Combinations - Phenibut and Poppy Seed Tea

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    Tonight I wanted to experience something different than my usual routine of Poppy Tea, Cannabis, and Kratom, so I took 1.25 grams of Phenibut orally. I haven't taken Phenibut in 6 months, and have a low tolerance to GABAergics. Within the first few minutes I already felt a strange intoxicated energy, which might be placebo.

    T+10 minutes: A wave of warmth hits me, quite strong and it feels similar to Opiate warmth, but not quite. My body feels quite tingly as this wave hits.

    T+20 minutes: Maybe feeling the first bit of real intoxication. Notable lack of anxiety.

    T+30 minutes: Euphoria starting to really come on now, I feel my motor skills declining, similar intoxication to a couple beers.

    T+45 minutes: Go for a bike ride to get groceries, it's quite fun. I wander around in the store much calmer than usual. I start to feel strong euphoria coming on, the type of euphoria I associate with strong drugs like Morphine or Alcohol.

    T+70 minutes: I start smoking Cannabis with a friend, which adds to the high nicely.

    T+ 90 minutes: The euphoria is now on par with some Opiates I would say. Words becoming slurred and some lack of coordination. I feel fucked up in a good way. My body is warm and somewhat tingly, and at the same time my muscles are nice and relaxed. I feel calm in the mind, the problems of the day I had been worrying about have melted away!

    Eating something for the first time during this high, I feel like I have the munchies but have been forgetting to eat. Short term memory is pretty bad right now.

    T+110 minutes: The euphoria is good, but I feel like it could be alot better with some mu-opioid action. And also I'm addicted to Poppy Tea, so it's rare for me to drink it this late in the day. I decide to drink 150 grams worth of Poppy Seed Tea, containing Morphine, Codeine, and other alkaloids.

    T+120 minutes: Watching a movie and eating fried chicken, more relaxed than usual.

    T+130 minutes: First waves of Opiate euphoria mixing in with the Phenibut high, already feel quite sedated and happy, and the real Opiate high wont occur for another half hour.

    T+150 minutes: The nod is already beginning. Feel very blissful and my body is comfortably numb. Still smoking Cannabis at a moderate pace.

    T+190 minutes: Feeling intensely sedated, nodding out harder than usual. I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight.

    T+200 minutes: I am remarkably numb and could go to sleep sitting in my chair if I wasn't careful. Nice and euphoric, quite high from smoking some hash. Time for bed.

    T+8.5 hours: I wake up feeling refreshed, would've slept longer but my cat was acting crazy. I'm still definitely intoxicated, feels somewhat similar to being wasted on a bit of alcohol, but without the icky feelings. I'm slightly euphoric, muscles are relaxed, the world feels "softer". Therefore I think Phenibut is a good drug to maintain a buzz for a long amount of time, addiction concerns aside. Best part of this is I have zero anxiety, which makes me feel energized to start the day. I usually don't feel this good in the morning, typically it takes me some Cannabis and Kratom to get to this point of relaxation and contentment.
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