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Snorting - Oxycodone mix insufflation

Discussion in 'Oxycodone' started by goodfella8304, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. goodfella8304

    goodfella8304 Newbie

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    Jun 19, 2008
    Male from U.S.A.
    SWIM's friend has several oxycodone/acetaminophen capsules (barr 658). These are 5/500 strength.

    SWIM would like to snort said capsules, but is a prescription/opiate virgin and really has no idea how to proceed.

    Would SWIM simply break the capsule and powder would be inside? or is it a solid filling? Can you separate the oxycodone from the filler and APAP? Is this variety possible to snort? Does it have the anti-abuse clogging mechanisms?

    Also SWIM sees that the average dose of oxycodone for snorting is 5-10 mg. Does SWIY agree with this?

    At what level will the acetaminphen become an issue?

    What sort of risks are there for alergic reactions or other acute problems?

    SWIM thanks you
  2. beena

    beena Palladium Member

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    Mar 14, 2007
    38 y/o Female from U.K.
    SWIY definately needs to do a CWE to get rid of the nasty stuff (APAP). As to the dosage it really depends on how used to opiates you are ....SWIM would not like to be responsible for telling SWIY how much to take...SWIY will have to figure that one out for SWIY-self. Sorry. As for snorting....well, it's possible but SWIM thinks that the best way to maximise the effects of opiates would be to take them orally....SWIM can't be sure but thinks that snorting does not absorb as much of the good stuff as swallowing does.
  3. cra$h

    cra$h Silver Member

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    Oct 21, 2007
    Male from PA
    if anything, snorting will have a faster, shorter, and more intense high, while just swallowing is generally the opposite, but not too much less intense. really for a 1st time it depends on drug experience. If you blaze all the time, go for around 15-20mg if you want a full effect. but if you're new, around 10-15mg should be decent. you can always take more.