Health - PBN - protect against neurotocicity?

Discussion in 'Ecstasy & MDMA' started by zipoo, Mar 22, 2005.

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    Feb 23, 2005
    anybody know anything about PBN (ALPHA PHENYL T-BUTYL NITRONE)protecting against nerotoxicity before or after taking mdma?
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    It's a free radical deactivator, isn't it? They probably do work against neurotoxicity. (If MDMA is neurotoxic in the first place, which I'm still not convinced of.)
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    Oct 4, 2007
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    A few articles about PBN have been uploaded to the file archive:
    Documents tagged with PBN

    Here also is a link to a thread about Pre- and Postloading to prevent toxicity as a result of MDMA use:
    Preloading and Postloading with MDMA

    A few quotes about the proposed mechanism for prevention of neurodegeneration with PBN:

    From N-tert-Butyl-alpha-Phenylnitrone Protects Against
    3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine-Induced Depletion of Serotonin in Rats

    From The spin trap reagent a-phenyl-N-tert-butyl nitrone prevents
    'ecstasy'-induced neurodegeneration of 5-hydroxytryptamine neurones

    So summary, this is pretty awesome. PBN is actually used as a detection method for free radicals in other studies where this procedure is necessary, it does so by something called a "spin-trap" which I will not get into here, because to be honest I only sort of understand it, lots of quantum mechanical stuff going on. Regardless, I would say this is definitely a viable option.

    Here is a website explaining a bit about spin-traps:

    I've never heard of PBN, a quick google search doesn't bring up any places to buy it, does anyone know if its OTC, or sold as a nootropic or at vitamin stores and whatnot? Although these studies were done in rats, and administration was intravenous, PBN was created more or less to be an "antioxidant" so I imagine it would be helpful to prevent damage from free radicals. Please, if anyone has expreience or more information...
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    I also did a quick google search and then clicked "shopping" at the top and it came up with some places. ouch.
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    Being that this kind of would lead to sources I would have to say that this is talking about sources which is against the rules.

    Please brush up on the rules and make sure that your future posts are in full accordance with the rules of the forum :) Would hate for ya to get negative feedback or something!