hydromorphone and methadone, and crude opium over 2 and a half months probably is the reason withdrawals were so bad. how long was swiy's habit? and it was just hydrocodone? and for severity, swim's last dose before writing this post was 10mg hydrocodone, 40mg oxycontin, and 32mg hydromorphone (all insufflated) in one sitting, about 15-20 minutes....

    btw, how long was the habit for... and how long ago did You stop? because You won't notice withdrawal symptoms until almost exactly three days after stopping. which was wiggity wiggity whack! because I was at work when they started.
  4. ex-junkie

    ex-junkie Palladium Member

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    Feb 23, 2009
    from Australia
    During the buprenorphine part of my detox i was very comfortable with the aid of 25MG phenergan tablets- yep thats right, a damn OTC drowsy anti histamine. In case you live under a rock, this is medication for fucking hayfever. I slept every night except for the 2nd to last night of the bupe taper. I actually went 3 days without methadone before commencing the bupe. That was the hardest part, but easier to endure with clonidine and promethazine, albeit in larger doses than recommended. :O

    My taper ended up like this... please note that these doses [edit: buprenorphine] werent taken in singular doses, but rather a tally of how much i needed per day. [edit: i only took small amounts when I "needed" it.

    thurs- took last dose of methadone. Edit: I was double/triple dosing a prescribed amount of 55mg and using intravenously.

    fri- nothing but phenergan, albeit in triple doses. Wasn't incredibly uncomfortable because I was taking clonidine and phenergan. Methadone build-up in system still effective at "holding" me.

    sat- nothing but phenergan. This day was uncomfortable, but I soldiered through it.

    sun- phenergan and a sneaky shot of heroin at night- i wasnt too fussed about this because of the pathetic half life it keeps, especially for one off use. I don't recommend that people do this btw, it only worked for me because by this stage I absolutely hated heroin with a passion. However, I was VERY uncomfortable on this day and had my doctor's appointment arranged for the following morning.

    mon- 8MG subutex intravenously administered. Big mistake. It sent me into withdrawal and there was nothing that I could do but ride it out. It felt like having a dirty shot. Terrible. Completely put me off IVing it again... I slept that night.

    tues- 3MG subutex sublingually. I was a little bit hyperactive, but was taking clonidine and phenergan [promethazine]. I'm not sure if the IV dose the day before had some kind of rapid detox effect on me, but this day was easy. I slept that night.

    wed- 3MG subutex. Also took phenergan and clonidine. This day was easy. I slept that night.

    thurs- 0.9MG temgesic. Again, with clonidine and phenergan throughout the day. I didn't sleep that night because I was excited. Not uncomfortable at all.

    fri- 0.2MG temgesic. I celebrated my final day of the bupe taper with some galliano [ew] and slept that night. It was an easy day.

    sat- commenced naltrexone- a hospital induction where I was given 1mg of naltrexone every 2 hours and medicated for potential withdrawal. Medication was 100µg clonidine and 10mg temazepam every four hours or so, and a nice promethazine injection jab the butt- which completely knocked me out for the day/night pretty much. My doctor had to come and wake me up to dose me my meds. On a scale of 1-10 for withdrawal symptoms, I'd give it 2/10- but like I said, I was asleep for most of the day, so this score is only really valid for the 2 hours or so combined that I was awake for on this day.

    sun- took a whole tablet of naltrexone, NO HORRID REACTION WHATSOEVER AND NO EXTRA MEDICATION NEEDED. Withdrawal scale out of ten= 0/10.

    So after all these years of struggles, this took only ten days. hold up now... TEN FUCKING DAYS from beginning to end, it was so easy im actually kicking myself i didnt do this sooner. In fact i now ridicule the 7 years it took me to get here. Had i known to take higher doses of clonidine, and to take with promethazine, i could have done this ages ago IMO. My fucked up, sordid experience of life as a junkie is all but a distant dream now. Pieces of a puzzle that is finally complete!

    It really is a bit of a joke just how easy this was. This took ten days. I've been clean since 2005.
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  5. lease25

    lease25 Titanium Member

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    Nov 27, 2009
    from Australia
    Here's a diagram in a document from Turning Point, a drug and alcohol agency that I happened to be looking at today.

    It shows a diagram of the severity of symptoms over days for heroin and methadone. Other opiates could be compared, based on whether they are long or short acting.

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  6. Spucky

    Spucky Palladium Member

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    Feb 9, 2009
    from japan
    AW: Opiate Withdrawal TIMELINE of Symptoms.

    Onset & Duration of Symptoms (Heroin)
    Beginning <8 hours from last
    opioid use (Peak within 36-72h)
    Anxiety, fear of withdrawal, craving for drug, diaphoresis, chills,
    lacrimation, rhinorrhea, yawning

    Beginning 12 hours from last
    opioid use (Peak at 72 h)
    Piloerection, anorexia, dilated pupils, anxiety, irritability dysphoria,
    restlessness, mild-moderate insomnia, tremor, mild tachycardia and/or
    hypertension, abdominal cramps

    Beginning 24-36 hours from last
    opioid use (Peak at 72 h)
    Abdominal cramps, diarrhea, myalgias, muscle spasms (esp. in lower
    extremities), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, severe insomnia, violent yawning:laugh:

    Methadone withdrawal may take longer to manifest clinically (24-48h from last dose) than withdrawal from other opioids,
    but may persist 2-3 weeks or longer
    Physical withdrawal symptoms generally resolve by 5-10 days

    Psychological withdrawal symptoms (dysphoria, insomnia) may last weeks to months

    The whole OWP. (Opiate-Withdrawal Protocol):

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  7. rokman nash

    rokman nash Palladium Member

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    Dec 3, 2008
    from U.S.A.
    My friend Dave asked me to relate a couple timelines for him here. The first was an initial "CT" detox for all intents with minimal comfort meds, and the second with way more knowledge and understanding of what he was dealing with.

    The first time Dave had been doing Oxycontin, Heroin, Vicodin, Xanax.....the list goes on. He had been doing this for a number of years when he decided to make a change.

    Without getting to specific he started his "CT" on a Sunday morning after taking 90 mgs of methadone around midnight (he had no idea about half-lifes or any of that shit). His plan was 3 days and he would be all better. His son was there to hang with him for the duration just to keep an eye on him. Dave had about a dozen Klonopin an unlimited amount of alcohol.

    He awoke Sunday morning about 7 or so and felt fine. He didnt eat anything, just hung out and watched a football game at noon, still no problems(his last drug intake other than the Done was around eight or so the previous evening, 4-80 mg Oxys). Around 8 pm he started to feel that itch in his chest that has always seemed to be the start of dopesickness. He took a couple Klonos. and drank a tumbler of whiskey and slept fitfully for about five hours or so. He woke up sweat soaked,skin crawling, and generally feeling like he had the fucking Ebola virus(minus the bleeding from every orifice). He took a shower...as hot as he could stand, and wondered what the fuck he was doing. After his shower he felt marginally better. He sat enduring hot/cold flashes and watched his son sleep while smoking cigarettes till the sun came up. Fun stuff huh.

    Day two started with Dave feeling like he had been rode hard and hung up wet(little did he know that the WDs hadnt even started yet). After gagging on his tooth brush he decided to walk around the block a few times(half mile each go round). This made him feel marginally better for an hour or so. He watched a movie with his kid, skin crawling, sweating, freezing, and running to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so. Still no food. Midday he downed a couple Klonos. and a tumbler of whiskey, slept fitfully for an hour or so and then jumped in his jucuzzi. Eureka!!! something that seems to help- for maybe an half hour.

    This routine was repeated for about ten days, maybe getting a bit better around day six or seven. Like an idiot Dave wasnt prepared for this shit. He thought detoxing was like that movie Rush, three days pounding on the wall and all better. He didnt know about Loperamide or anything that would minimize the discomfort. He didnt eat anything solid for 10 days and his bunghole still felt like a Old Faithfull erupting on time every 30 minutes.

    It truly took about 30 days before he could sleep unaided. Still if he got 5 uninterupted hours of sleep he felt great. His stomach took about as long to settle. He started eating solid food around the 2 week mark. All in all he lost aroung 25 pounds the first month.

    Dave truly feels that if one has any other option other than "CT" to take it. Over the last two years he has learned more about recovery than he thought possible. Hes gone back and forth the last few years, but hes been clean way more than hes used(probably90/10) and truly believes that its virtually impossible to do this and stay clean long term the first go around.

    Well below hes gonna tell how it went the last time....and for now its working.

    OK.. This time Dave is almost 2 years older and 2 years wiser. Dave relapsed ..again, but this time it went long enough where he knew he was gonna be sick.

    Dave armed himself with plenty of vitamins, Loperamide, 1 Suboxone(didnt even need it), a bunch of Lyrica and some Lunesta(sleeping meds). This was almost laughable and painless.

    Day one was pretty much the same as the first time, doing about the same amount of junk. Dave did his last on a Thursday evening and slept till morning. When he woke up he took his vitamins, Loperamide, maybe 4 mgs sub, and 600mgs of Lyrica. No problems all day. He redosed with the Loperamide and Lyrica that night, took a Lunesta and slept for a good 5-6 hours or so.

    Day two was basically the same, vitamins,Loperimide, 2 mgs sub, and 600 mgs Lyrica. He redosed adding the Lunesta for sleep. Again no problems. He forgot to add no problems with hot/cold flashes, no eating problems, nothing.

    Day three was repeat of one and two minus the sub, again no problems with body temp, no eating problems. This went on for 8-9 days dropping the amount of Lyrica daily by 50 mgs a dose. Day 10 Dave was fine doing only twice the amount of Lyica he is prescribed (150mgs 3 time daily).Its been 3 weeks since his last opiate use and he feels really good, no PAWS symptoms to speak of.

    Daves not sure if this is normal, but he will take the second over the first anytime.

    Good Thoughts:thumbsup:
  8. Killa Weigha

    Killa Weigha Newbie

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    Nov 2, 2010
    from mexico
    This blew in on a Noreaster a couple of nights ago. It was signed AJ, American Junky...

    Most junky citizens of the richest country in the world can only dream of such exotic notions as Rehab and Insurance. In fact, it's only the "lucky" few who can prove a long history of abject poverty, homelessness and drug abuse who can get on at a Methadone clinic (of course there is the matter of a 2-6 month waiting list for intake but, hey, they've made it this far still breathing. Surely they can keep robbing, stealing from and ripping-off fellow citizens to support their habits for a little longer, right?). In order to quit one must be resolved not only to stopping drugs but also to losing their job (only 2 weeks paid leave allowed if that) if employed. So this is AJ's story about getting off opiates...

    AJ sits at home waiting and imagining the days to come...
    "Uh oh, what was that? Is it starting already"?
    "Fuck it, I'm going to get some sleep".
    (20 minutes - 10 hours later AJ wakes up)
    (Yawns. Tears gush down both cheeks)
    (Rapid-fire sneezing attack ensues)
    "God Da - um"!?
    (Shuffles to the toilet. Almost makes it. Spews vomit)
    (Vomits the last steps to the toilet bowl)
    "Fuck me. What's next"?
    (Vomits and squirts diarreah in trousers)
    "How the fuck I'm gonna hurl and shit at the same time"?
    (Vomits in bath tub and squirts diarreah into toilet)
    (Repeats these two activities mostly simultaneously for quite some time whilst sweating profusely, dripping snot and gushing tears all over himself and the floor)

    AJ says (to himself because it's much too painful to talk out loud), "Fuckin beat. Lemme go to bed up in this mother fucker".
    (Lays down)
    (Shifts position)
    (5 seconds later)
    (Shifts position)
    "Fuck, my lower back is killing me. What did I do to it)?
    (Shifts position)
    (5 seconds later)
    (Shifts again)
    (5 seconds later)
    "This fucking back-ache is killing me! And why the fuck is my heart beating so fucking hard? "[insert deity's name here], please don't let me be the asshole that dies from withdrawals"?
    (5 seconds later)
    (Throws the covers off himself)
    "God damn, I'm sweating like a fucking pig"!
    (5 seconds later)
    (Scrambles frantically to grab the covers..and an extra 3 blankets...and a space heater)
    "Fuck is it cold in this mother fucker. Fuck"!

    This lovely scenario continues for 3 or 4 days though not in the specific order mentioned above, thus leaving AJ's mind to anxiously and frenetically wonder "what's next"? A half ounce of cannabis/day is consumed and provides sweet relief... for about 10 minutes per session. A healthy asexual activity is engaged in every time AJ's diamond-cutter of an erection is noticed and that provides enormous satisfaction... until orgasm subsides. Copious amounts of beer are thrown into the mix as well, providing barely any relief whatsoever and leaving AJ feeling generally pretty shitty once metabolized.

    On the 4th or 5th day one or two symptoms begin to subside and virtually disappear.
    "Fuckin at least that's over with".

    The next day they magically reappear.
    "Holy fuck! This shit's fucking with me now"!
    "Lemme find something to do".

    AJ turns on the TV
    (4 minutes later)
    "This is fucked! What kind of moron watches this shit"?

    AJ shuffles to the computer
    "Lemme at least find out how long this shit's supposed to last".
    (20 minutes later)
    "What? Lyrica? Clonadine alleviates...? Subutex minimizes...? Suboxone masks...? Naltrexone? Lyrica? Promethazine? Buprenor- God Dammit! Where the fuck my shit at? Do they even have that shit here? Lucky fucks. I want to 'pop round to the neighborhood drugs clinic and pop out with 120mg of the sickly sweet liquid down me gullet', too for fuck's sake. Fuckin American Dream my fuckin ass".

    But as the days ground along the symptoms did subside and AJ managed to convince himself that "all that shit probably just makes it take longer anyway. Fuck it".

    Still, he can't help but wonder why other governments treat their citizens as natural resources while America (the greatest country ever from all he's been told since birth) treats it's citizens like dairy cattle to be "milked" by a chosen few corporations and institutions? "Fuck me, 20,000 votes to go to rehab? 1000 votes/month for health insurance? 30,000 votes/year to go to ivy league college? My last job only paid 25,000 votes/year! No fuckin wonder I gave in"!
    On the other side of the page was another chapter entitled simply "PAWS, It's Not Over Yet, Dumbass" but we'll get to that in another post...
  9. Alice123

    Alice123 Newbie

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    Oct 30, 2010
    from U.K.
    What an excellent idea to start this thread. I am just out of the initial withdrawal period and needed constant reassurance, every time some new nasty thing arrived to torment me, that all the vile things happening to me were normal, had happened to many others before me, it wasn't "just me".
    I can't do my timeline yet, it'd come out totally arse about face, but I can add that my 10 day detox, although vile, humiliating, painful etc., was not the hardest part for me - it was the feeling of going mad immediately afterwards that almost got to me (I understand from reading in DF it's a result of a "revved up" nervous system).
    My experience came as a nasty shock and I thought I knew what I was in for: that lie we tell ourselves that it won't be that bad for me - withdrawal symptoms are no respector of who you think you are, how wonderful a person you are, how clever or rich or posh or lucky - we all end up shitting our pants!
  10. Rightnow289

    Rightnow289 Palladium Member

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    Aug 27, 2008
    from earth
    Pacman will try to recount his detox experience as it was a while ago and all the symptoms he faced.

    Stupidly when I did the detox I told them that I wanted to come down as fast as possible 10mls a day then 5mls a day when he got to 20. Man did he regret this later on. He was IVing 1.4gram of heroin a day and also on 60mls of methadone a day.

    Now for the first 5 to 6 days I felt absolutely fine. They administered me with zopiclone for sleep which was 15mg at most and lofexiddine at increasing doses.

    I felt fine until the 5th or 6th day when I suddenly became light headed due to the lofexidine (blood pressure tablets) So they lowered them to 2 a day instead of 6. This coincided with coming down to 15mg a day and that when the withdrawal symptoms started to kick in. I felt terrible and started vomiting, not eating, stomach cramps, sweating, trembling, not sleeping. I decided to come down by 2mg a day from 10mg because I felt so bad and the final week I spent in there was pure hell on earth.

    I started having these strange heart palpitations like every twenty seconds or so also if I did manage to get to sleep I would wake up feeling like I was losing my breath, I thought i was dying. The staff had no clue why this was happening (later turned out I should have been on a much higher dose of lofexidine)

    So pacman rode this overwhelming anxiety out until he couldnt take it no more and went home to see his keyworker.

    Only thing was it was a sunday so no meds for me at all and this was quite possibly the most horrid night of my life.

    Next day they gave me more lofexidine which the detox centre should have and the palpitations went away. The methadone was out of my sytsem but it was still hell on earth. Especially as now on the outside world i could get heroin. My legs were going crazy all the time, this brain fog surrounded me, I kept making such bad decisions or seeing things wrong and believing them to be true. I couldnt sleep for toffee and that went on for months gradually getting better.

    I also had a really bad reaction when they gave me naltrexone. It was like withdrawals all over again and I refused to take the stuff! I guess that they gave me it too soon.

    Well thats all I can remember it was a while ago now and a time I would rather forget :)
  11. Babe

    Babe Newbie

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    Sep 29, 2011
    35 y/o from U.S.A.
    Opiate withdrawl
    Babe knows someone who took a lot of oxycontin, hydrocodone, and whatever else she could get her hands on for 3 years straight. It got so bad that she could not function unless she had many mg of oxy throughout the day. She thought she was lucky....she thought wrong. See this girl that Babe knows did not see until it was way too late that this girl was in way too deep. She heard detox was bad. No other route. Oxy had too tight of a hold. Lose her life or lose oxy. So Babe's friend stopped. This is her timeline:
    Friday: hot/cold so fast and so often that you could not think straight. legs ache, diarrhea, constant dry, hacking cough, headache, very little sleep.

    Sat: Vomiting until there was nothing left. then more diarrhea until weak, cold sweats and hot sweats, anxiety, constant hacking cough, itching and aching body and bones. no sleep. no comfort.

    Sun: Horrible day, still diarrhea, have not kept a single thing down, can only drink sips of tea, hacking cough still no sleep, cold and hot spells still coming on so fast and so often can barely keep up. very little sleep.

    Mon: Thought she was getting through it, first hours of morning seemed somewhat okay then like a bad roller coaster right back into the same routine. This time more anxiety. still diarhea and hot and cold sweats. aching legs, itching. Wondering when will this end. finally got a few hours of sleep late monday night.

    Tues: Same as monday but with a small break mid-morning. Then right back into the cirlcle of hell. this time it was more expected though, so more tolerable.

    Wed: still diarrhea, cold and hot sweats, and aching but able to keep food down for the most part. Almost got 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep wed night.

    Thurs: still bad but now tolerable. still headaches and chills and hot spells.
    Most of the days since have continued in greater or lesser scales form almost no symptoms at all---to symptoms that are tolerable for the most part but are not fun.
  12. Yourstruly

    Yourstruly Newbie

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    Apr 27, 2012
    from Canada
    Day 1 Detox from O/C's ( 80 - 120mgs per day)

    Weird and irregular heart beat
    Sever RLS
    Sweats (pretty bad)
    Sore joints (extreme)
    Shortness of breath
    Clouded thoughts
    Lower back pain

    Today is day one of detox to OxyContin. I have been on it for about a month since I've relapsed. I can't believe I am here again because I have been through *w/d's so many times I can't even recall how many. I am up, then down. My mind is on an emotional roller coaster and at times I am so desperate I'm not sure if I can make it through. Not only is the physical pain unbearable, my mind is playing tricks on me and I feel as though life for me is over, as if the worst thing in the world is happening to me and the only power I have over it, is to sit back and watch this horror movie of a life. I am powerless over my mind, I cannot think rationally or worse off see the bigger picture which is to come eventually. In about three more days relief will present itself and I will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As of right now, I am in the midst of that tunnel, searching long and hard for that light. Awaiting in the dark which has been so cruel.

    Day 2 Detox:

    Sore joints
    Sever sweating
    Weakness ( absolutely no energy)
    Eyes tearing*
    Light RLS
    Constant flushing

    Day two is usually the worst for me because now the opioids are completely out of my system and my body has gone into shock. *I got very little sleep last night but am grateful to have gotten any at all. I took an hour nap and woke at 12pm, when I woke up I felt awful. I was sweating and my body hurt with every movement. I was in a negative state of mind and felt in complete despair, for some reason, I could see no way out of my horrible feelings and thought I was going to feel this way forever. I decided to jump up and not let this evil detox get the best of me, so I arose outta my coma and started to stretch. After the stretching I summed up the energy to do some jumping jacks, then some sit-ups, after that I jogged lightly around the house. Previous to my work out session I popped four caffeine/codeine pills that have me feeling energetic and more positive (I hope this lasts) the work out helped a lot. My body is less tense and I don't feel so incompetent anymore. I am trying to stay positive because I know it gets better and then eventually great, I cannot wait until tomorrow comes, because tomorrow is the future and the future is what will get me back to my full potential.

    Day 3 Detox:

    Very light sweating
    Mild back pain
    Mild joint pain
    Low depression

    Hoping it gets better by tonight, if not tomorrow.*
  13. RayetWolf

    RayetWolf Newbie

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    Jun 15, 2012
    from Georgia, U.S.A.
    Cold-Turkey Methadone Withdrawal Timeline

    Hello all. I'd been a pain management patient for about a decade, and for the last two and a half years of that time was being treated mainly with Methadone (30 mg a day). After dealing with all of the side effects for years I decided I had had enough, and that I'd rather feel the pain than continue to be a slave to this crap. I dropped my dose down to 15 mg a day for about a week, and then went cold turkey. The following is the timeline of the torment which ensued.

    Day 1 (24 Hours After Last Dose at 04:32 on 5/22/12)
    A feeling of being jittery and mild general malaise which worsened as they day progressed. Surprisingly, I actually slept for about 6 hours that night.

    Day 2
    Anxiety, jittery, legs constantly moving and calf muscles visibly twitching. Hair standing on end, feeling tingly all over, constantly freezing cold. Even more surprisingly, I did fall asleep for about two hours around lunch time, and that was the last sleep I had for the next several days.

    Days 3 to 5
    Everything from Day 2, but intensified. Constantly freezing cold, legs kicking every time I try to lie down, total insomnia, anxiety bordering on panic, a feeling of "crawling out of my skin" and "ready to climb the walls". Utter and complete torture that could have taught the Inquisition a thing or two. However, HUGE sense of accomplishment when I reached the 100 hour mark!

    Days 6 to 10
    After Day 5 the "flavor" of the withdrawal changed. The "crawling out of my skin" feeling and anxiety were FINALLY gone, but this is when the physical pain began. For me, the pain started at my knees and went right down to the soles of my feet, and it was excruciating and constant. Intermittent diarrhea began on Day 8. Throughout this time still constantly freezing cold, hair standing on end, and virtually complete insomnia (a few bouts of micro-sleep). An unexpected side effect of the insomnia was the slow emotional breakdown which began to happen after seven days of almost no sleep whatsoever. It was like I was emotionally coming undone. My resolve began to crumble, and only the support of my family and friends got me through this period.

    Days 11 to 22
    After Day 10 the “flavor” of the withdrawal changed once again, and the symptoms began to become something that was “livable”, at least, compared to what had come before. The pain in my lower legs and feet was still horrible, although Tylenol and NSAIDS like Naproxen or Ibuprofen helped some. I began taking 10 mg of Zolpidem at night on the 11th Day so that some kind of sleep was possible so that the insomnia wouldn’t drive me completely insane. Diarrhea began to get bad on Day 12, but Imodium seemed to work very well for that. Never did get stomach cramps or nausea of any kind.

    What was hardest for me during this period was just the constant, day after day persistence of the symptoms which really did not change very much in intensity during this time. This is when my willpower really began to break down, and once again it took a LOT of support from loved ones to keep me going through this seemingly endless suffering.

    Day 23
    This is the day when it FINALLY STARTED TO GO AWAY!!! I had little flashes of withdrawal symptoms (hair standing on end, tingly feeling) which would come and go throughout the day. However, other than that, I felt fine.

    Day 24
    This is the day that I am writing this account of the withdrawal timeline. Except for the insomnia issue (which by some accounts could go on for several more weeks) the suffering is over. Sweet freedom is finally obtained! :)

    Coming off of Methadone cold turkey after years of use was easily one of the hardest things I have ever done. I read a lot of posts where people say “it’s hell but you can do it!”. Well, maybe they are better human beings than I, but I can honestly say that without a LOT of Faith and support from every friend and loved one I have I couldn’t have done it. It took a lot of extreme encouragement, without which I am fairly certain I would have cracked like an egg. I cannot stress enough how critical a good and loving support structure is needed if you expect to succeed in this endeavor.

    It is my sincere hope that this post will help anyone contemplating doing what I did by letting them know what to expect as far as the symptoms go, and most especially when they could expect to finish their seemingly endless tour of hell on earth.
  14. SlaveKnowMore

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    May 2, 2012
    from U.S.A.
    I've heard it said before that "recovery from opiates is not linear" meaning that one day you'll feel like real progress and the next day you'll feel like crap. I am today one month free of a ten year opiate bender that averaged approx. 100+mg/day. I feel pretty darn good but I'm not gonna lie. Some Withdrawals symptoms, while not as bad as the original kick, can linger for months (or longer) I am told. Personally I'm wondering when I can finally say goodbye to the insomnia and diarrhea which is starting to become annoying. I think to myself "this bullshit should be gone by now" but then I remind myself how I carpet bombed my body and brain with opies for so long. The road to recovery for this dope head is long and full of danger. Mostly from the PAWS that lurks between my ears. I was so happy to wake up today a full 30 days free from being a slave to opiates but my back was in full revolt and sending my brain massive pain signals, almost telling me that I "needed" to use. This shit will prolly never stop talking to me but the static becomes easier to squelch out. With practice. I never thought that I'd kick this monkey off my back but I'm hear to tell the pessimists out there that this can be done. It's hard as hell but it is so worth it. I'll take no sleep and the shits anytime over being chained to dope and only wondering about my next fix. That life so sucked and I don't miss it at all.
  15. Overopiates

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    Aug 4, 2012
    44 y/o from U.S.A.
    2-6 norcos a day for 4 years. Decided to cold turkey 2 weeks ago for the 5th time.

    Day 1 Sunday - drank all day and felt nothing.
    Day 2 Monday - was hungover all day and felt no opiate withdrawl all day. Slept ok.
    Day 3 Tuesday - started feeling anxiety kicking in. But no unbearable signs. That night got the runs but thought it was something I ate. Slept ok that night around 5 hours
    Day 4 Wednesday - woke up at 6am with dry burning eyes, strong anxiety all day. Had a rough time at work. Had to get up and walk around the block every couple hours. Heart palpitations started. Couldn't sleep Until 3am tossing and sweating.
    Day 5 Thursday - hell begins, woke up at 6am with sweats, major anxiety, weakness, fatigue hot flashes with sweat. Had to leave work a few times and disappear almost wanting to go to the hospital the anxiety was sooo horrific. But managed to tough it through the day at work. Went home and slept bad, hot flashes sweats rapid heart beat.
    Day 6 Friday - anxiety all day at work. Same as thursday having to leave work multiple times with anxiety rapid heartbeat with palpitations, achy tired fatigue all day, sweaty and hot. Caught some kinda cold or flu, from being so rundown from withdrawls.
    Day 7 Saturday - in bed all day sick with a cold feeling really weak, fatigue all day, didn't leave my couch.
    Day 8 Sunday - Started feeling a bit better less anxiety, cold was letting up.
    Day 9 Monday - feeling more clear still a bit of anxiety but seeing progress.
    Day 10 Tuesday - feeling better little anxiety. More clear with no major panic attacks.
    Day 11 - 13 - each day feeling better seeing progress. But not in the clear, feeling progress gives me hope.
    Lesson learned! Opiates are no joke! I never will go through this again. I pray for everyone getting off these evil drugs. I definitely recommend getting on suboxone and not doing it alone like I am doing. &(. If you are going cold turkey know you will start feeling better after day 7. For me day 5-7 were horrible and the worst days. After that it's manageable and ur almost in the clear! :thumbsup:
  16. cdeez

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    Aug 4, 2012
    from U.S.A.

    This describes my very first detox... haha what a time. This one... the one Im a few days in too, well it is a hell of a lot smoother. Still have shits, sneezin like a muhfucker tho. Making it to tomorrow tho.

    I think timelines for any Withdrawals is going to be determined by usage and a big part is mentality and pure iron clad will. Making the choice to change your lifestyle, eat write get through the shit, and work on PAWS healthy. Get it don.

    cdeez added 1 Minutes and 5 Seconds later...

    Can I edit a post and complete my end quote plz?
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  17. Vintersorg1

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    Aug 15, 2012
    from U.S.A.
    Hi my name is Dan...I am 29 years old and i am going through opiate withdrawal...Ive been taking Hydrocodiene 500 mg 6 a day max, for the last month and a half, and here is my withdrawal timeline, but it greatly differs from super long term heavy users, and would be appropiate for people who have been taking my amount of less....

    Symptoms for start at 12 hours after last dose (250 mg)...I am currently on hour 48 since my last dose and the symptoms have subsided about 90%...

    for the first night, i couldnt sleep and was sweating profusly...I also hear that some people experience arm and shoulder pain/jumping out of your skin...and that didnt hit me until about 12 hours ago...

    About 15 hours ago, I felt a wave a nausea come over me but i didnt throw up, and i was able to get my appetite back and eat a few small burritos...

    I am pretty much over my symptoms now, and i feel a lot better...My home remedies that worked for me to dampen the withdrawal symptoms are as follows: 1. DRINK TONS OF WATER 2. EXCERSISE ALL THE TIME. 3. SMOKE WEED CAUSE IT MAKES THINGS LESS PAINFUL.

    AND THATS IT! But of course I am very prone to getting addicted to things super fast, but the upside is, is that i become unaddicted to things in about 1/2 the time as most people...

    I hope this helped some people...and another good idea, would be to try to taper off the pills too...try taking less and less every day untill your tolerance is lowered and then one day just stop cold turkey...if you arnt strong enough for that, either go to the doctor and get some SOBOXONE (i dont know how to spell it, but it helps with opiate withdrawal, or you could just have one your friends lock you in a padded room for 3 days...whatever works for you...but dont be a wimp!

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    Oh and most of the withdrawal symptoms were just runny nose, headache, chills/sweats, watery eyes, severe chest vibration (feels like my chest is comming out of my skin), change in smell and taste, and finally INSOMNIA!!!!

    Ive been smoking Marijuana for 10 years now, and it seems to me that weed can temporarly relieve a lot of problems, related to being sick or withdrawaling from substances...It helps me with pain (military injuries), lightens my mood, and makes me think more deeply about things...THE WONDER DRUG...I sugest you check out the Marijuana page...


    Vintersorg1 added 844 Minutes and 43 Seconds later...

    Well i though most of the symptoms were over...but then a rogue super craving and withdrawal hit me this morning...so i went on a 2 mile run...ahhhh MUCH GOODER!!
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  18. Vintersorg1

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    Aug 15, 2012
    from U.S.A.
    I have now been clean for a week, and i feel like im back to my old self (without painkillers)...I still have a rogue craving here or there...but this experience has actually turned my life around...i am now doing better than i ever have before...
  19. DEJA

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    Apr 27, 2010
    from earth
    48 hrs were when W/Ds would start for my buddy. Was on 1 yr codeine(relapse) 700 to 800 mg per day.
    Day 3 W/Ds peaked the worst of which was diarrhoea which meant he couldn't eat anything further causing weakness and making W/Ds worse. It was a cycle impossible to get out of. The only way he could eat anything was after he'd dosed up on his DOC.

    The next thing tht was really troublesome was the night sweats . He would wake up and clothes would be soaked and his whole body would go into chill mode. Kept extra t shirts and shorts near bed to change into in the night.

    Day 4 would be exactly like day 3 but only worse coz the devil called insomnia would make its appearance and try as one might it was impossible to get more than a couple of minutes of sleep at a stretch.

    Day 5 the diarrhoea would ease up and aches and pains gone mostly .... Mild running nose and sweats with hot and cold flashes and of course INSOMNIA.

    In a nutshell opiate W/D is the worst experience my buddy has ever had and there s no easy way of getting out of it . Some drugs easy things up a but one has to wait it out. Time is th only friend /foe here. However with the passage of each day the next one is marginally better and real progress is only measured in a group of 3 days.
    It's one week when some sort of sanity returns and from here on its a mental game but not easy mind you. The cravings ; depressed mood; boredom; regret; everything hits u right in the face. Welcome my friend .....welcome to the machine. ( the daily realities of life).
    The worst thing is always INSOMNIA as this tends to persist for a long time for my buddy.
    ( he's thinking of going to a GP next week to get some Benzos coz he knows these antihistaminics will stop doing the trick from next week on) .

    Anyway comes a time when every junkie needs to clean up the act or deteriorate further . My buddy had had enough and there was no high experienced at all by now . So the idea of taking something to reward the brain pretty much fell on its self. He decided to quit.
    But his body was having none of that . Hell no!!!!!

    Anyways this time he'd read about loperamide and the rest was quite easy. Compared to the previous W/Ds this was like a walk in the park. Really !!!! Loperamide took 97% of the edge off.

    Anyways now it's day 9 of being absolutely clean, and down to 2 tabs of lope at nyt with Phenargan 1 tab.

    Been eating and exercising ..... Think the worst is over....however mood seems low and my buddy is keeping his mind occupied in eveyway he can and is refusing to let "PAWS" get a hold on him.

    However there will be remanants for a month or 6 weeks from past experiences so my buddy is now starting on a brutal exercise regimen. Cardiovascular mainly but light weights involved and calinesthics. Trying to sweat sweat and sweat all the time hoping to rid the body of toxins and force the body to" manufacture" endorphins.

    Well that was my friends experience this time around . He hopes and prays that this is the last time ever . One can't help but think ....what a total waste of time and unnecessary sufferings. But to him it's as if something big has been achieved. Really???? Does it matter at all?

    Yes to him it s a great thing to have accomplished and what a wonderful feeling it will be when he returns to work sober , richer, healthier and happier. All that time and energy spent trying to score!!! Whew!!! What a relief that shitt is totally history now.

    It's been nice reading stuff here . Hope you guys post your experiences for us to share. It's a great way to pass the time and to know that there are others there all over recovering ......healing both in body and mind.
  20. Feinly

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    Oct 9, 2012
    from Canada
    Habit duration: 3 months bender
    Substance/ROA: Heroin/snorted
    Daily dose: about 0.1g first month, 0.2g second month and between 0.2g and 0.5g final month. First month was maybe once a day then as time progressed moved up to dosing multiple times a day.

    This is nothing compared to people who've really been deep into this but perhaps it will help others with similar small habits who wonder if this is going to happen to them.

    People sometimes ask about nose damage associated with snorting. Some threads here say that it's possible to do that every day for years, multiple times per day and not have any issues. Well, it's not like that for everybody! Nose was constantly congested during the final month, which was part of the wake-up call.

    Method for quitting was cold turkey. Given the lightness of the habit, it was not a big deal. Went to the doctor and got lorazepam, zopiclone and clonidine. Only used them to go to sleep.

    Quitting was a long one and a half month process. Basically, 3 days clean, go back "just this one time" to have some fun, realize it's been a 3 days bender, start over. Then maybe 3 days clean, one week back on etc... but eventually realized it was 1 week clean, yay! Also that day I climbed a mountain (seriously, I did) in 1:10 and the average time for that hike is 1:30 to 2:00 hours so I thought "Yeah! I'm over this!!".

    This next section might not be for everybody but it's here for those who are able to have fun once in a while without getting hooked. Sometimes people can make mistakes and think "well, it was a one week bender this time and it's been 3 days clean and nothing happened" and then based on that think that getting physically addicted cannot happen with snorting AND small quantities but going on any bender for more than a week is probably not a good idea.

    Anyway, the goal was to get rid of the physical addiction to be able to return to the "once a week/every two weeks" deal. By the way, this can be achieved and was possible for about a year before becoming careless. Again, not for everybody but for those who can, good luck! Lesson has been learned in this case. Once a week, no more.

    Since habit was mild, Withdrawals was also mild (as confirmed with a Withdrawals symptoms scale found on the net). Only symptoms were a bit of a runny nose, some yawning and some lung phlegm (days 1 and 2, maybe 3), some irritability (again just first 2-3 days) and diarrhea (from days 2 to 8). Weakness and lack of motivation were also very present for the first 2-3 days as well as chills from about days 2 to 6.

    The only long term symptom is lack of sleep. Still on the sleeping pills at this point after 9 days of being clean. All other symptoms subsided completely after 8 days.

    As to "how long to wait after Withdrawals to do it again?" well here's my experience.

    One time, last dose was on a Tuesday. 7 days later, so on the following Tuesday, redosed. Bad decision. Redosed twice after that (2-3 days apart) then back to Withdrawals square one. Now it's been 9 days so last dose was on Sunday. Redosed following Tuesday (yesterday). Now waiting to know if that was long enough.

    As to PAWS, this doesn't seem to be an issue. Based on what is on the net (and they looked like credible sources), it takes about 1 year to 1.5 years of daily use at more than 0.2g per day for the changes to happen in the brain and PAWS to happen after quitting. What is sure is that in this case, there were no suicidal thoughts or depressive feelings and life was still worth living after just 2-3 days.

    Thanks for your time and best of luck to everyone.