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    Jul 12, 2004
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    Thought this might be an interesting idea. Post your description of what a high on (insert chemical here) feels like to you, or to someone you know who's described it before.

    Thought I'd describe crack, cuz it's something people may be curious about (this applies to the 1st hit only):

    It's like you've been baking in the hot sun a long time after running a marathon, but didn't know it. Suddenly, you lift a cup of ice tea to your lips and swig it down. A feeling of total refreshment washes through your body, like a sort of complete relief from all that's gone before. It's like you'd been seriously suffering but didn't know it, and now this total refreshment and rejuvination hits you. You feel energized and renewed, like you just jumped into a cool pool of water after sitting naked in the desert for hours. It's like the ultimate "Ahhhh..." sensation brought to a new level.

    Warning: Subsequent hits are much different, and make the whole thing NOT worth it. This is not an invitation to try it... instead, sit on the beach awhile baking in the sun, and then take a nice, long swig of ice tea. Much cheaper, healthier, feels really good, and it's perfectly legal. Stay high on life, guys...
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    Mar 15, 2005
    Stay High on life is a good moto, it is only possible if you reward your self with things that make you happy, if you want to do something, just do it.
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    Feb 27, 2005
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    ill explain my experience with mdma. Its as if you had just
    kicked the winning feild goal in the super bowl and right there you had
    sex with carmen electra and had the most amazing orgasm. The
    feeling of a constant orgasm sticks with you and you love everyone.
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    Apr 2, 2005
    High level 2C-P dose. 10mg, then 1 hour later 10mg more, then at 3 hour mark 10mg more.

    Shimmering, glowing halos around everything you see, incredible
    satisfaction with one self and life in general, and that's the come-up
    phase. All consuming euphoria develops.

    Feeling at one with the world and everything in it. Going outside in
    the garden and understanding on a cellular level just what it is to be
    a plant, communicating with the plants.

    Further ego dissolution, the mind is splitting up and ego is expanding,
    soon one is the universe, and the universe is one self. One see's
    all there is to see, the third eye is fully developed, and vision is
    equally clear with eyes open or closed.

    Now ego dissolves to the point that one can look into an object and see
    the molecules, then the atoms, then the individual particles that make
    up the atoms, quite clearly. One goes to that place, and
    becomes the beginning of it all. The big bang happens and one's mind
    explodes, leaving that pin-point of a sub-atomic particle, and expands
    in all directions until it fill the universe and forms all the stars
    and heavenly bodies. Giving birth to the universe then sitting at
    some as yet unknown but detached place, and beholding it all and seeing
    that it is good, then returning slowly to the body and having a nice
    speedy afterglow for another 12 hours.

    Also quite a bit of fatigue after 38 hours of tripping like that, only
    to have another 12 hours of stimulation in the afterglow when sleep is
    just not possible. This is when the cannabis is nice to have
    around, to wind down with.

    Finally sleep comes, and during sleep, incredible dreams. The
    feeling of physical and mental rebirth the morning after finally
    getting some sleep, and having that freshly born feeling last several
    days more.

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    May 6, 2005
    from U.K.
    mushrooms, my drug of choice at the moment -

    a feeling of total inner peace and contentment in conjunction with an
    elegant fusion of INTENSE "earthly", "Godly", floaty euphoria (as
    opposed to the very grounded, empathogenic euphoria you get from E),
    and waves of complete and total understanding and (real or not)
    insight. Like there's been something holding back your potential and
    all of a sudden you realise that potential. Every sense in your body
    and mind become superactive and super-aware except that sense that
    keeps you focused on reality. Complete connection with your
    surroundings and a complete release of peaceful inner beauty and
    spritual bliss. The release is crucial to the experience because it is
    a release of your ego and all the selfish or self-serving, competetive
    parts of your personality. The sheer hilarity of every day human
    interaction hits you like the funniest joke you've EVER heard at the
    same time as you realise the true beauty of everything around you. Each
    nerve in your body explodes with an orgasmic rush of pleasure. Pleasure
    becomes tangible and visual, an extension of yourself and your
    personality rather than a cheap "buzz" to be obtained.
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    May 17, 2005
    swim loves e --korky's desciption is very accurate,he usually tells people imagine being able to live the best day of your life over again under different situations. This is why e should be used on special planned occassions otherwise it loses its uniqueness. My wife has commented how much smarter she feels on it and that she seems more interesting to talk to. Swim also compares the feeling to the first time you fall in love with someone and everything is just unique, new, fresh, you notice nothing but all the positive things about people.

    What's 2 c-p, haven't seen that one, is it a typo?
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    Jan 10, 2005

    It's all about hallucinations for me. =]

    After chugging two styrofoam cups of robo, you feel like complete shit. You try really hard not to barf for quite a while. Sit around and watch TV or go on the comp, then suddenly it comes in a wave like holy shit! When you notice the effects, they're already gettin very strong and are gettin even stronger. You try not to freak out and enjoy it. Blast some techno to take your mind off it. You feel sluggish and get so hyper and happy, you run around everywhere and spin around. After awhile you're so out of it and sluggish you cant even stand. Eupohoria and happiness is everywhere. Theneverything blacks out for a sec and you drift off intohallucinations. Myfavorite was my first. I was listenin to happy hardcore and was suddenly in a graveyard, butwithcarpet instead of grass, like the one I was one. I was groovin to the music and all ofa sudden this giant cow skeleton was rising out of it's grave and started dancin with me. I think I was actually standin up and dancin at that point because it was my firsthallucination ever. After that my mind wandered back into reality.I look around and everything's kinda blurry, I cant stand up, and I'm SOOOoo unbelievably happy. Then I drift off into another hallucination. Im suddenly swimmingin the ocean, I'm chasing this green olive eel that keeps looking back like it wantsme to follow it. It slips into coral and I started comin out of that.At that point I was doin the breaststroke on my bedroom carpet. xD Then I think I drifted off into one more hallucination beforeit started to wear off. Wearin off is pretty much like comin up except switched backwards. After that I'm happy anda complete insomniac left with awesome memories that never really happened. =3
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    Mar 11, 2005
    46 y/o
    Experience with MDMA...

    You do not have 1, not 1 negative vibe in your body for 4-6 hours. All thoughts are optimistic, happy, "great day to be alive", etc. Everyone is your best friend and you feel like you can have the most intelligent conversations with anyone and everyone.

    Music sounds better than it ever has before and you want to dance. You grind your teeth for fun. Drinking water gives an effect like drinking jello...real cold yet liquidy (hard to explain). Standing still without moving is not an want tonod your head, shake your leg, talk fast, something, anything, just to keep moving.

    Everything lights up beautifully. It's like all lights are Halogen x10.

    Time flies!!! Before you know it, it's been 3-4 hours and you're still revv'd up for more partying.

    Man I wish I had some right now but I don't. Very hard to find where I am.
  9. Ephemerides

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    Jun 7, 2005
    DXM, my abused the hell out of this one and understands the
    different doses for his body(160-165lbs male 6ft) and what it would be
    like. my experience is with Maximum strength robitussin, and
    amazingly he's never puked off of it, and barely felt nauseus.

    At any dose of dxm, it's as though your minds voices clear to just one
    singular voice in your mind. Which enables you to think more clearly,
    depending on how stable that one voice is in your mind. Luckily my
    voice is pretty logical, and at a certain point of tolerance cut down
    to a low 150mg dosage every once a month or so. Also, at any dose time
    slows down.

    180mg of dxm produced a euphoria, complete utter euphoria, while not
    being fucked up at all. Being able to operate vehicles with efficiency.
    Even though I don't recommend this. You're able to feel really
    good and be mentally clear and I remember how easy it was to be
    social. It was the best thing in the world. 1st plateau

    360mg produced a different feeling, your vision was more fucked
    up. Makes your skin feel smooth but slightly chemically. The only
    time SWIM drove his car on 360 he crashed, but there were other factors
    such as: oily roads from the first rain in a while, transmission being
    in neutral going downhill(live and learn), I was had taken 180 an
    hour and a half about and taken another 180 about 30 an hour before
    that. So SWIM might suppose 360 is a bit too much to do and operate
    machinery with his body. Visual distortions, not really so bad though.
    More like double vision in your far field of vision. At this dose my
    discussed with a lot of people and knows from experience that it's hard
    as fuck to piss on. This dose would make you very social as well,
    but in a more lowered inhibitions heart to heart kind of way. Afterglow
    the day after. 2nd plateau

    540mg produced a much stronger visual distortion. Definitely not a
    driving dose, you're asking to get killed. Thoughts come very quickly
    to you, which is always a good way to come to a conclusion about
    things. The problem about that was, dxm makes you forget what you were
    just talking about. Closed eye hallucinations, but ever changing which
    lost SWIM interest. Can't piss, your skin feels even more different,
    even more so chemically. Stronger afterglow, makes it hard to
    concentrate the next day. Transition 2nd to 3rd

    720mg was a fun ride. No pissing unless you're at home sitting on the
    john, 8 hour trip, thoughts going incredibly fast, eyes unable to
    concentrate on one specific location. Your eyes are constantly moving
    back and forthe. Which is what caused most of the hallucinations for
    swim. Many oev fractiles of of a certain image repeating over and over
    in his whole field of vision ever morphing. At points time would slow
    down incredibly for about 8 minutes give or take, ever looking at the
    clock wondering how you could've thought everything you had in that
    time period. 3rd plateau

    I don't know anything about fourth plateaus.

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  10. Diphenhydramine

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    May 24, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    What is it about really machine-sounding techno, and strobe lights that
    go so fucking well with DXM? A bunch of my friends used to robotrip
    every weekend for awhile and have minrave parties in my basement.
    It's like all types of movement are really pleasurable.

    I guess that's what DXM is like for me. Moving around feels
    really good, like spinning and just jumping around. Like using
    your muscles is almost orgasmic. Not really, but saying that it
    is really pleasurable sounds weak.
  11. nicka

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    Apr 27, 2005
    Not to long ago I consumed a pack of Dex Allone(30mg dex), a six pack of New Castle Brown Ale and drank a big glass of poppy tea(which was made using lime and around 8 big china white pods)! The result was really weird...Intense Euphoria, sweating, breathing really slow and my heart was racing....about 15 minutes after it kicked in I ran into the kitchen and ate allot of Pichoriza Kurroa to get the drugs and toxens outa my system cause I was worried I was getting Hypoxia, do to the fact I kept nodding off! So don't do it, it's a waste of time and money! Poppy tea is awesome by it's self espeacially if you boil it with bacardi superrior!
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    Jul 1, 2005
    Mushrooms - a feeling of ecstacy and a connection with a dimension/alternate reality/spiritual world/can't quite put a finger on it . Also, aretrospect ofyour life on a different time scalethat helps clarify your mission in life, a missionthat will help bring harmony. my trips help motivate my personality on a long term scale.

    Mescaline - a feeling of being really high like smoking quality chronic after a 30 day hiatus but more so, plus a body load. the mission is to find the thought patterns or thinking techniques that convert the body load into body euphoria/ecstacy. And with the unveiling of these thoughts, the trip stays with you aslong as you focus on ultra positive thoughts. Also, mescaline being the soapy substance that it is, metaphorically, perhaps even literally, it cleanses the mind, body and soul. i feel a connection to earth, and plants, but not cosmicly conected to a web of minds("Mind atlarge"-huxley)like on mushrooms. mushrooms seems to speak directly to me, and is more intoxicating/ almost delerius, while mescaline is completely controlable/ comfortable.