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Other - How to Use the Mushroom Forums/Mushroom Forum FAQ

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe & Amanita)' started by Phungushead, Sep 24, 2009.

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    How to Use the Mushroom Forums/Mushroom Forum Frequently Asked Questions

    Last update: 27 October 2013
    Hello and welcome to the Mushroom Forums! This guide will hopefully help answer any questions one might have about posting here.

    The Rules

    Okay, first off make sure you have read and understand the rules. They are really quite simple and self-explanatory, but a few that I think really need to be reiterated are:

    • Do not incriminate yourself if you will be discussing mushroom growing. We do not allow members to implicate themselves in the production of illegal substances.
    • You are allowed to speak in the first person when discussing using mushrooms or hunting for them, however...
    • Do not use SWIM!
    • Discussion of sources is not allowed. Asking for or offering illegal substances will get you a ban. Requesting sources for legal substances/items (such as spore syringes) is only allowed in the Sources Forum which is available for Gold Members and up.
    • Do not ask for prices of mushrooms. Do not discuss how much you paid for a quantity of mushrooms.
    All the rules on Drugs-Forum are strictly enforced.

    So, there's the not-so-fun part out of the way.

    Forums and Sub-Forums

    Now, we will move on to forum functionality/options/etc. Here is a look at the top part of the main mushroom forum. Sorry the pics are kind of blurry. For some reason they uploaded as crappy JPEG files... anyway:


    The mushroom forum is divided up into 3 sub-forums, on top of the root mushroom forum. As you can see, there is a sub-forum for discussion of amanita mushrooms, mushroom cultivation, and mushroom usage. Here is a generalized breakdown of what each sub-forum contains:

    • Root Forum: Information on mushroom hunting and picking, mushroom studies and research, information threads on different species of psychoactive mushrooms, legal information, and miscellaneous other threads which do not fit into any other sub-forum.
    • Amanitas: All information on psychoactive amanita species.
    • Magic Mushroom Growing: All information on the cultivation of psychoactive mushrooms.
    • Magic Mushroom Use: Information about using mushrooms, trip reports and experiences, health concerns, combinations with other drugs, dose info, and anything else related to actual usage.
    If you post a thread, and we feel it is better suited to another forum, it will be moved (with a redirect).

    Thread Display

    Here is a look at how threads are displayed within a forum/sub-forum:


    How to Find Information on Drugs-Forum

    There are three ways to help you find information on the topic you are interested in.

    First, is the search engine. You can do a search of the whole forum, or search only the mushroom forums. The first screenshot points out where to find the links to do so.

    Second, are thread prefixes. A prefix puts a thread into a general category - you can see all avaliable prefixes here: Prefix Descriptions. If you click on a prefix, you will be taken to a page which lists all threads in the particular sub-forum which have that prefix.

    For example, clicking on "Combinations" in the Magic Mushroom Use sub-forum will give this (cropped version):


    All threads prefixed with "Combinations" will be listed, in order of last post date by default.

    Finally, thread tags can be used to find different threads on similar topics. You can find the tags at toward the bottom of each page in a thread.

    Here is information from the site FAQ on thread tags: Thread Tags

    Clicking on a tag will bring up all threads which also have that particular tag. Here is what the Tag box looks like. Say we click on "mushrooms and maois"...
    That will bring up a page with this:


    ***Please use these tips to determine whether or not the topic you are interested in has already been posted before you start a new thread! Threads which are on the same topic may be merged or deleted.***

    Starting or Replying to a Thread

    Well, here is information on thread creation and replying from the FAQ:
    FAQ: Forum Posting Functionality
    FAQ: Forum Posting Tips


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I hope you don't mind, but I'm just throwing this here so I can work on it without having to create a new thread. When it's finished, it can be put into a new sticky!

    Information may be incorrect.

    This FAQ will only deal with very specific questions. For a more general overview of mushrooms, their pharmacology, their effects and their dangers, please see the magic mushroom wiki: https://drugs-forum.com/threads/72118

    First time

    The First Time Questions and Advice Thread

    What's it like?

    Magic mushrooms are psychedelic fungi which completely alter your consciousness; perception, thought processes and emotions are all distorted, enhanced or dulled in various ways, and this is what we call a "trip". A magic mushroom trip typically lasts between four and six hours, sometimes up to eight.

    A friend of a friend once told me that it is a magnificent experience - one which nobody will ever forget. Full-body euphoria; playful tingling in your extremities; closing your eyes and witnessing a kaleidoscopic arrays of earthen colours (greens, browns, yellows, oranges, reds) exploding, playfully swirling and morphing through different imperfect geometric shapes and tunnels; a deep sense of empathy with other humans, the universe itself and especially non-sentient life such as plants; enhanced colour perception and tactile sensation; these are the most prominent and well-known effects of magic mushroom ingestion.

    Of course, with all drugs, there are very real dangers. Psychedelics are known to play on emotions and fears as they break down filters and expose your unconscious mind to the world. If you are going to decide to take magic mushrooms, you must carefully and rationally weigh the good and the bad. Psychedelics are no joke and absolutely must not be taken lightly.

    My personal opinion is that some people tend to romaticise and glorify psychedelic drugs as some kind of gateway to the heavens or spirit realms. I do not believe in such things, and I think that such beliefs may unjustifiably tip the balance in favour of the "pros", even though there may have been some very real "cons" that would cause one to decide against trying a psychedelic, such as mental illness.

    First-Time Magic Mushroom Experiences

    Magic Mushroom Trip Reports

    Psilocybin Mushroom Trip Reports (Thread No. 2)

    Whats the trippiest thing you have seen on magic mushrooms?

    What are the dangers of Magic Mushrooms (Thread 2)?

    Mushrooms and Panic Attacks/Post-Trip Anxiety

    Tripping Sober: Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD)

    How much should I take for my first time?

    This is an entirely subjective question. It is often said that the only correct dose of a drug is zero grammes.

    The first experience with magic mushrooms is something few people ever forget, especially if it is also their first truly psychedelic trip. As such, it is best to err on the side of caution. It is essential to use an accurate weighing scales and to differentiate between dry and fresh dosages.

    Species Beginners' dose (fresh) Beginners' dose (dry)
    Psilocybe tampanensis 7.5g 2.5g
    Psilocybe cubensis 15g 1.25g
    Panaeolus cyanescens 5g 0.4g
    Psilocybe McKennaii 5g 0.4g
    Psilocybe azurescens 4g 0.4g

    First Time Mushroom Dosage

    Taking .6 grams first time

    An Eighth Ounce (3.5g) Cubensis for First Trip?

    3.5 gs of strong brazilian for a first time trip alone - insane?

    What is meant by "set and setting"?

    This is a term coined by Timothy Leary, a pioneer of psychedelics in the Western world. The concept of "set and setting" is vitally important for ensuring a comfortable and rewarding experience. Leary is also famous for the phrase used to describe LSD, "turn on, tune in, drop out".


    The mindset, your mental health, your state of mind. As a general rule of thumb, a negative mindset will likely create a negative psychedelic experience, but a positive mindset is more likely to make the experience also positive. Of course, there are widely varying exceptions to this guideline, but tripping on anything while in a state of mental disarray (depression, sadness, loneliness, heartbreak, bereavement etc.) is generally frowned upon by experienced trippers.


    refers to the environment in which the person will embark upon their trip. Everyone can think of a few places which would make them uncomfortable: wide, open spaces; loud parties; crowded areas; cities and built-up housing estates and even forests. Take it as given that if you find a place disagreeable, tripping there will greatly amplify your unease. You must choose a location where you are completely comfortable and at ease if you intend to use any psychedelic.

    Tripping on Mushrooms with Family

    Tripping on Mushrooms at a Casino?

    Taking Mushrooms Alone the First Time?

    Clubbing on Mushrooms?

    Taking Mushrooms Alone

    Tripping Indoors or Outdoors?

    Do I need a trip sitter?

    No ...


    ... but having one is very strongly recommended for first-timers, taking a new substance or taking a higher dose of a familiar substance. The sitter's purpose is to protect you from yourself. When you are tripping, you may experience things which are frightening, depressing or just completely bizarre. A sitter has to reassure you that you are not going insane and that the police are not after you or your hands are not sentient parasitic monsters. In some cases, the experience may be so intense that you forget you have taken a drug or you completely panic, in which case the sitter may be required to calm you down and slowly explain exactly what and how much you have taken and how long it will last. It is also very important to note that it is possible to injure/kill yourself or others while tripping if there is nobody around to protect you.

    The risks of such dangers are highest with doses which induce ego death (>= ~5g dried Psilocybe cubensis).

    What Should a Trip Sitter Do or Know?

    Is a Trip Sitter Necessary for Mushrooms?


    Are the effects caused by ...

    Food poisoning?

    Cerebral haemorrhage (brain bleed)?

    Can the drug stay in your body forever?

    This is a silly myth which is often peddled to scare people away from LSD use, but sometimes leaks into the realm of other tryptamine drugs. It is simply untrue. Psilocin has a biological half-life of 2-3 hours.

    Do mushrooms make you psychotic or otherwise crazy?

    This is currently unknown. There are cases of seemingly mentally healthy people developing psychiatric symptoms following ingestion of psychedelics. The most prominent hypothesis at present is that individuals who are susceptible to mental illness - i.e. a dormant condition from genetic factors - may be affected. Especially high doses and bad trips can cause post-trip anxiety and other symptoms.

    In the overwhelming majority of cases, a magic mushroom experience does not cause any long-term side-effects.

    What about trips which never end or flashbacks?

    Trips are not permanent. Seemingly never-ending trips can be attributed to Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) or a mental illness such as schizophrenia or psychosis which has been triggered by psychedelic use.

    Flashbacks are not caused by the effects of the drug on the body, but by profound experiences. They occur in everyday life and are experienced by everyone.


    How long can I wait between trips?

    Psilocin tolerance usually lasts from anywhere between three days to two weeks. Leaving at least several weeks between trips is recommended.

    Psilocybin Mushroom Tolerance/How Often Can SWIM Take Mushrooms?

    What other drugs are affected by tolerance?

    Any drug whose primary mechanism of action is by agonism of the 5-HT2A receptor subtype. These include: psilocin, DMT and its other analogues, LSD, mescaline and the 2C family. This tolerance is likely to have a negligible effect on MDMA.