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Experiences - Poppy Seed Tea + 5 mg Hydrocodone

Discussion in 'Drug combinations' started by seaturtle, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. seaturtle

    seaturtle Titanium Member

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    Nov 27, 2010
    Male from U.S.A.
    Hydrocodone is a rare treat for me, so when I come across it I make sure to make the most of it. I take 5-10 grams of Kratom and 150-200 grams of Poppy Seed Tea on a daily basis, so I have an Opiate tolerance, albeit not that large. I don't usually take Kratom at the same time as Poppy Seed Tea since each has powerful effects on its own.

    So tonight I drank 170 grams worth of Poppy Seed Tea, which I estimate contains somewhere around 50 mg of Morphine and 20 mg of Codeine, but these are very rough estimates and may be way off. I have not empirically measured the alkaloid content of my seeds, just using stats I found online, I think I have the right order of magnitude but probably nowhere near the true amounts. This dose worked very effectively tonight, especially since I took less than usual Poppy Seed Tea yesterday. There was a nice Opiate rush for the first 2 hours, and by hour 3 it was calming down into an Opiated plateau. The typical effects of feeling good with the world, warmth, no pain, itchiness, and feeling intoxicated were apparent.

    3 hours after taking the Poppy Seed Tea I took 5 mg Hydrocodone sublingually, as well as 500 mg Acetaminophen. I brushed my mouth thoroughly along the gums to remove dead cells, and used mouthwash. This is the same procedure I use to make Salvia tincture more effective.

    Within minutes of putting the Hydrocodone under my tongue I feel the waning Opiate intoxication associated with the Poppy Seed Tea start to grow once more, perhaps some of this is placebo from the taste of the Vicodin. 15 minutes later about half the pill has dissolved and the world is becoming incredibly warm... Poppy Seed Tea is nice, but it never usually feels this nice. The feeling makes me recall my first experience with Opiates when I took 20 mg of Hydrocodone, it was love at first sight.

    20 minutes after placing the Vicodin under my tongue it was completely dissolved into a bitter Hydrocodone/APAP solution, and I swallowed it. It makes the pill alot more effective to completely dissolve before swallowing, since now it'll hit all at once. Also I didn't eat too much beforehand, so absorption in the stomach will be quick.

    A bit of a cold sweat breaks out on my forehead, the sorta thing that happens when I'm real Opiated. I feel medicated, doped, loopy. I feel my muscles and bones loosening up, the ultimate relaxation is upon me. I take a small hit of Jack Herer Cannabis, a sativa which will add a psychadelic layer to the experience. I had been smoking Cannabis all day beforehand, so it's easy to differentiate between the effects of the Cannabis and the effects of the Opiates, but of course there's interaction between the 2 so it changed the experience.

    At T+25 minutes I realize I can't even feel the knee pain which has been bothering me all day. I run every day for more than an hour, so that's likely what caused it. And right as I remark I can't feel my knee pain anymore an amazing wave of Opiate warmth washes over me, my vision noticeably changes and the world seems like an even more beautiful place. I look in the mirror and my pupils are about as constricted as they get. Walking around I feel quite intoxicated, but at the same time in control.

    30 minutes after I decide to eat icecream to get the bitter taste out of my mouth, and also because I love icecream. Waves of Opiate warmth are radiating across my body. My sense of taste is greatly enhanced on Opiates, especially when eating deserts, so eating this vanilla heath bar ice cream is bliss. I find writing very easy in this state, the Hydrocodone gives me a strange energy.

    At this point I'm wondering why 5 mg of Hydrocodone is so effective.Perhaps it's because Hydrocodone does something unique compared to regular old Morphine, so when you mix them there's lots of potentiation? Or maybe the Acetaminophen potentiates the mix of Opiates quite a bit? Or maybe it's because some of the Hydrocodone is converted to Hydromorphone, which is 5 times more potent than Morphine, and famed for it's euphoria. And some of it might be the placebo effect, since Hydrocodone is my preferred Opiate, but these waves of Opiate warmth definitely aren't placebo alone. I also think the sublingual route of administration really enhanced the effects.

    Around T+40 minutes I'm starting to nod a bit harder, and decide to watch some TV and slowly drift off to sleep as I eat my icecream and smoke a fat bowl of Cannabis. By 60 minutes I'm becoming quite tired and am ready go to sleep, I have to fight to stay awake, it feels like the Opiate warmth and comfort is pulling me in.

    Everything feels at peace with the world for now, and I expect to wake up in a great mood since Hydrocodone has a 4-6 hour half-life. Good thing I only got another 20 mg of Hydrocodone and no connects, cause I love this stuff.
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