Plants and funghi.

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    Jan 29, 2020
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    My research is still ongoing.
    I hope to experiment with panther caps but I am having a tough time getting hold of them.
    At the moment I am experimenting with the red man. (Fly agaric).

    I am currently having a experience off 1 fly agaric cap.
    The effects have got weaker and it is now very mild and relaxed.
    I might get some sleep but I don’t feel like it just yet.
    The effects are very calming and very dreamy.
    I would still like to experiment with panther caps.
    I guess it is like morning glory seeds compared to hbwr seeds.
    In other words you need a lot of the seeds and with the hbwr you only need small amounts.
    So the panther caps you would only need a smaller amount then the fly agaric.

    After a good sleep I am back in the real world. The fly agaric was really nice going.
    I have just planted some more datura this morning when I woke up. So hopefully it will grow for me again.