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Drug info - Passing a Drug Test via Catheterization

Discussion in 'Heroin' started by Morphiumsüchtig, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Morphiumsüchtig

    Morphiumsüchtig Newbie

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    Dec 29, 2012
    28 y/o Male from U.S.A.
    I am new to the forums. I apologize if I am posting this thread in the incorrect forum. I am in desperate need of assistance and information from knowledgeable people on this issue. I am in Drug Court, and I have court on the morning of the 3rd of January(as of this writing it has just passed the stroke of midnight into the 29th of December). I will be drug tested whilst at court. If I fail my urine analysis for anything, I go to jail, or worse -- New York's famous "let's send the addicts to inpatient rehabiliation" which causes a chain reaction of Detox -> 28-day Inpatient -> Bed-to-Bed 6-8 month inpatient -> Halfway House -> 1 year "sober living community". Here in New York Drug Court is famous for this, taking a person and keeping them locked up indefinitely without calling it incarceration. None of it is time served, and if you fuck up, you end up doing your time all over again anyways, but in jail/prison.

    Anyhow, I'll get to the point.
    DOC: Heroin(MOA is smoking mainly, some snorting, which is why I have to consume large amounts of high potency heroin to achieve the same effect of that of an IV user, I consume a bundle a day on average)
    Xanax (I have just taken a large amount, I'd say around 15 mg's in the past 48 hours, Alprazolam is a bitch for obvious reasons when it comes to drug tests)
    Last Use: Just now(12:30 at night - 1am) Saturday December 29th, 2012
    Drug Test: Sometime in the morning of January 3rd, 2013

    I have purchased a 14F plastic urethral catheter and obtained a 30cc syringe. I put bacteriostatic lubrication on the end of the catheter, inserted it, filled my bladder up with 1.5 cups of pink flavored water(to differentiate between my own urine and the substitute) and was able to retain it and pee it straight back into a cup no problem(inserting a catheter isn't as unpleasant as one may think).

    Now, my question to you all is the following: If I were to stay clean off all drugs until the court date(five days of abstinence) while flushing with water, should I be able to pass even without the help of using the catheter? I'm 23 years old, 5"7.5, 160lbs, 8% bodyfat). Personal experience has shown me that it can take up to eight days for me to pass a drug test for opioids. However, I have taken a lot of xanax, which is also not allowed by the judge, but could be argued by my attorney since I was prescribed it at one point in time. Nevertheless, I don't want to risk it, so I'm going to fill my bladder with 500cc's of clean urine from one of my sober friends(all whilst taking antibiotics of course, to prevent and treat any potential UTI's) prior to going to court.

    Could anyone with knowledge and experience make an educated guess as to how long I'm able to go without my kidneys contaminating the clean urine in my bladder to a point where I'll fail the drug test? Any way to extend that amount of time? Is abstaining necessary prior to the test if I'm just substituting all the urine in my bladder(most likely is)? Please guys, I need some thinkers on this! I could really use the help, I know there are a lot of educated and knowledgeable people on here, I can't afford to fail this drug test or it's over for me. Thank you *so* much.
  2. Solinari

    Solinari Titanium Member

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    Oct 23, 2007
    Male from U.K.
    Now that's extreme clean urine!

    (inserting a catheter isn't as unpleasant as one may think).

    OH BUT IT IS!!

    I don't know if I am to take this seriously, sounds almost like taking the piss, boom boom! Seriously though it really does sound too extreme to be true but I'll treat it like it's true anyway without giving any legal advice at all.

    5 days should be enough but I seriously doubt you could clear the alprazolam in time not at those doses, 15mg in 48 hours is a lot my kind of a lot and while it does have a relatively short half life 5 days is pushing it. You might get away with it though just maybe with the xanax.

    5 24 hour periods of no heroin at all is pushing it as well to be honest but it's definitely possible. I've passed tests 3 days after use and I've failed tests 7 days after use. The water thing is a bit of a myth, it can't "flush out your system" but it can certainly dilute the urine so it's under detection thresholds. The problem with that is lower creatinine (or creatine not sure actually) comes with dilution and if they check the levels they could say it's a fail.

    There are loads of threads on this. The question is how can you stop the xanax (15mg in 48 hours is a LOT) and the heroin without anything?

    Anyway, going to the extreme of putting someone else's piss in your bladder before getting tested is really very extreme and you would have to be 100% sure they would be clean plus if you're drinking loads of water and you have to wait you may well have to piss that out anyway because of your own urine.

    I don't know the more I think about this the more it sounds ridiculous.