Drug info - Psilocybe Cubensis: Thai Strain

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    Sep 21, 2004
    a name of some mushies that float around in these parts atm /im not from fiji actually:p/. i searched about them and found next to nothing. couple of my friends did those a week ago or so and it was way better than E as they said :)

    it is sold 3g a piece.. and by the seller it is 2 persons dose?? maybe someone could help me out here. i dont know much about mushies alltogether so explain in long version please :D
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    May 6, 2005
    from U.K.
    I've never taken Thai mushrooms without taking other strains at the
    same time so it's hard to say what their effects are. They do have a
    tidy little fiollowing over here though. I believe they are colourful,
    euphoric,, give you a great body buzz and overall really good fun.
    They're not the strongest variety: middle-strong I'd say. You can
    usually buy them fresh or dried. The dosage is a LOT higher when fresh.
    They only
    sell them fresh over here and the dosage is around 20g a portion, but
    DRY I would
    say 2g is a good starting dose for Thai mushies (1.5 is a bit small),
    working your way up to an eighth (3-4g) when your tolerance begins to
    build. I'm not absolutley certain as I've never taken them dry, but
    this is the impression I get from the experience reports on Erowid and
    the people I've spoken to that have taken them dry.

    As for being better than E, they can be better (I've had some
    unbelievable experiences), but they aren't as versatile - you can't
    really communicate with people that aren't shrooming (You simply won't
    make any sense [​IMG]) and your sense of
    space, time etc. is all over the place, which kind of restricts where
    you can take them (I would advise to do them somewhere peaceful like in
    a park or round a mates house NOT in a club - too many noises, lights
    and people).

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