Experiences - Psilocybin Mushroom Trip Reports (Thread No. 2)

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    Psilocybin Mushroom Trip Reports (Thread No. 2)
    Because Thread No. 1 was getting ridiculously long =)

    Please consider the following when posting a trip report:

    A report is more valuable if it is as descriptive and complete as possible, for example please strongly consider including the following:

    • Age, weight, and sex of the user, as well as any tolerance issues, medications, etc,
    • Which species of mushroom was taken,
    • The dose taken,
    • How the mushrooms were prepared for ingestion (tea, chewed, etc.),
    • What setting or environment the experience took place,
    • Approximate timeframe of effects (onset, primary effects, comedown...),
    • Note any mental or physical side effects,
    • Note any after effects (afterglow, hangover, etc.),
    • Overall conclusion/evaluation of the experience.
    Good reports are greatly valued and are a good way to earn positive reputation points!

    Here are some other, older threads with trip reports for your reading pleasure:Trip reports of various species of mushroom:There are also many other threads which contain mushroom trip reports, which can be found here.
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    My friend told me this story the other day:
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    Once, SWIM and his mate ate roughly 1 gramme of bone dry liberty caps, now, that may not sound like much but they were very strong and so this could be considered a medium dose. the effects began after about 25 mins after eating and were characterised by extreme, hysterical laughter on the subject of 'Why is hash so black?', it became apparent about 20 mins that SWIM and his mate had gone in for a bit more than a usual trip.

    After a couple of spliffs, swim and his mate decided that they should go outside, despite the heavy rain, at this point the caps had started to produce very colourful and specific hallucinations. Swim and his friend spent much time, contemplating the massive psychedelic palace that appeared to be building itself in the night sky and the fact that frogs were, quite obviously, the secret masters of the universe (lol).

    By this point it was easy to say swim and his friend were very out of it, and completely useless for any regular tasks. At this point ( about and hour and a half after comming up) something very unusual happened, which I has only experienced once to this day (This being some years ago), a strong sense of mental connection between swim and his friend, and slowly, their trips began to syncronise, this sensation is incredibly difficult to explain although some of you may have experienced this aswell. The previous discusion on frogs returned, and with it, vivid, frog based hallucinations became abundant. The light from street lamps reflected off the wet roads in a dazzeling kaleidescope of, well, frogs. The smoke from the joints became dancing, playful frogs and all of this reinforced the theory of frogs being the secret to everything.

    Both swim and his mate still see teselated frogs on all surfaces to this day (Even when not tripping), its a phenomenon i think is known as HPPD (Hallucinogenic Persistant Perception Disorder).
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    My koala wrote up this report. he is unsure if the effects are over, so he will report more if something comes up, but he's pretty sure he's coming down.

    The koala is a freak, it looks like a 19 year old guy, 6'1, 175 pounds of athletic build.

    The koala was very disappointed with this experience, since it lasted... less than two hours. He is feeling a little depressed after, actually, but expects that is part of the come-down, and still a bit of nausea... the after-taste is really quite persistent. 1.6gs of brazilian (not sure specific genus) that is reputed to be rather strong. Trip report below:

    My pet koala decided on a whim to examine the strength of the shrooms he had kicking around. He bought 3.5gs, but, on advice from people on this forum (good advice, I might add) decided to start with a low dose of 1.6gs. It has been.... 40 minutes since ingestion, hereafter referred to as 0:00

    0:00: slight drunken feeling, some euphoria, foot can’t stop moving. REAALLLLY digging music. Eluvietie, a band the koala just discovered. Sweedish metal, with a bagpipe, an awesome flute and heavy guitars. Chunky.

    0:15: looked in mirror, slight dilation present, but not much. Left pupil is muuuch bigger than right, that can’t be right. Is the koala having a stroke?

    The report guide said the koala would feel a freeing of creativity, but that isn’t what the koala thinks is happening at all. He thinks he can imagine things easier, and thus his creativity is enhanced because his thoughts are more easily being transmitted into pictorial form. We live in an image-driven culture, changing from one driven by words, but really, words are just images themselves, when have we not been image driven?

    0:28: this is fantastic, it reminds the koala of the peak of a meditative trance. Colours swirl behind his eyes, seemingly at random, and his thoughts are turbulent and serene all at once, he perceives the duality of his existence. Says something about his personality. A note, the koala suffers from the animal equivalent of manic depressive, now referred to as bi-polar disorder (he thinks dysthymic, but his psychs disagree, subtype is I)

    0:35: koala recalls that he has a psych exam tomorrow, and wonders if this is the best idea.

    0:44: koala is.... coming down? That is.... not expected, and not pleasant either. He is slightly disappointed. He has decided to go meditate to see if he can call the effects back to his mind.

    0:49: koala got distracted on the way to his mat and went to the bathroom to check his eyes. Mild dilation, still not as impressive as when he ate some Morning Glories or when he ate some Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. Perhaps he is just destined to not experience psychedelic effects. That is depressing in itself.

    1:08: definitely coming down.... that is immensely disappointing. The koala wonders if this trip should have been so short. What did he do wrong? Or was it just the unreliability of shrooms?

    Well, half an hour later the koala went ahead and ate the rest, totaling 3.5gs. I'll keep you updated on his status.

    So the koala just had a trip through his entire personality. ranging from complete contentment, to illusions of intellectual grandeur, and feelings of empathy, and complete separation. complete detachment from the human race, and complete bonding. Yet he experienced no visual effects. He is sad he did not catalogue the effects, as there is so much to say.... he wishes.. but alas, there are no words for the wonder of the human consciousness, so I will not even try to convey his experiences past this. Still, no visual effects, I am curious about his psychology. He will be looking into more visual psychedelics with time, however. I love you all... I reallly reallly do.
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    Good report Kryshen.
    Seem to be a lot of Swimmers posting with the same problem of short duration/fast come down lately. Swim cant figure out what would be the cause of it. There are plenty of things that might effect it, medication, eating, taking other drugs etc. but it seems to be one of those things that just happens to some people.


    I have been there and thinks he knows what You means. Sometimes (the same happens t Swim on weed) he gets ideas or feelings that he knows how it all works, or has thoughts that he thinks are so amazing and deep that he believes he knows it all.

    Perhaps You should try changing their setting next time. I always finds that his trips take a more natural, intense and longer course when he takes himself out into nature and goes up the mountains or into the countryside on a beautiful summers day.
    I believe that too much distractions like television and computers and basically just civilisation can dull the experience or take away from it.
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    33 y/o from Canada

    I totally agree about setting. My koala and I live in Toronto, but we just moved here from the country.... the lack of stars at night is so... depressing. I miss natural scenery, I can completely see why that would enhance a psychedelic experience.

    my koala says that's a pretty accurate description. He felt completely enlightened, as though he had stumbled upon concentrated truth, the essence of reality that, for some reason, no one else had the capacity to comprehend. Ironically the "truth" he stumbled on was that there is no truth. Actually, he had more of a realization that there is a central energy at the heart of the universe, and that is what people call god. I call it love. Love is a huge globe of energy, and from it springs a line for every single individual consciousness. along each individual line, each "path" is a consciousness, and each consciousness is seeking to move further along that path, closer to love. We all recognize that we are on the correct path, but we often feel that our path is a path that can be applied to everyone else. We all want people to love, so we want to suggest to them better ways to love, but the only way to move closer to love or god is by understanding the self and working towards ultimate personal actualization, the path of which is different form person to person.

    Basically, the koala experienced what enlightenment entails. He is not enlightened, but he had the briefest flash of comprehending what it is. The self communing with itself to the best of its ability and moving towards love. and because love is the central energy, love is connected to everyone, and through love, we are connected to every other person as well, and the more we are connected to love, the less we have the capacity to do anything but love each other.

    That was my koala's epiphany, he realized there is no objective reality to what he perceived or realized, but he sees it as a meaningful metaphor. He does not actually believe love exists somewhere coalesced into a massive glowing orb, he believes that the mind simply expresses concepts with images, because ideas can be known, but in order for them to be communicated or expressed, we must use words or images, which, inevitably, are imperfect. It's like the psychological laws of thermodynamics, there cannot be a perfect transfer from thought to word. Which is interesting, we rely on words, and yet they seem to me to be the only things holding us back from true comprehension.

    I'm going to stop ranting now.

    My koala says it was the most beautiful experience of his life, though he is really surprised he had absolutely no visual effects, no colour enhancement, no breathing, nothing. He was lost in his ceiling on occasion (a note, the trip lasted about 5 hours... less than I expected, but still not bad) and saw the textures wave, but it was a stucco ceiling, it does that when he's sober.

    Definitely an experience I encourage for ANYONE, at least once in their life, it is just such a potentiation of experience... it potentiates reality, whereas other drugs, the koala finds, take away from the experience of living. Opiates close the mind, psychedelics open it, you tell me which sounds more appealing.

    Also, a note for anyone, adding to what Ianzombie said, the koala spent a lot of time on the computer, talking to people, reading, browsing, but occasionally he would get up and walk about, or just lay on the floor (which was amaaazing), and he found that the experience was infinitely enhanced when he simply laid down and lost himself in thought, rather than being distracted by the computer. Music was also amazing, though he really doesn't understand why so many psychonauts say to stay away from metal... the music was so much deeper and he could conceive so much more of it. It was a perfect musical experience.
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    Swim's first experience with magical fungus was a world of two extremes. I had the opportunity to go to a friend's house after the friend returned from his secret and magical cow field. Swim's friends had found nearly 3 30 gal trash bags of wonderful looking cubensis, making sure to leave every third shroomy in the field alone to ensure future generations.

    Swim's friend then proceeded to brew a foul smelling and even fouler tasting concoction for the entire group, around 10 heads. I was very excited about trying shrooms for the first time ever with his best friends. I was only 17 but not naive about psychedelics, he has done acid a few times before, so he felt like he could handle it. So, on an empty stomach, Swim then drank around 8oz of the blackest, smelliest, most disgusting liquids he had ever seen.

    Around 20 mins. I started feeling very uneasy and sick to his stomach. He started asking the rest of the group if they felt that way too, but being much more experienced in fungus they didn't seem concerned. This SCARED swim very much, he started thinking "I've just eaten poionous mushrooms and I WILL die soon, and my friends don't even care." Swim became very panicky and left the inside world to get some air and puke on the grass a little, he thought he could puke out the shroom juice and he would live. He could not, would not vomit so he accepted the fact that the poison was in him now and there was nothing he could do about it. THAT IS WHEN IT BECAME WONDERFUL!.

    All of the sudden Swim looked out at the beautiful sunny day and felt AMAZING! I had an ear-to-ear grin that would not go away. I started admiring the grass and went to touch it. Upon further inspection, he realized the grass was waving back and forth like the waves on the beach. I was so happy about this that he went inside to let everyone know he was going to be OK. When he went inside he realized that no one was really worried, because for what felt like 2-3 hours for I was actually about 15 minutes. I was amazed to realize that what felt like an agonizing enternity for him was just him panicing about the drugs onset, once he let go of the fear he felt so much better.

    So there is Swim, tripping and feeling good about it about T+40 minutes. Swim's friend told him that he was tripping hard, and he had shroomed 4 times in the last few weeks. Swim knew that he had taken a large dose then. The visuals were amazing to swim, no flat out seeing a pink elephant flying around like in movies, but everything looked to swim as if it had a life force of its own. Walls breathed in and out and every now and then I could spot the gills where they were breathing from, but the would disappear and reappear somewhere else. Swim saw the clouds outside have intricate and moving design in them, almost like they were trying to tell him a story. These visuals and others continued for swim for quite some time, but what is time to swim?

    At around T+2hrs, Swim's musician friends, also tripping, had set up a jam session inside the living room. Full drum kit with professional drummer included, 2 amazing and creative guitarist that had been playing together since birth practically, a decent bassist and a bunch of people tripping with random percussion. Swim chose to not play, he much preferred sitting away from the crowd and listening. I was not antisocial, he wanted to see the whole picture and hear everything. The jam continued for hours. I was still seeing life in almost everything, it was so natural. Then I went to the restroom(he had been using the great outdoors up to this point) the restroom had a terrible vibe to it and swim needed to get out of there ASAP. Swim noticed that any bright artificial lights offended him.

    For the next few hours(T+3-5) I was very interested in seeing everything. He thought he had seen everything before, but he wanted to now see it on shrooms. The visuals were so euphoric to him, he saw patterns and pictures on everything: carpet, ceilings, grass, tree bark etc. At around the 5 hour mark, swim stopped seeing his precious visuals. I was still very much tripping mentally, but he missed his visuals. I started getting very sad at the fact that he was going to be coming down, he wanted to stay tripping forever. Swim layed on the floor and listened to the jam session still going on down the hall. That was were swim layed, eyes closed, while he came down. Swim thought of all the trouble that had happened in his life but I was not sad, I was neutral, like "that was the past, I am different now."
    I was totally in control at 6 hours, and mostly down at 7. There was still some feeling of "something is different" for swim for the rest of the day, and some of the next.

    I was very pleased with his first mushroom trip. Although it scared him at first, he came to accept the fungus. Swim loves going back to mushroom land, but has only been back once since. But that's the next story: Part 2 Swim Tripping at the Allman Brothers concert!

    Happy Tripping!!!!!!!
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    I am a 29 years old male, and it's pretty experienced with psychedelics like lsd,salvia and weed .However since I am pretty big guy 105 kg and 1,77 m ,it seems that he haves to take a larger dose then anybody else to see some effects so that's why probably I didn't had any full blowing experience maybe a bit with salvia but the experience he's going to tell you was on some other level!
    So some time ago swim purchased a grow kit with some b+ strain ,and he tried th shrooms 2 times once 25g fresh via tea with medium effect and 2nd time 50g of fresh via tea with little to no effect.
    He thought maybe he did something wrong or something that this stuff just doesn't work for him,however I decided to take a 3rd time,48 grams fresh tea from a second flush.
    After swim ingested the tea,he felt like before, light to no effect and he decided that it's gonna be as the rest one and he took a few hits of some good weed and call it a day.After that he decided to sit down and relax and listen to some music in the surroundings of his apartment.
    But maybe 20-25 minutes later he left somewhat different,he felt that at this it time this stuff it's gonna work,and it's good work as expected because he read on some forums that a high dose will give him the feeling that he's gonna die,and was true,he kept asking himself that maybe he did something wrong and he's truly gonna die,but then swim realised that it's pretty normal for this high dose and totally forgot about it.
    And then bam!It hit him very hard,and I was so happy!His house looked like it was from cartoons and the colors,oh boy, the colors were fantastic,so vivid, so beautiful,so alive!He could see the air moving in waves of colors,mostly red,everything around him was alive,the house was breathing literally.He saw his furniture looking like 2 elephants from cartoons, dancing up and down in the rhythm of music,he saw different movies on the walls,the floor was changing shape.And the for some reason I thought he was a cartoon cat,he's personality was trully changed,he even walked strange,or at least he thought so.He decided to take a piss and on his way to the bathroom he saw the store box open and for some reason the vacuum cleaner looked like his dog and the tube of the cleaner looked like a dog tale which was moving left and right and he started to call him and he thought the dog wants to play with him but then the real dog appeared behind his back and that scared the shit out of swim ;-) when he realised that he laugh maybe like 5-10 minues str8.
    The experience lasted arround 4 hours and then it peaked and the visuals dissapeard.In the next day light effects were still there but bearly noticeable.
    These mushrooms are trully magic,beautifull way to spend a few hours!
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    from U.S.A.

    So I decided he wants to write a trip report.

    I am 20, m. Basically earlier in the day I bought 10.5 g's of shrooms planning to take about 3.5 grams.

    swim made a cup of tea and eat 3.5 grams sucking the juices and drinking tea as a chaser. swim decide to role up 2 joints to smoke before the trip starts. By the way the setting is at swim's house, alone 10:30 pm watching tv. Before i'm even done rolling the effects start to kick in. swim's sitting at his desk and all the books in front of him start swaying back and forth, calmly and in a beautiful way... after he's done rolling the joints he decides to go in his room and lie down. what happens next during the come up is hard to explain as many things are happening at once.

    swim's really feeling the euphoric effects and the visuals are taking him fast and by surprise. then the mushrooms just take swim and his room has transformed into aztec patterns, he looks outside and the trees ( he lives right behind a forest ) look like they're pulsating and extending into the sky, he looks away because he find it quite intense, but his room is calming and he's seeing words like "yes" in infinite patterns neon colors and Persian rug like cev's and when he open's his eyes it feels like he's in the desert, like Egypt and everything is like looking through the hot concrete, that blur...after a while he begins to notice his mind racing and hearing wind, music (there was no music playing) then things change a bit, he feels a bit tense and start worrying that it's gonna get stronger and stronger. but he overcomes that initial anxiety and just takes some deep breaths and flows with it.

    he goes to the bathroom and OMG the fucking mirror. every foot step he makes the whole room is shaking, he looks in the mirror and the shower curtain bar is bending and all the tiles are morphing. he looks at his pupils and they're huge. he ends up staying in the bathroom looking in the mirror for about 20 mins. and again he's seeing these Aztec things, his eyes are like [COLOR=green]Pharaohs and he feels like he's having a profound spiritual [COLOR=green]experience. I go [COLOR=green]back to him room and lights up one of the joints after a few puffs he puts it out, it seems very hard to concentrate on smoking. The spiritual thoughts continue. [COLOR=green]approaching the 2 hour m[COLOR=green]ark after come-up the [COLOR=green]visuals start minimizing, however they are still [COLOR=green]moderately strong. I am thinking of our [COLOR=green]ancestors who used psychedelics as spiritual tools and rights of passage. these thoughts are beautiful and I am smiling[COLOR=green] cheek to cheek with joy of the world and our existence.

    by now it's 3:00 am and swim decides he wants to get some sleep, so he opens the window and listens to all the beautiful sounds of nature... he had a pretty bad headache but it wasn't too bad. felt great the next day. It was definitely one of swim's best shroom trips.
    [COLOR=green]it's now 2 days later and swim still has 7 g's he's gonna take 4 tomorrow at 8:00 am i'm looking forward to the beautiful experience again.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]
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    The following was written by a friend of mine who tripped last night on two fresh cubes that he grew from a mycogrow bag.

    I ate the two mushrooms about an hour after I picked them. They tasted bad but not as bad as I was expecting. To be honest, the texture was what was bad. I'm not really sure what the weight was, but they were two mushrooms about four or five inches long. The trip came on slowly, but little by little I was noticing colors being brighter and images appearing to waver before my very eyes. I was sitting around with friends smoking a gravity bong when it hit me like a bag of bricks. I looked up at some guy who had just entered the room and broke out into a hysterical laughing fit. He was totally unaware that I was tripping balls. All through the night, I made it a point to make him uncomfortable...for reasons that today I do not fully understand I thought he was the only one in the room that wasn't fucked up. Looking back on it, I know that he was fucking stoned as was everyone else in the room. Soon I was wandering up and down the stairs totally lost in my friends' tiny apartment. It felt like an ever ending hallway that just went round and round. Plus, the patterns in the carpet were turning into moving lights. Yeah, it's hard to explain. I was very happy and loud and talkative. I can't wait to do it again with a bigger dose. The weed took the edge off and seemed to make the shrooms more social-friendly. I didn't really "learn" much from this trip, but what a ride it was!
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    from U.K.
    Have tried to summarize this incredible experience for the user without the excess detail.

    • Male, 150lbs (70kg), 6'1" (185cm)
    • P. Tampanensis sclerotia
    • ~10g fresh as sold (unweighed by user)
    • Chewed and swallowed with 500mg Vitamin C and glass orange juice. further 1000mg Vitamin C consumed before t- 1 hour. Fasted overnight and consumed at 11:30am. No food until 4:30/5pm.
    • Setting:
    Based in a tranquil beautiful park on a sunny day. Surrounded by nature, no strangers or passers by.

    • Approximate time-frame of effects (onset, primary effects, comedown...)
    First effects noticed at 12:30pm exactly: grass "breathing" and swelling, giggles.
    Peaked from 13:30-15:30, intense mindfuck, fractals, fear of fear itself. Childlike state of mind, people being worried about user or angry with user were "scary.
    Comedown 15:30-18:00: able to have a totally coherent conversation with gaps or serious loss of concentration after 16:00pm. 17:00 onwards experience finished, but still some light-headedness/confusion noticeable to user only.

    Lightheadedness, drunken feeling, inability to perceive passing of time. Inability to put a sentence together without thinking about words. Disjointed speech, stammering. Emphasis on totally wrong words in sentence, described as Steven Hawking like robotic speech. Intense need to make others happy, if they weren't they were angry with the user.

    • No apparent hangover comedown.
    • Overall conclusion/evaluation of the experience;
    Incredible experience, but the fear of things which might cause a bad trip were terrifying. User was afraid of being touched in case it caused him to freak out, but this fear of the freak out caused the user to freak out. (Feedback loop behavior)

    User saw fractals. Clouds were pretty amazing. Ground was swelling and breathing. Things were either bad or good in a childlike manner. If something wasn't good then it had to be bad, there was no gray area.

    A frightening experience in parts, and could well be described as a "bad trip" but definitely a learning experience, and would love to go again.
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    Mar 8, 2010
    32 y/o from U.S.A.
    I am bored as hell right now at work, so he’ll tell you a little about the last time he tripped shrooms (not that you care but meh). Swim finally got some visuals. The best way he can describe it he saw several hovering beams of white light and strange line patterns that zigzagged and moved to form shapes of strange creatures. It was like looking through a window into another dimension and seeing the outlines of other beings but all along swim knew they couldn‘t and wouldn‘t want to hurt him. It is kind of insane, but that’s the way it was. All through the night swim’s thoughts were racing. He literally could not help himself from thinking about everything and anything. His thoughts sounded like a hive of buzzing, pissed off hornets. All in all, he doesn’t know how much he ate. He does know that he ate about 5 entire shrooms that were fresh. It was amazing and very enjoyable. He wishes he could take them and wander around in the woods someday, but swim’s afraid to alone. He might fall off a cliff or something.

    This is trip no. 4 for swim. He grew them in mycobags in less than wonderful conditions. They still grew though. This was the first time he had a trip with full on OEV though. Great stuff. Can't wait to do it again in a few weeks.
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    Jun 20, 2010
    from Germany
    Someone from the Netherlands sent me his trip report I want to share with you:

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    Feb 22, 2010
    31 y/o from Canada
    I have done mushrooms somewhere around 12 times. The first time swim ever tried mushrooms was by himself. 7 grams + being on prozac = a very intense and enjoyable experience.

    I have only tripped with friends since the first time and has always had the desire to do them alone again for a more enlightening trip. I haven't been on SSRI's in a long time and 3.5g will usually suffice for swim to trip.

    The week prior I had been working constantly and finally had time off and time to himself since his friends were busy. I was probably impatient and didn't wait for a good enough time to trip because I was very tired that night and wanted to sleep but was already beginning to feel the effects. There was no turning back now. I found himself so tired that he was beginning to shut his eyes for brief moments only to find himself actually falling into micro-sleeps. The mushrooms however would awaken him from his micro naps and realize that he was still at home when I thought he was still at work. Over and over I would fall into sleepiness and have a very short "instant dream" where he found himself surrounded by electrical components and wires (swim works as an electricians apprentice). Every dream swim fell into was drastically different than regular dreams due to the fact that the people in the dreams were grotesque looking with exaggerated features. No matter how hard swim tried to convince himself he was at home with zero responsibilities, he continued to repeatedly slip away back onto the job site worrying about what electrical box or panel had to be installed next. Swim imagined single conductor wires coming out of his arms and head. I was a receptor and was conducting an electrical current throughout his body to the point where the humming and buzzing of the energy was driving swim over the brink of insanity.

    The television kept showing stand up comedy re runs which would repeat 2 or 3 times throughout the trip and swim began to think that his life was on loop and he couldn't pull himself out of it. Then something odd happened upon approaching the peak.

    Swim sat up and felt much more awake than before and snapped out of his state of confusion and realized he was going to watch the 4 part documentary called "Life" narrated by Oprah Winfrey.

    And it was the best movie I had ever seen. The visuals were mind-blowing and the sense of empathy towards the earth and all living creatures was enough to push swim over to the happier side of the trip.

    The looping in swims mind was the closest he has ever come to a bad trip but wouldn't consider it one because it was still an enjoyable experience.
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    Mar 21, 2010
    from earth
    First trip report (Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian)

    swim, 25 male, 67kg, fit.
    previous experience: a few times mj, some cannabinoid blends, k, mdai. no drugs for a week before the trip

    Setting: at home, walking in the neighbourhood, local park. music available, some movies, big persian rug

    T+0 ingested ~2g homegrown psilocybe cubensis (cambodian), air dried the previous week. The dose was chewed, and promptly swallowed with a bit of hurry because of the taste that proved to be surprisingly bad. Stomach empty, no food for 4hours prior

    +0:45 first effects become apparent: color is amplified, patterning, walls breathing... very smooth effects, nothing that might scare one. walking is a bit wobbly, in no condition to run the marathon. the imagination wanders easily. One minute one is contemplating human nature, the next is enjoying the flight of a bird up in the sky.
    side effects: slight nausea, some shivering causing swim to put more clothes on than usual

    +1:00 effects have settled in, visually it is stunning... real life: in hi-res :) especially nice with natural green hues (grass, trees). a little bit like the imagination was spilt into the real world and allow a little playtime. a few seconds of gazing into the scenery, even just out the window, and one feels like watching a moving, breathing work of art. not just patterns, but a story unfolding. look towards a tree and the imagination fills in the jungle around it

    +3:00 around now hunger strikes, and I find himself raiding the fridge, and enjoying every little bit of food at his disposal. the creamed cheese looks amazing, the pancakes with honey are delicious.

    +4:30 effects have all but disappeared, pictures are still nicer than usual to look at, but no more fluctuating patterns, not even in the outside grass

    +5:30 no visual effects, just a sensation that they may linger there...

    I have noticed the effects seem to come in waves, probably not because of the mushies themselves, but because of perception. sometimes one feels more introverted and meditative, other times more like enjoying the beauty outside

    Most noticeable side effect: nausea. For the first hour after ingestion then in some instances later, nausea can get pretty unpleasant.

    After effect: ever so slight headache, similar to a hard day of work. Swim thinks this is more to do with the novelty of it all, the sheer joy of discovery than anything negative.

    The above is prety much a substance report, but the experience itself was so much more fulfilling... So if the basic effects of the substance are all one cares about that one is free to stop reading here. If however one is curios to see the insight brought on by a wonderful experience feel free to go on :)

    The cat felt like a whole episode of life existence happened in the span of the 5 hours spent tripping on an usual monday.

    This is the first mushroom trip ever for this cat. Thus he was pretty anxious and concerned before the trip. Thus when the effects first came into play it was concerned wheter or not others may notice him behaving differently

    the cat was nervous and so the beginning of the trip was inside.
    At first, the cat felt the effects little by little, first in the moving of his paws, then in the breathing of the walls, and then in the patterning everywhere. he felt the joy of the discovery and wanted to see more and more. he felt like he wanted to go outside but... he felt exposed, as if all could see his intoxicated self... this seemed to have an effect on the beauty the cat was by now used to seeing, greyin out the colors ad the bad thoughts came to mind...
    But.... at one point the cat just let himself go, in the comfort of his own home and with the desire to see if there is something more to the trip. and then.... he felt like he could see past it all.. not all at once, not completly clear, just a glimpse of inner peace. He felt part of a bigger something, he felt like one should let go of worries and just enjoy the ride.

    the cat remembers this stage well because it is now when the shivers stopped and a feeling of body warming takes hold, alongside a sense of inner peace

    the cat decides it is safe in the world for it to take a stroll outside. walking itself feels strange, somewhat surreal in that at times the cat finds the scenery moving without remembering having given the command to the legs to move. nonetheless, the cat does not appear to be too severily impared, in that common obstacles are easily avided

    the scenery comes alive wherever there is some plant life, and the cat finds great joy when he encounters a small walking path, winding around the building in his neighbourhood. there is a small, finite, trickle of water by the path, and suddenly the cat remembers the ancient aztecs, and stories of pyramids of south america, and what like must have been like when nature was knocking at ones doorstep every morning. walking down this path here in the middle of this city seems to be bring the cat memories, letting his imagination fly as he lets his eyes fill with the green on the grass and his ears full with the buzz of insects and birdsong. he feels a little sorry for not having more nature to explore but happy that he at least has this much

    on the other hand people seem like big distractions, they tend to frighten the cat a little it, not to paranoia levels, just fear that they might ruin the experience with their pragmatic minds, or possible questions as to why the cat is sitting there on the bench with a big grin on his face.

    this is a feeling the cat seems to indulge more and more, the sense that it is somehow in connection with something greater, that somehow it sees more than normal people do. the grass looks greener wheere the cat stares at it, and although it is starting to get cloudy, it is not menacing one bit to this fearless feline. instead it embarks on games, lookign at a patch of grass, making it blossom under his gaze, feelign a bit like a fertility god perhaps, with the leaves growing, extending towards one another... Staring at the foot path makes it appear like an impressionist paiting, swirls of emerald green around a golden path, lined with bronze from the fallen leaves... and peacock featehr eyes in the bushes...

    At some point the cat remembers sitting by a weeping willow tree, just before the rain started coming down.. and could sense the tree not weeping but reaching towards the cat, trying to embrace it somehow, perhaps sheltering it from the raindrops. Oddly, the patterning that fascinates the cat is not obvious for the tree, instead it catapults the thoughts into another imagination trip. The rain feels playful on the cats fur.

    The cat felt playful. the eyes and vision were inticing. The visuals became like a superpower, fixing the gaze onto somethoing would reaveal beutiful patterns in a few seconds, showing beauty beyond what was thought possible. The cat stares at some distant trees, clear headedly thinking of their three dimensionality... hard to explain... it is like when first viewing a 3d screen/movie. it is like real life, but somehow different, in that one is aware of its dimensions....

    Little trips of the imagination.. escapes into thoughts blossoming into daydreaming, like when one was a boy and could imagine a spaceship on route to the moon out of a simple creyon. The cat missed this power to evade reality... He found it again :D

    Talking to a beloved family member on the phone brought on warm fuzzy feelings in the cats heart. He felt in control, his emotions in direct connection to how his body felt.

    Like someone said, the trip was amazing, the hard part is bringing back as much as you can, showing it to the ones you care about and treasuring newly gained experiences, remembering them fondly

    The cat loved the experience. Letting go only to find such beauty and peace was magnificent.
  16. JazzaMc

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    Jun 24, 2010
    from Australia
    swims tripped on shrooms plenty of times but this was his latest,
    ate 15 shrooms at 11.30 and just sat around for half an hour, decided to go for a ride about half an hour into the ride he felt nothing so decided to have a ciggie, as soon as he inhaled he could tell he was trippen, rode for another half an hour or so got abit hestitant riding along the main road but was just enjoying the surroundings, meet his mate at the shops and was feeling like the world was massive and he just wanted to get out and explore, they went to there friends house and smoked afew bongs at 1.30 his mate said he was going to his sisters school athletics so he decided to go with him. got there at 2 and the shrooms just kept kicking in harder he could not nderstand anything but was just enjoying being alive watching people run but there legs werent moving, he was enjoying the whole experience and just watched people run and couldnt understand what was going on, swim and his friend went to the dentist so his friend could get a check up and while he was inside swim played playststion and felt like he was in the game, they went back to their friends house b this time it was 3.30 the shrooms were still working hard and swims vision was distorted he could read stuff properly or even tell who was who, smoked afew more bongs and rode up to anyother mates house this ride was very spiritual and he felt like he was flying, he rode around for half an hour as the shrooms started to wear off, he had afew more bongs and just relaxed as he started to feel the afterglow, he went home and couldnt sleep just thinking about the trip but it was one of the funnest trips I has ever had, sorry for very bland details but swims just couldnt explain it, it's sort of something u have to try to understand,
  17. bushboy

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    Jul 11, 2010
    from ireland
    my pet goblin is relatively new to shrooms and he adores them. however after his last trip he also fears and respects them too.

    on previous occasions when he had taken shrooms the experiences were very intense, but nothing compared to the last time he took them. goblin, his mrs, and 4 of their mates had an enormous (150 g, he thinks) bag of mexicana truffles and one small bag (15 g) of dried cubensis mushrooms. goblin is always sketchy at the beginning of a trip not to take too many shrooms but this time he ate an obscene amount. he literally was insatiable; washing them down with beer, picking up lost ones off the floor. looking back on it he must have had 25 g of truffles minimum (almost 2 boxes as sold in amsterdam, he is told).

    goblin cannot remember the times to give details of his feelings but nothing i could type could do justice to the things he experiences at the peak of the trip. everything was completely fucked up; wood panels melting, walls breathing in and out in synchrony with his own breathing, sense of smell/taste completely disappearing. at one stage he went for a piss and the could feel every muscle relax from inside to out and he literally saw the head of his knob swell and explode as the urine was released. it was as if his mind's eye made up that vision to accompany what his muscles were feeling. time grinded to a complete halt and to be honest he was touch and go with understanding reality. he still has an image of one of his mates' heads superimposed over itself, stretching out to infinity. absolutely bananas stuff.

    goblin found all this quite entertaining, but imagines that if he had been alone the trip could have gone either way. the comedown was beautiful and smooth, as he and his mates discussed the trip and life in general, and nibbled a few more magic companions :thumbsup:. it was a big trip and he went to bed 7 hours after taking them, however he was still tripping the next morning (12 hours after initial ingestion). for goblin they are mainly for fun, but they are also the most introspective and spiritual thing he has ever encountered.

    mushrooms have been an epiphany for him, and he wants to share them with everyone he loves. but mushies aren't for everyone. or rather, everyone isn't for them. a real shame that, truly, because i think you'll never look at life the same again after taking them. he cant wait to trip again soon.
  18. Grandview

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    Jun 14, 2010
    from U.S.A.
    A stranger I met on Omegle sent me this interesting sort of journal entry. Since it ultimately is a mushroom tea trip report, with a little background info, I decided to post it here.

    You must know, first off, this stranger is very much a lightweight on most drugs. He only weighs about 120 and usually takes smaller doses than most people need to achieve similar effects. He is also not super experienced with mushrooms (maybe like six to ten small trips under his belt), but has lots of experience with 3rd Plateau DXM trips and Marijuana. And also a bit of experience with LSD.

    Not much else to say, so here it is:

  19. S.J.P.

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    Jul 29, 2010
    from Canada
    18 years old / 170 lbs / male
    Past experience: psilocybin mushroom use up to 3.5 grams
    Dose: 7 grams (dry)
    ROA: oral (put in peanut butter sandwich, chewed, swallowed)
    Duration: ~10 hours

    I was invited by some friends to eat some mushrooms and trip with them. When the time came to eat the mushrooms, I took his full dose, broke it up into little pieces, and put them on bread with peanut butter. This completely masked the taste of the dry mushrooms, which was what I was hoping for.

    Despite having eaten quite a bit not too long before eating the mushrooms, SWIM began to feel the effects within 30 minutes. Over the next two hours or so the trip began to build up - SWIM's body felt more and more strange and visual disturbances began to be apparent. Eventually, SWIM and a friend who was also on mushrooms decided to go climb to the top of the mountain they live on. By the time I got to climbing, he was tripping hard. The trees around him were making amazing patterns, and everything in his vision was moving and strange. SWIM's mental abilities were absolutely warped... he often didn't know where he was or what exactly he was doing, and often forgot for periods of time that he was on a psychedelic drug. He spent most of the time during the climb up the mountain talking about the absurdity of the world and how different he was from other people. During this period, ego softening had begun. By the time he got back from his climb, the trip had become overwhelming. He separated from his friend and curled up on his bed. At this point, he was experiencing ego death and was under the impression that the mushrooms had caused him to be permanently insane. Along with this were crazy visual distortions - everything he looked at was moving or flowing in some way - and some very strange audio hallucinations. The mushrooms were causing him to believe other false ideas, too - SWIM thought he was a drug addict (which he certainly is not), he felt that time had stopped flowing, and at one point he even thought he might be overdosing, and about to die. Thankfully, I had enough control not to call an ambulance or something - there was a part in the back of his mind that new he was physically alright. After a period of pure fear, I got out of his bed (he realized he was not going to be able to sleep) and began to wander his residence building. He ended up hanging out with (and, most likely, completely weirding out) a bunch of people he didn't know, and then got bored (due to not being able to follow any conversation) and returned to his room, where he proceeded to talk to several girls online in an attempt to have them come over and keep him company. However, I was having a very hard time typing - a lot of his words came out jumbled.

    After this period, SWIM's friend came back down to hang out with him. Over the remaining hours of the trip, SWIM's attention span was completely fried - he sporadically switched between listening to music, talking to his friend, talking to people online, and playing guitar. Finally, as the last effects of the mushrooms were wearing off and everyone else was asleep, SWIM showered and cleaned himself thoroughly, then went to bed.

    Overall, I found his high-dose mushroom trip to be overwhelming at times, yet very interesting and certainly worth doing.

    PS: I apologize for not knowing the species of mushroom that I ate. My best guess would be that it was Psilocybe cubensis.
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  20. augentier

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    Oct 29, 2006
    from U.S.A.
    Shroom: Psilocybe Cubensis Ecuador/Ecuadors/Ecuadorian, homegrown using PF tek BRF cakes.

    Dosage: 0.9 gram almost totally dry, chewed and eaten with spoonfuls of yogurt cuz this shit tastes nasty.

    I ate the shrooms at 10:20 pm on an -almost- empty stomach. By 10:45, intense body high came on. Anxious feeling in SWIM's gut, almost like wanting to throw up but tolerable. This sensation moves up into SWIM's chest and face..felt exactly like MDMA come-up.

    Watched The Might Boosh with SWIM's boyfriend, who also took the same amount of shrooms. No visuals, just happiness, content, and amazing euphoric body rush which, again, felt just like rolling on molly. After TV, got bored so SWIM listened to some music. Not good..lyrics and certain melodies make SWIM very depressed or sadly nostalgic so SWIM and boyfriend played Resident Evil 5 on the PS3. Awesome.

    Could aim and shoot, but the action of the game felt very slow. It was fun. Boyfriend was off in la la land and kept getting maimed by the chainsaw guy. SWIM and boyfriend decided RE5 was too involved so they went outside which created a nice feeling, until it got cold.

    This is when visuals started. About two hours into the trip. I could see slight breathing of objects if she stared long enough. SWIM stared at the ceiling and saw the texture change to what looked like styrofoam peanuts smashed together. Staring at bathroom floor tiles for a few seconds revealed strange organic, flowing shapes.

    Closed-eye visuals were intense. The instant SWIM closed her eyes, real-life, yet unfamiliar, images and story flashed quickly. They were strange, some funny, some scary.

    SWIM typically doesn;t like to trip, especially on shrooms, because no matter the dose , she feels as if she is on the verge of an emotional and psychological breakdown. And the breakdown has happened on shrooms before, but because it was SWIM's birthday and she was in a good mood all day, SWIM's mind was able to maintain control over any possible negative thoughts floating in. The body high continued in waves, sometimes to the point of wanting to puke but never doing so. The closed-eye visuals remained strong late into the night. Up until 4 am or so, when SWIM fell asleep.

    Overall, SWIM can't believe that .9 grams affected her and her boyfriend so strongly. However, this is the best grow I have had..I believe Ecuadors are incredibly strong as far as growing quickly and healthier goes..so perhaps that meant the potency was stronger than SWIM's past grows. I was incredibly impressed by the potency of these shrooms as well as the pleasantness of the trip.