Effects - Placebo effect and tolerance from tramadol?

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    Nov 5, 2011
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    Cael started taking tramadol 2 weeks ago. He took 75 mg and felt really good. It started around the hour and half and lasted about 4 hours. This was his first time with opioids/opiates.
    7 days later, he took another 75 mg, time was the same but the effects seemed less.
    4 days later, he took 112.5 mg and felt almost nothing.
    The day after, he took 150 mg and felt moderate effects but only for about 2 hours.
    He took a day off and today he took another 150 mg having eaten about 5 hours earlier. He started feeling effects 30 minutes in and has been like that for an hour. He's quite puzzled about the quickness of the onset and he's wondering if it could be a placebo effect.

    Anyone has any words of experience from Cael regarding the placebo effect and possible tolerance.
    Also, Cael has never had any bad side effects, if only perhaps a small difficulty to sleep but it's not very noticeable.
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    May 29, 2012
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    To cael,

    I have difficulties to believe that any tolerance is built up on that period of time. I think some other things may be the reason, so had you eaten 1-2 hour before you or did you ate in 1-2 hour after you took capsules? Also do you use medication or drugs that uses CYP2D6 enzyme (most of SSRI / SNRI's)?

    112.5mg is a quite low dose, so all of those little things may be affecting to euphoria. Also it's possible that you can feel some sort of onset from instant release capsules in just 30 minutes.

    Also there is that magical thing (this is no sarcasm, it's surely must be magical) called first time. SWIM can almost swear that he did feel more euphoria when he first time used codein, than when he later did oxycodone.