Peruvian Torch Last Minute Advice?

Discussion in 'Peyote & San Pedro' started by cupdetat, Dec 1, 2005.

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    Nov 6, 2005
    I am writing this Thursday morning with the intent of injesting 8 inches of Peruvian Torch prepapred through this method
    Friday night. I often have problems keeping down ethnobotanicals long
    enough to absorb enough chemicals because of nausea, and I combine
    ginger root with a light meal for Amanitas, but have heard of people
    fasting before injesting cacti. I don't mind mild or even moderate
    nausea, and am mostly worried about keeping the cactus juice in my
    stomach for long enough. When is it alright for me to throw up?
  2. Nagognog2

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    Feb 1, 2005
    You might trygiving your lab rata dramanine tablet an hour before hand. Other than that - your rat will know when it's time to vomit! LOL!

    I wouldn't worry, though. Many report having a more profound experience when they puked from mescaline, than they did from excursions where they did not puke. My lab-ape, Bongo, will vouch for that. He ingested 500mg of mescaline sulfate dissolved in a shotglass of hot water. About 20 minutes later it found it's way back out. It was one of the most spectacular experiences of Bongo's repitoire.