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    Hey, I recieved INFORMAL probation for committing burglary for shoplifting a bottle and driving under the influece. both alcholic offences. i've only talked to my PO once, and she let me off easy with the informal probation that expires in 6 months.. i'm also required to do 30 hrs of community service. she's letting me see my current therapist for the counseling part that is required. it dosent say a date that i'm suppossed to report back, but i think it's possible that i'll get a letter randomly for me to go in a and talk to her again?? i dunno.

    BUT, here's my question. I need people's opinion.
    Do you think they will end up drug testing me? I mean, she didn't check off the box of rehabilitation or anything...she's cool with me seeing my thereapist. It also says no where on the supervision contract about drug testing.

    What do you guys think? will they end up testing me randomly without telling me?

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    Well a quick few thoughts.
    -Paperwork, there has to be paperwork for everything that probation will do. If they are giving u a urine or the possibility is there that it will happen then you should have signed a notice.
    -In RI they send you a letter when they want you to report. Unless she says that you are on unsupervised probation then you will report about 1 time a month. You should get a letter stating when and where to "report".
    -The two essays and 30hrs of community service, your P.O. had no choice in that, maybe she suggested something during your trial, or hearing or what ever, but i doubt it, it was most likly part of your sentence right?

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    Mar 28, 2005
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    They might test you. Take precautions now, because being dirty is one of your worst nightmares.

    And there's always the possibility that your therapist could test you.
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    IF you end up having to take drug tests, you can go into the first one as dirty as you want, you cant get in trouble for doing drugs until drugs screenings are listing on your probation requirements. my brother has had many offences including alcohol, underage drunking, DUIs (plural lol) assult while under the influence, vandalism under the influence, and im sure im leaving something out. But throuhout all that he has never been drug tested. Hes been outta trouble for a year or so but hes still on probation for 2 more years or so so i guess you can see how they handle those situations.
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    Keep in mind thehumankillers to not post your age in the forum or at least say your can get banned for it....i doubt you can edit yet but keep this in mind next time...
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    I'm not sure that's totally true. I have been on probation twice before, and it is true that it's possible to come up dirty for your first urinalysis without going to jail. This happened to SWIM. The reason being though, is because in a PSI (pre-sentencing interview) I said that I was a habitual pot smoker. Of coarse, they then expect you to test positive.

    If you were to tell them that you don't smoke however, and then you tested positive, I get the feeling they could put you in jail if they felt like it.