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    Feb 17, 2007
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    I have been on pain killers (hydro) for awhile for chronic pain.

    While really sick with flu SWIM stopped taking them for several days, went through some Withdrawals and then after it was all over felt fine.

    I know the more pain killers you take the less your body relies on itself to kill the pain. After being off them for awhile I had A LOT less pain. Going days without any even OTC pain pills.

    I had alittle pain and gave in and took a dose. After doing so the pain actually increased?! It was directly from the hydros. Why?
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    Now this is a question that has a very long and drawn out answer to be correct. The short version of it has to do with the availability of natural pain killers in the body as You mentioned. Chronic opiate users don't have the ability to make them as readily or at all. The body is an amazing thing and it has the ability in a normal environment to kill certain levels of pain. Some people have more ability than others and it probably has a lot to with the manufacturing of these opiates by the individuals body. There is a lot of info on the web that one can google about the natural pain killing ability opf the human body. Go and do some of that research and you will find it not only interesting but valuble and much more complete than I am able to supply and type in this forum. Learn lots and come back and tell everyone what you find. Site references when possible. Everyone here is only here for the information shared so we can help our lab rat friends with their questions and usages.