Combinations - Prescription meds stop LSD working?

Discussion in 'LSD' started by smokeymacpot, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. smokeymacpot

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    Sep 3, 2005
    hey well this weekend was a real dissapointment ..I had gotten his first two X pills and was ready to party this weekend only to find out his medicines conflicted with the effects of X and nullified them completely

    SWim was wondering if he might have the same problem with LSD. I am on Depakote and Risperdol.. could these nullify the effects ofLSD like it did with the ectasy
  2. Solidly-here

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    May 3, 2005
    Are you Sure that those Meds knocked out the Ecstacy?

    Smokey said: "his medicines conflicted with the effects of X and nullified them completely."

    How do you know that the effects of SWIM's meds would neutralize Ecstacy? Did you read it somewhere (like Erowid)?

    Is it possible that the X pills were NOT chock-ful of Ecstacy?

    Anyway, LSD works pretty effectively. I would be QUITE surprised if ANY prescription would render it useless. I do NOT personally know the answer to the 2 drugs listed, but with Millions of LSD users out there, it would seem that SOMEONE would have related a story about being able to pop 20 Hits, with nothing happening (or even 2 Hits).

    And, my Philosophy: When in doubt ... take it. If for some reason it doesn't work, write a follow-up Post. Heck, if it DOES work, let us know.

    I mean, really. You have nothing to lose, except a couple dollars for the LSD.Edited by: Solidly-here
  3. quinone

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    Jun 24, 2005
    He knows this because I told him so ... and a moderator agreed with me
    :). If you look for the thread in the MDMA section you will see
    that I describe depakote as a compound that affects GABA concentrations
    in order to control neuron signalling. It is an anti-epileptic
    drug (among other things), and thus its role is to ensure that
    increased (and in the case of a seizure uncontrolled) neuron 'traffic'
    does not occur. Since he had no effects off MDMA, and since MDMAs
    mechanism of action is through the release of serotonin and the
    subsequent increase in setotonin related neuron transmission I thought
    it reasonable to conclude that it was the depakote that was controlling
    the neuron transmission (and thus stopping MDMAs mechanism of
    action). Of course I could be wrong since the specific mechanism
    of action for depakote is still not known, but given the information
    and the symptoms I think it was a reasonable conclusion.
  4. blindpanda_eric

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    Jul 27, 2005
    Thats a very very intelligent and well formed conclusion quinone, very
    nice. Using that same basic concept, I would assume LSD would not
    work.. because of it working by binding to serotonin receptors.
    However, I could be wrong very easy, considering I am taking just a
    general guess.