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Experiences - Peyote Experiences

Discussion in 'Peyote & San Pedro' started by ramjet, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. ramjet

    ramjet Silver Member

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    May 6, 2005
    from U.K.
    Please post your peyote experience here. Please describe setting, dose, onste, peak and duration if possible.
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  2. aMorphius

    aMorphius Newbie

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    Jan 15, 2005
    Ok, SWIM's first peyote experience: three dried south Texas peyote buds eaten on an empty stomach in a semi-dark living room. Tasted like soap and induced instant nausea! Held it down as long as possible (~ 30-45 minutes). Ran to toilet and began to vomit it up. While vomiting, toilet bowl contents began to show marked color changes due to drug onset. After barfing complete stomach contents up, returned to living room couch and reclined. Colored trails followed any movements in the room for about an hour. Colors intensified untill room contents became unidentifiable except for celing and floor as intense green and blue patches. Conversations taking place in the room became impossible to follow but this didn't bother SWIM at all. After a while SWIM began to listen to conversation that was difficult to follow. After some more time SWIM began to make out words, then whole sentences. SWIM began to follow the speaker untill suddenly it stoped! SWIM asked who was speaking? Answer: "You were! ". I was dumfounded by this split brain phenomenon so decided to toke up a joint. SWIM instantly returned to the blue-green world for a while longer. Gradually SWIM began to come back to reality but this return oscillated back and forth between reality and blue-green world for a while. Finally SWIM looked at his arm and said "Well, that looks normal again!". SWIM's guide said "Even under the black light?". So I was not back to normal yet. SWIM crashed on the couch, and when the sun came up again I was back to "normal". Except that I felt clear headed, alert and wide awake. No hangover at all. Length of experience: ~10 hours.
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  3. AcmeSewageCo

    AcmeSewageCo Newbie

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    Jul 26, 2005
    Well swim's experience with peyote was strongly psychedelic (of course). He consumed three and a half dried peyote buttons, unextracted. Peyote and mescaline containing plants are very uncommon in the area where I live, so this was a very pleasent surprise.

    Swim ingested the peyote in his"tripping room". A large room in the house where the windows are boarded. Its a 15 by 15 foot room painted a very "dark black". There is one light and many pictures on the walls of psychedelic arts. Swim removed all the visuals/pictures from the walls for the trip and dimmed the light to nearly nothing. The room has no furnature except for a very fluffy shag style rug.

    I took the three and a half buttons at about 9 p.m. After he consumed the peyote swim immediately felt very sick and disgusted. Shortly after though, he felt a burst in motor energy and began to run around in circles in the dark. Swim began to see many open eyed visuals. Indescribable patterns of colored lights and networks of structures. Again, it is very difficult to describe in words. Thousands of triangles and elaborate beautiful pictures of shapes appeared. They were much like a psychedelic screensaver but a thousand times more intense. I did not fight thetrip at all. He continued to stare in amazment at all the colors paying no attention the dark and bleak surroundings enveloping him. At one point swim discovered the door knob in an attempt to touch and grasp his visuals. He opened the door and proceeded outwards into the other areas of the living area. He discovered a peach on the floor. It was very fuzzy and swim's sense of touch made him feel very strange. He was feeling many MANY immense tingles through his back and spine as he felt the fuzzy peach. It soon began to bore swim though, so he placed it back on the ground. I think at this point I had reached the peak. Everything began to appear cartoonish and the visuals were very intense. The peyote had fully invaded swim's body and he was lost in a childish wonderland. The images kept flowing in cartoon form. Everything remained fake. The patterns of colors kept flowing, winding, unwinding, and repeating themselves differently over and over again, perpetually.

    I feltas though there was to be no end to this fantastic experiance. For some reason his hearing was distorted. Beethoven had been playing that night, and while on peyote I did not separate the performance from music, didnt do the unconscious work of listening through the performance, and listened to what I thought to be the “real beethoven”. It was a spiritually moving experience.

    There was no hangover after the experience was over. In fact I felt very relaxed, but a bit tired. It wasn't from the peyote that night, but from the fact that the trip lasted 13 hours. An extraordinarilly long trip for swim, much like DOM or Datura. It wore swim out. But the day after I had taken the three and one half buttons he felt rejuvinated. Swim slept like a baby that night... Delightful.

    BajEdit: This was officially the worst written trip report in history until I went and took the poster's writing and simply reworded and reformatted it so its actually readable. Just noting this in case you think this is a 'rep-worthy' post.
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  4. ninjaned

    ninjaned Silver Member

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    Feb 14, 2009
    from U.S.A.
    its a shame that there aren't more trip reports in this thread, as swim just procured some peyote for the first time. he was hoping for a large thread, bursting with knowledge and advice... damn.

    is there really no one else with experiences to share? this has the potential to be a great thread, and it would suck to see it forgotten with only two reports.