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    Which brands/vendors can we discuss, and why?

    At Drugs-Forum, we only allow discussion of brands which can be bought at conventional brick-and-mortar stores, although the brands may also be available online. Bob’s Red Mill is an example of this type of brand. Likewise, a vendor may only be named if it has a physical store or chain of stores. Amazon and Wal-Mart are two examples of vendors which meet this criterion. Online-only vendors may not be discussed. The same criteria apply to discussion of poppy pod vendors.

    How often do I have to use opium to become dependent?

    Not that often. Depending on one’s individual metabolism and constitution, it may take up to three days to eliminate the alkaloids in opium. This means that even if you only consume opium or poppy extracts twice a week, you may still become dependent. Opium carries the same risk of addiction and dependence as any other drug in this class.

    What are the psychoactive alkaloids in opium?

    Although opium has a few dozen alkaloids, morphine and codeine are the only ones which are useful from a recreational standpoint. The morphine content of opium can be between three to twenty four percent of its alkaloid content, but the average is between ten to fifteen percent. Codeine comprises a much smaller percentage, at around one to two percent.

    Is it legal to make tea from poppy seeds/pods?

    Technically, yes. However, the risk of prosecution is nil. Apart from a very tiny handful of countries, poppy seeds are perfectly legal to possess. To date, nobody in the US has ever been prosecuted for making poppy seed or pod tea. Poppy pods are technically a schedule II substance in the US, and people have been arrested for possessing pod material, or “poppy straw,” but only in enormous amounts and with the intent to sell it.

    Here are some useful threads regarding poppy tea:

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    What are some things I can do to minimize the risk of overdose when drinking poppy tea?

    Like any other opioid, poppy tea carries a risk of overdose. There are documented cases of death associated with poppy tea. Poppy tea carries a special risk of overdose due to its highly variable potency. To minimize your risk of overdose, drink the tea slowly until you are sure of its potency. Remember, it may take a couple of hours for the high to peak, so you should avoid consuming a large amount simply because you don’t feel high right away. The active alkaloids in opium and poppy tea, morphine and codeine, are CNS (central nervous system) depressants, so you should avoid taking this drug with other depressants, such as alcohol and benzodiazepines.

    Are poppy seeds meant for baking the “right” ones for making PST?

    Yes, these are the “right” seeds. The opium poppy is sometimes referred to as the “breadseed poppy” because its seeds are commonly used in baking in many parts of the world.

    Why does PST (poppy seed tea) work?

    The seeds used to make PST are generally a byproduct of poppies grown for pharmaceutical use. Because morphine is extracted using the water threshing method, poppies are left to dry, then harvested, crushed, and the seeds are separated from the poppy straw. When poppies are processed this way, a fair amount of morphine and codeine-containing pod powder settles on the seeds and can be “washed” from them to make PST.

    Is smoking opium safer than taking it orally?

    Yes, smoking opium is much safer than taking it orally. Smoking opium carries virtually no risk of overdose. In addition, when opium is smoked in a traditional pipe, most of the morphine is left behind as dross and is not inhaled by the smoker, which reduces (but does not eliminate) the risk of dependence and addiction.

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    What does an opium poppy look like?

    The opium poppy, or Papaver somniferum, typically grows to a height of 100 cm, and it generally has four petals, but some varieties of Papaver, such as paeoniflorum and laciniatum, may have double petals. The petals may come in many colors, and the color of the petals bears no relation to alkaloid content. The foliage of the opium poppy is glaucose, and the leaves are serrated, with a lettuce-like appearance. Please view the Poppy ID Guide for a visual comparison of several types of poppies.

    Do other types of poppies have the "right" alkaloids?

    No other type of poppy has morphine in any significant amount, and many varieties of poppy contain no morphine at all. In fact, the only other type of poppy that contains any morphine, Papaver setigerum, contains such a miniscule amount as to make it useless for the purposes of recreational drug use. Discussion of extracts from other types of poppies, such as rhoeadine, belongs in the ethnobotanicals forum.

    Can I inject opium?

    It is never advisable to inject opium or poppy extracts. It is impossible to sterilize whole opium sufficiently for it to be safe for injection. Smoking, oral use, and plugging are the only (relatively) safe ways to consume this drug.

    What is CFO (cooked flake opium)?

    Cooked flake opium is simply opium that has been dissolved in solution, purified, and dried to a solid state. Cooked flake opium may be made from dried or fresh pods, or even from alkaloids extracted from poppy seeds. This method is ideal for purifying opium from whole pods when collecting the latex would be impractical. CFO is a good option for long-term storage, as poppy tea tends to spoil relatively quickly. If you’re interested in making CFO, you may find the following threads useful:

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    What is laudanum, and can I make it with dried pods?

    Laudanum, which was widely used in Western medicine for hundreds of years, is a tincture of opium in alcohol. Laudanum contains multiple CNS depressants, and when it was widely used, fatal overdoses were relatively common. Extreme caution should be exercised when taking opium this way. Laudanum can be made from dried pods, and you may find the following thread useful if you're interested in making it:

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    Is growing opium poppies illegal?

    In the US and Canada, all parts of the opium poppy besides the seeds are illegal to possess, and people can be prosecuted for growing them, although it is rare. In some countries, such as New Zealand, it is legal to grow a small number of poppies, if opium is not extracted from them. In the UK, it is legal to grow any number of poppies, but it is likewise illegal to extract the opium. Please check your local laws before attempting to grow opium poppies.

    Where should I ask questions about cultivating poppies and harvesting opium?

    In the poppy growing subforum. Please note that the rules regarding self-incrimination are somewhat different in this forum from most of the site.

    Where should I ask questions about extracting specific alkaloids, such as morphine, from whole opium?

    In the opiate extraction subforum. The rules regarding self-incrimination are the same as in the poppy growing subforum.

    If you're interested in morphine extraction, you may find the following thread useful:

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    Here is a discussion of heating morphine in opium:

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    Is self-incrimination allowed in the poppy growing forum, and why are the rules different than in the opium forum?

    No, self-incrimination is not allowed in any of the cultivation or extraction forums. Unlike the preparation of poppy seed/pod tea, there is a distinct legal risk involved in growing opium poppies in many countries.

    How can I avoid incriminating myself?

    Try to phrase your questions using general language. For example, instead of asking, “Why are my poppy’s leaves yellow?” try asking, “Why do poppy leaves turn yellow?” Likewise, please avoid using third-person language involving pets and animals. We all know that you don’t have a pet unicorn with a garden full of poppies. If you’d like to post images, please remove the metadata from them first. Remember, these measures protect both you and Drugs-Forum.
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