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oxycodone testing positive but take methadone

Discussion in 'Drug testing discussion' started by chachieboom, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. chachieboom

    chachieboom Newbie

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    Mar 10, 2012
    from U.S.A.
    if you put oxycodone in your methadone bottle will you test positive for oxycodone without taking oxycodone?? can someone please help me answer this question my wife is 8 months pregnent and was violated for a urine test testing positive for oxycodone now shes sitting in a jail cell for testing positive for oxycodone. i need true answers please i cant believe but i trust her so much. i hope shes not blowing smoke up my ass and telling me a lie but can it happen?? if you put oxycodone in your methadone bottle will you test positive for oxycodone without taking oxycodone??
  2. southern girl

    southern girl Newbie

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    Apr 12, 2010
    32 y/o from U.K.
    Hi chahieboom, welcome to the forum. This thread would be better in the drug testing forum so I'll report it and have it moved for you. You would be able to get better answers there. Just keep in mind its an international forum and I promise you that someone will be around to help you out. Sometimes it just takes longer....

    Im sorry you've found yourself in the situation, I actually dont know how much help I can be. I can tell you that false positives *can* happen, but I am a little confused by her logic.... So is she taking liquid methadone? Or tablets? If she put oxycodone tablets in her liquid methadone than it could be feasible that she ingested some but I have no idea why anyone would do that.

    If she put a few oxycodone tablets in her methadone bottle along with methadone tablets I would have to say it is near impossible to ingest oxycodone just from that. It makes little to no sense, about as much sense as saying because you held some oxycodone tablets in your hand and they seeped through your skin. Doesnt work that way Im afraid. Not only that, but the way drug tests work is to test the metabolites of certain drugs, which means that they have to pass through the body first.

    This all just my opinion and Im no expert as far as drug testing goes. Perhaps trying UTFSE (Using The Forum Search Engine) and search for methadone causing a false positive for oxycodone? Like I said, false positives arent that uncommon, they do happen.

    Im sorry this is all the help I can be and I'll report the thread and have it moved for you. Hopefully someone will be able to come along and help you soon.

    Good luck sweetheart


    Oh yes, why is your wife in jail because of that? I just wanted you to make sure that the jail is aware that she can *NOT* withdraw from her methadone in jail. It will be *VERY* *VERY* dangerous for the baby. And when I say very dangerous, I do mean fatal. Not for her, but for the baby. I would just make sure they are aware of that. Cops arent known for taking great care of addicts of any kind, much less an opiate addict.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2012
  3. timbit

    timbit Silver Member

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    Feb 28, 2012
    from Canada
    Chach: there is a remote (& I do mean remote) possibility that if a person had stored oxycodone in a container & then used the container for another drug without washing it first that they could be exposed to oxycodone. Most pills leave a powder residue in the container they are stored in, this would be especially true if someone mixed both types of pill in the same container at the same time. The question then becomes is this enough to cause a positive for the drug. Theoretically depending on the person, their bodies ability to process the drug, the particular drugs involved, the testing methods used, the cut off levels for a positive result, the amount of the other drug they took & how roughly or carefully they handle the bottle containing the med (I'm quite rough on my bottles & its quite common for me to find the equivalent to 2 or 3 pills worth of powder out of 60 pills at the bottom of my bottle by the end of that bottle of meds). So I would have to say in theory it would be possible but its highly unlikely.

    I suppose the real question is if they are being tested by the courts & as a result of a positive oxycodone test result they are now in jail; that suggests they aren't supposed to have oxycodone in their possession to begin with. So defending the positive by saying it happened because there was oxycodone stored in the same bottle is basically admitting they had oxycodone in their possession which as far as I know makes you just as guilty as a positive test result, maybe even more so because now you've admitted it & can't just argue the test was a false positive. At least that's my take on it.

    I'm sorry you have been caught up in this woman's drama. I'm not sure if she's blowing smoke up your ass (as you put it) but she certainly seems like she has some explaining to do. Hopefully you two can find a way to deal with this & learn to trust each other again some day.