Prescription Speed and sleeping pill Addiction

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    Feb 19, 2006
    Man Swim really feels low right now, I feel tricked and I feel like he wasted so much time getting high alone that he may have lost many of his friends just because of no time spent with them (as well as other things).

    It all started when Swim switched schools and could no longer find weed, this really got Swim down and I was so bored most of his day that it was unbearable. The School Swim switched to is a small private high school (no uniforms or anything gay like that) it was a great school, much easier then his last one and I got along with the other kids well enough.

    Unfortunately most of the kids didn't live in My area so hanging out wasn't really an option especially for somebody as lazy as Swim. Eventually I got so bored he started asked around his school for drugs, any drug, at this point I was willing to do some heroin if it meant less monotony. I did eventually find a kid that Swim soon became friends with, although they still never really hung out outside of school because of how busy they both where and because of how far away they lived from each other.

    Now this kid said he had been prescribed Speed; when Swim asked how and what the brand name was he told Swim it was for his mild ADD and that it was called Adderall. Adderall is an equal mix of Dextroamphetamine Saccharate, Amphetamine Aspartate, Dextroamphetamine Sulfate and Amphetamine Sulfate.

    He told Swim his doctor was a quack and that he really only needed around 5mgs to study or pay attention, but was able to trick his doctor into giving him a large dose (20mgs) so he could get high and sell his medication. At first I was skeptical that somebody could get high off ADD medication, but Swim looked it up and decided to buy some. The kid sold Swim 20 mg pills for his first buy. Swim dropped both pills and he got very high, higher than he expected in fact. I was happy because it got him high for nearly the whole day!

    At this point I had started doing it almost everyday but, soon stopped doing it as often because of the lack of any body high after dopamine and other chemicals in My brain got depleted. Swim also started snorting the drug more often. To get to sleep I started taking over the counter sleeping pills and soon became dependent on them to get to sleep at night. Swim's friend at this point had been changed from his normal instant release tablet to an extended release of the same dose. To counter this He sold the Adderall to Swim as a White/pinkish powder in wraps like cocaine (if I wanted to take it orally Swim bombed it). I was doing the stuff at least every weekend and often during the week, taking long enough of a break to get back the euphoria. Whenever Swim's friend ran out of his Adderall early and had to wait for the next refill I went to a somewhat distant friend from his old school. None of Swim's other friends from Swim's old school really knew him and he was kind of annoying, and the only reason I started hanging out with him again is because he had a prescription to Adderall too.

    He had a prescription to 30mgs of Adderall xr and some older prescriptions of lower doses that he moved up from but never used up. He too agreed to sell Swim his Adderall as powder that he had ground up. Unfortunately though he also sold to a few of his other closer friends so, he often cut his powder so he could get away with selling to all his friends and not run out too fast (most of them just used it on tests). I couldn't really call him on it, after all beggars can't really be choosers (he didn't need to sell his Adderall).

    Swim continued to buy from both people for most of the year. Swim never really felt like he was addicted, until I tried to stop so he could go on a ski trip. I feltvery anxious and had strong cravings for the whole day, he finally gave in and got high, now I know he's addicted to speed.

    Thanks for reading Swim's long story (Swim's high right now), Swim's planning to quit over the ski trip. I am gonna work his way off the drug with lower and lower doses till his cravings get manageable. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for somebody addicted to Amphetamines and sleeping pills that’s trying to quit?
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    I had a similar situation with ritalin, except with no sleeping pill involvement. Man, it was probably the worst thing to try to quit. Worse than anything else that I have come across, although he has no experience with any of the big opiates. Swim just made it so it was no longer available, ie stopped getting it so it was no longer in the house. A few weeks (months?) of anxiousness, short temper and cravings, and he finally put it to bed. Now only enjoys blow on a very rare occasion, and methcathinone on an even rarer occasion.

    Keep at it, it'll get easier.
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    Adderalljunkie102: good read, thanx! now, You should not expect to feel good the same day he quit the stuff, why not give it a few? what goes up will come down, thats kind of obvious. i wonder, is it just the boredom that gets to You without the drugs? what more is bothering You besides that? maybe you wanna go talk to someone, there could be a reason for this cravings. btw: that lazyness, could it be a.d.d? try and read up on it and see if ya see any paralells. it could be that you can get these pills legally if you meet those standards. i bet that would be good for the feelings of guilt towards parents etc, if there are any.