Combinations - Pick N Mix: cocaine, crack, ecstasy/MDMA, Amphetamines, and Cannabis

Discussion in 'Drug combinations' started by KomodoMK, Sep 17, 2006.

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    This isn't to serve as a trip report but to share an experience which would hopefully make others think about what they are doing.

    SWIM always tends to have small quantities of various substances left over after each weekends party, this eventually built up to a fairly large stash of drugs. SWIM decided to get rid of these by using them.
    These were: Cocaine, Crack, Ecstasy, MDMA (Powder), Speed (Base) and Cannabis (Resin). I took all these to a close friends house with another mate at around 3pm.

    Both SWIM and friend had already been drinking since 11am that day, My other friend diddn't drink at all. Because the group all wanted to all be on the same level I couldn't really split the drugs and so everyone decided to all take a bit of all of them.

    My friends and I did this whilst drinking until 6am the following morning, sitting around buzzing until around 10am before deciding to leave so our friend could get her sleep. SWIM and friend went back to our local pub for 11am opening and carried on drinking, this continued all day and my friend bought some more coke. When it came to kicking out time we only had about a gram left and went to another friends house. We did the last G and left. An argument started.

    I was walking home mashed and took a course of action relating to the argument which required SWIM to sprint as fast as he could for about 1/4 of a mile.

    (Now, to the point.)

    SWIM reached home, I was f*cked. I started to puke violently, and because of no sleep and food for last 36 hours, the puke was just liquid and bile from the stomach. It almost burned the back of My throat. The next day SWIM awoke. My Dad had found him lying on the bathroom floor naked and out cold shivering violently. I diddn't remember ever coming home.

    I was in bed for 2 days before fully recovering, and slowly got his memory back, it was not pretty. After this I diddn't touch any alcohol for 6 weeks, and any drugs at all for 11 weeks.

    SWIM realises that this one lapse of responsibility could have been his last and learned from it. I am usually always generally safe and cautious. SWIM hopes no-one makes the same mistake.

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    lesson learned, word to the wise, amen.

    note the alcohol preloading no doubt contributed to the severity of the overall toxicity.