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    Jun 14, 2010
    28 y/o from norway
    My trips goes on for ages! (plus a story)

    My friggen dog seriously just wrote this, I didn't even know he did drugs! Here have a read, I'm off to call the news! *mumbling about my amazing writer-dog as I run towards the distance, ignoring the fact that my dog has issues... If I only bothered to read the letter :,I*

    I think he wants to know if anyone you know have had the same experience with slow or unstable digestion of shrooms!
    Or if it's just a local thing. Because if it's frequent, then tea might be the answer for a lot of people

    I know it sounds like my dog is a very fearful tripper, but I know for a fact he has since then learned to float downstream. And to only drink tea
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    Sep 6, 2006
    32 y/o from U.S.A.
    Weight : 185 lbs
    Gender : Male
    Dosage : 4.1 grams(dry)

    8:35 - Crono and Dude both eat 4.1g of dried shrooms. We decide to start off the trip with some Mystery Science Theater 3000. We made a makeshift couch on dudes bed with some blankets, pillows, and a beanbag chair. The lights were shut off and we started MST3K - Santa conquers the martians.

    8:50 - Crono is starting to feel the body effects, he feels like he is starting to float. Crono's mind is also starting to get into that tripping head space. The movie is becoming funnier and funnier. The whole idea of martians kidnapping santa seemed even more rediculous which cause Crono and dude to be in a very giggly mood. We both busted out into big fits of laughter at what the MST3K was saying during the movie. Crono noticed some mild visual changes.

    9:05 - Crono's trip is getting more intense and he is thrilled about it. His visuals are really kicking in, he sees an almost gridlike pattern over his entire field of vision with lightning bost shapped lines coming in from the corners. The walls are breathing and the surfaces of different objects are really wavy.

    9:20 - Crono ha peaked, the energy from the onset has passed and he is in a very clear state of mind. Crono felt as if there was light radiating from where his heart is and that it had cleansed him and made him pure again. Yes this is where its at, the land of magic and dreams.

    9:55 - The movie is over, Crono has tears on his face from laughing so hard. The idea that someone would actually make a movie about aliens capturing santa seemed insane and this was very funny to Crono and Dude. We then started to watch DBZ Abridged by Team Fourstar and it was even funnier than the MST3K movie. We can't seem to go 5 seconds without laughing.

    10:35 - We finish up watching DBZ Abridged and go outside for a smoke. Crono is disappointed that no stars are out but there are plenty of other pretty things to look at.

    11:00 - After the cig break we gather up our supplies from dudes room and migrate to the living room. When Crono walks he is stunned by how the Xmas tree looks. I was around ten feet tall and took up a corner of the room, the lights and tinsel are just beautiful. We start up Apocalypse Now and seek refuge on the couch. When the Doors music starts playing Crono and Dude each get 4 whip cream cans and do them one at a time. When Crono does his first one the wah wah wah sound come before he can exhale and his vision is taken up by radiating X's. When he takes the second hit he falls out of reality for a few seconds. He closes his eyes but he still sees the same image from when they were open. When he comes down alittle he does his last two with similar effects.

    12:00 - We go out for another cig, things are definately starting to calm down. Crono wishes that shrooms lasted longer. When we get back in Dude gets his pipe and scrapes the bowl. We smoke some reisin and it kicks the trip back up for alittle bit.

    1:30 - We put in another MST3K movie after Apocalypse Now is over. Although the visuals are dying down the movie is still incredibly funny.

    3:00 - "Manos - the hands of fate" is done. Crono and Dude talk for alittle while and watch whatever looks half decent.

    5:00 - Crono has come down but still has a nice spacy afterglow. Dude retired to his room and Crono falls alseep on the couch feeling like his soul was refreshed and recharged.

    12:00 - Crono has a slight headache but chalks it up to the whip-its and staying up alnight, but it was well worth it.
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    Jan 1, 2010
    77 y/o from California, U.S.A.
    a dog whispered the following to me at the dispensary

    species and actual dosage unknown
    form of chocolate bar wrapped in hershy wrapper

    at 39 min, body sensations were felt, both he and his ol lady were coming up. absolutely no nausea for him. talkative and chatty at the beginning

    once the ceiling fan and light on the fan became a round bottom flask held to the fan by a condenser, and the waving blades of the fans grew hairs and trichomes, the dude knew he was in for a ride

    absolutely no back pain for the first few hours, and he normally has severe back pain, especially lately

    the fireplace held visual wonders, but aside from funny thoughts, the dude went within himself a couple times. often he asks himself questions on psychedelics, but this time, answers came without questions

    no television,lights(other than fire), she turned off the vaporizer(which seemed alll babylon like)

    total duration of experience: 3.75 hrs
    rating on shulgin scale: plus three point five(sometimes thru the tears of revelations, he thought almost plus four..

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    Jan 29, 2011
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    My boa constrictors friend told me this story:

    This dude took his first magic mushroom recently and was pleasesd with the experience. It was a little underwhelming because he only ate one psilocybe cubensis shroom that weighed about 600 mg. It was okay though because he is an old hippie in his fifties and it has been many years since he tripped. He weighs 165 lb. And is in fairly good physical condition as he works out regularly, although lately he has not been making time often enough for his workouts.

    He had a day off and nobody was home but him. He chewed the dried mushroom and swallowed it fully anticipating that nothing much would happen at this low dose. The mushroom did not taste bad. Of course this dude likes mushrooms in his spaghetti and salads too so I am not surprised that he didn't mind the taste. Some of the mushroom got stuck in his teeth and he carefully picked the pieces out so he would not miss anything. He did begin to feel a little trippy at about t + 30 minutes. It was a pleasant feeling. He found himself giggling for no exact actual reason. He felt happy and a little lightheaded. He was feel in good anticipating a good day off he had netflix on his apple tv and he started with a movie that turned out to be about this British school girl who was getting an education from a wealthy older guy. He was pleased that his favorite actor Sally Hawkins was in the film although she only had a minor role.

    This dude digresses a bit. To the point he didn't really trip. He did have some sensations and thoughts that were novel and pleasant , but nothing heroic at this low dose. The second movie he watched was Hamburgee hill which turned out to really suck, but he was okay because he was having a mild trip.

    There were no cev or oev but with the small dose he took he didn't expect any. His thought patterns were a bit trippy, not really bizarre more than normal for him.

    Despite the lousy movie. He had a good experience. He already has plans for his next trip, and he promised to share his experience with me when he does. He is planning to increase the dose to 1.2 grams dried weight. On this next trip. But he tells me tonight he did a a couple of RC's and will provide a trip report for them in the appropriate threads.

    So thats the story of how an old hippie decides to return to psychedelics after many years off them.
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    Oct 18, 2009
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    Desert Journey

    Swim finally had a chance to try mushrooms the other day in the desert with two of his closest friends. It was in Joshua Tree national park (which you should go to if you've never been) at the end of a two day rock climbing/camping trip.

    My friends and I divided a 1/4 of psylocybin cubensis between three people in mushroom tea and decided before it kicked in they tried to reach a high point on the rocks and watch the sunset. Man, that could have been disastrous.

    Swim and friends started to find their way to the top of a rock outcrop, but before they got to their desired location I could feel the effects setting in. The first sign was some basic object breathing. This was sort of interesting but nothing particularly special. Swim REALLY knew the stuff was starting to kick in when he sincerely apologized to a rock for stepping on it.

    As swim and company were watching the sunset I noticed some very obvious geometric patterns on the rocks, swim underwent a few waves of nausea at this point but didn't throw up, thankfully.

    Then swim and friends got down from the rocks and just spent a bunch of time observing their environment. I could see the wind flow perfectly and visibly through the trees and kept apologizing to all the plants and rocks he was stepping on.

    Then swim tried to peel a tangerine and eat it, but this was particularly difficult because I saw the tangerine as alive and that I would be killing it if he peeled it. One of swim's less fucked up friends tried to explain to swim that it was already dead and that they would be doing it a favor by eating it and spreading its seeds. Swim believed him but still thought it was awful/gross that he was peeling apart what he thought of at the time as a dead body.

    After that swim and friends decided to go into their van and listen to some music, which was crazy. It wasn't so much like the music was enhanced like on weed or ecstasy but that it was sort of conducting the emotional feel of the conversation they were having.

    When their time in the van was over they decided to go out into the rocky desert by moonlight... it was absolutely beautiful. One of the most pristine moments of swim's life.

    But the mushrooms were sort of starting to wear off at that point so I decided to smoke some weed to try and bring it back up. It worked. Actually after smoking the mushrooms seemed more intense then when swim first started. I was getting a lot of mixed signals about his surrounding environment and it seemed almost as if he was in another dimension at times.

    So later in the desert swim notices his friend is considering to lick a cactus. Swim's first reaction was WHOA. That's a little too much even on drugs and that he needed to convince his friend to not do that. So I went up to him and said dude, don't do that. But then he said something to swim that convinced him that it was totally cool to lick the cactus. Something like 'the cactus is mad at us and we need to befriend it' or 'we're ambassadors from earth and we need to show the cactus we are friendly.' All of the sudden, swim completely forgot any reason why licking a cactus might be a bad idea. In fact, he began to see this idea as one of the best ideas he had ever heard and wanted to lick the cactus himself. The first time swim bent his head at the wrong angle and actually got stabbed in the forehead before he could lick the cactus. But I did not give up. On swim's second attempt he successfully licked the cactus and it felt EXACTLY like kissing a woman. The same, sincere emotional feeling ran through swim's body.

    After that point swim and friends returned to their campsite and drew pictures in the van until they were tired enough to go to sleep.

    So yeah swim's first time was definitely fun, but shrooms are so hard to get for him and they raised so many questions about his life that it might be best to wait a while before doing them again.

    Hope you got a laugh out of that, I would love to hear some feedback from DF about my friend's story.
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    Jul 3, 2010
    from earth
    My friend just tripped really good and would like to write a little bit about it.

    Dosage- 2.3g P. cubensis

    He and his girl decided that it would be fun to trip for the beginning of the weekend. They tried their best not to eat all day but still ate about a meals worth each throughout the day. They finally dosed up around 6:30pm. Each consumed 2.3g of two different types of cubensis mushrooms. One batch was known to be weak while the other was said to be strong. They each were going into this trip thinking it would be a mild to medium experience... But got a little more than that.

    They both ate the shrooms over a 20min period then went out for a walk, they originally were planning on going to a park in the city and relaxing for a few hours. As they began to walk the beginning tingles that something was there, was present. He definitely knew he was giong to be in for something bigger than expected but was ready for this. The day was extremely hot 95F, so they began to feel very slight nausea from the heat and shrooms. He could tell that it was going to be strong so he convinced his girl that it was probably a good idea to go back and chill in the AC til they truly knew how hard this was gonna hit.

    As they start walking back he starts to get the typical, time means nothing and as he looks down walking it seems that the sidewalk is stretching farther and farther. The last block seemed to take forever and he was getting almost too hot at this point just getting antsy for that air conditioner. As soon as he walks up into the apartment these shrooms hit like a ton of fucking bricks. He starts pumping the cold air in but feels like its just not enough. His whole world around him was complete chaos but nothing unfamiliar to him. He felt like he had just popped so much ecstasy that he was going to overheat and die. Yet amazingly euphoric... He felt so FUCKING GOOD!!!

    The next 15 mins consisted of him slowly stripping piece after piece of clothing until he was down to his boxers, all the while dancing and "flowing" (as he called it) in front of the AC. His girl was tripping but not as hard as he, she got a real good laugh watching all of this. And he was laughing his ass off too. From what he remembers, he had the very hot serotonin type feel to his body. Slight jitters too that were relieved when he would walk around and dance.

    The next two hours were the taken up by the two just amazed at how hard they were tripping and not knowing what to do with themselves. They had the TV on, the music on, and the window open, with the AC running lol. But they couldn't get themselves to turn anything off as it all seemed to go together so perfectly. The music and TV sound seemed to not clash like if they were sober. At times they felt super euphoric but there would be a few mins here and there where it wouldn't feel good at all, it seemed like hitting in waves, but overall mostly euphoric and fun the whole time.

    The visuals seemed different than most times, not as much flowing and moving (although there was some) but more of change on colors and patterns forming and things that werent there! This is the second time ever in 40+ trips that he saw something that wasn't there. He remembers pouring milk into the sink and it splattered all over the steel sink. THen he tried to pour water after it but it seemed the milk wasn't moving anywhere lol. Took him a few minutes to realize that the milk was gone and what he was still seeing was what he had seen immediately after pouring. This was strange for him cuz it was the first time he has ever been fooled by a visual, usually he knows that what he is seeing isn't real. Another hallucination that was more typical was the ceiling taking on a diamond type patterning that seemed to be pressed into the drywall ceiling. He remembers looking at his gf, and her face looked almost like big pieces of shattered glass. When he would focus on her, the glass that was arranged perfectly would slowly move around. And her face and body looked like shifting pieces of glass, its hard to explain.

    At around 9:00pm they were still tripping and it felt like it wasn't going to let up anytime soon. He and his girl at this point were worn out, their faces were exhausted from smilling and laughing, and it seemed like it was just time to rest. It seemed that the waves were only getting more and more intense. They tried to eat a bit to bring em down, then they took a walk outside to see if that would help. The walk was interesting as it was a warm night downtown so everybody was out, it seemed so chaotic. He remembers thinking that usually when he walks down here he is drunk and pays little attention to everybody around, but tripping was completely different. He was aware of everything and it seemed like everybody was aware of him. As he walked it seemed everybodys eyes turned to him and his girl. He was probably tripping this but he remembers watching people drop there silverware in a restaurant and open their mouth in awe as he walked by. Almost like WOW he is tripping hard.

    They ran into some old co-worker they both used to work with, it took him a good 20-30 seconds to even recognize who it was. At this point he realizes its probably better to just blurt out that they are tripping balls, as communication was extremely hard to do. They tried the simple pleasantries the best they could, then he just says "um im just going to go as i can't understand anything" and walks away. My friend couldn't understand what was going on and he thought its better to just admit he can't to the guy and keep walking lol. Later he and his girl talked about how hard it was to communicate especially to people that aren't very well known.

    They ended the night laying in bed smoking cannabis and Family Guy. Usually family guy is kinda boring as he has seen it all a million times, but it seemed actually funny again now and he could have sworn that both episodes were new when in fact they were ones he had seen many times.

    Throughout the whole experience I felt really euphoric and good, the comedown was amazing as well. He just layed in bed watching TV smoking cannabis, feeling that great afterglow that is similar to what he gets when he does E. He had decent visuals on this trip but he wouldn't say the visuals dominated anything, the thought processing was the dominant aspect as usual. He and his girl talked about all sorts of philosophical things between 7-9 and his thoughts were getting abstract as fuck. The day after they felt normal and his girl actual spent the day at a family reunion with no problems.

    Edit in more later as he remembers.

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    Jan 22, 2011
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    My good friend Edd told me this story

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    Jun 24, 2010
    from Canada
    AFOAF sent me this report on his first trip.
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    I am coming down from my first trip. All i have to say is holy shit....

    I am pretty out of it so ill try to make the best report possible.

    I weigh about 140lbs and have been wanting to do shrooms/acid for such a long time. I've read countless reports and researched so much about both of them. I only dreamed of being able to get one. This week i finally got some.

    2.5~3g was my dose. And i truly was not prepared. I took them at about 10pm with some crackers to mask the taste.

    After i got the awful tasting mush down i waited about 20 or so minutes and i started feeling a little off. I was extremely excited! i laughed at everything and was very very happy. Being that it's a monday night, it wasn't the best time to do it.

    Im going all over the place.... sorry ill get to it.

    T+30: i started getting this feeling in my chest, the only way i can describe it is a heavier core to my body. I felt heavy, but very empty at the same time. I was just waiting for more to happen
    T+60: This is where things started to get funky. My vision was very out of the normal. I was expecting things to breathe and wiggle but nothing like this. Things looked alot softer, and if i stared at wood it would ripple and flow. I went outside to let my dog out at this point. That was the most beautiful thing i've ever seen in my entire life. Looking at my trees and dark sky with the wind blowing was gorgeous. words can't even describe it.

    T+ 90~240: My thoughts started getting really really weird at this point. I was very bored and had nobody with me, or anyone to talk to on the phone because my trip sitter (was supposed to be on the phone if i needed him) fell asleep.... I didn't know what to do so i laid down and listened to the beatles. MINDFUCK. impossible to imagine. I cant even remember what it was like, eventhought it was only an hour ago. I was tripping so much harder than i was ready for. Everything i looked at was so messed up and weird looking. And when i closed my eyes. I saw nothing. Not black, not any colors, but a complete void of anything. Mind fuck mind fuck mind fuck. I can't explain. I would see swirls and things melting, but it was black on black CEV's. Very strange.

    I felt extremely uncomfortable. I am just now comming down enough to feel well enough to do anything. Once again i apologize for the hard time reading this. I'm still far from sober. Anyway, time was nonexistant. One minute seemed to last forever. Music that i listened to was very distorted and sped up and slowed down. It was really messing me up. I ended up playing the same song over and over and over. (Across the Universe, by the Beatles)

    I was stuck in a loop for at least an hour or more. I would be short of breath. Think about if the mushrooms were killing me because they were some poisonous kind. I'd talk myself out of it, but then i'd keep thinking of it. I was terrified. It sent me into a bad trip..... No matter how much i prepared for it, it still happened.

    When it comes down to it, this experience really taught me a lot. I wrote down many things about life, most dont make sense but i know what the mean haha. I am completely freaked out by what the fuck just happened to me. I was so confused and messed up. I thought i was going to die, and i was just completely lost in my own mind. It was bad.

    If i ever trip again, it wont be alone. I'll need some friends. And a nice sunset. Alone in the dark is too sinister for a first timer. Until next time~

    Garuccio added 3 Minutes and 40 Seconds later...

    I see a real potential for mushrooms if they are used correctly. I'm sure it would have been thousands of times better if i had someone to talk to. Or something to do for that matter. I learned a lot about myself. Tomorrow i'll come back and make things more clear once i get it all worked out. I just wish i could sleep
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    35 y/o from U.S.A.
    AFOAFOFAF sent this to me earlier about his first shroom experience

    After months of preparation and a hell of a scavenger hunt I finally got my hands on some magic mushrooms. My cousin dosed earlier during the week and agreed to trip set me in our friends townhome. So there are 3 of us there I'm completely comfortable with both my cousin and our friend Z.

    At about 5 o'clock I ingested an 8th of mushrooms that I had blended with some OJ and gulped it down. The 3 of us stepped outside to partake in some cannabis. We finished the blunt and went inside. At this point there isn't much of a feeling other than the feeling that something big is coming.

    Ten minutes or so later me and my cousin R are sitting in the living room just chatting he kept telling me not to overthink it or I wouldn't trip. I obliged and decided to enjoy the weed high I was having. Seemingly out of nowhere I began laughing uncontrollably. R thought I was crazy, but I knew that the shrooms were starting to work.

    R wanted to watch a movie and I was feeling a little bit social so I decided to go upstairs and chat with Z. This is when I consider the actual tripping part to have began. On the way up the stairs my perspective of everything changed and the stairs seemed to be endless and the carpet on them swirling and breathing at me (a little overwhelming at first). After an endless journey I sat down on Z's bed he was playing his ps3 and just talking to me as he normally would. My thoughts are a little more abstract and I have a funny humming noise lingering in the back of my head.

    During this time I was texting this girl and she was flirting with me and said something about space that just flipped my lid it was one of the craziest things I had ever hurd. At this point I decided that my phone was just becoming too demanding and intense for me.

    My parents don't know I'm out tripping and they had a trip planned for the next day to go on a weekend vacation. My dad texts me and asks if I'm going with them and if not what I'm doing. This message single handedly sent me spiraling into a bad trip and time loop. I must have read that message 50-60 times asking Z what to say back to them. After launching my phone off the bed and into Z's closest I decided to go and check on R.

    After walking down the stairs I find R asleep on the couch. I was freezing cold so I turned the heat on and set down on the chair attempting to watch television. Everything on TV seemed to have an alter ego to me almost musical like. After being scared to death from an episode of George Lopez (about sex offenders) I began to make my way back toward the stairwell to find comfort in Z's company.

    On my way to the stairwell I got really nauseous and sprinted into the bathroom and puked. Arms wrapped around the toilet my thoughts began to get the best of me thoughts of sorrow for tripping scared I wasn't going to be sane again everything seemed so abstract. Whilst laying by the commode I closed my eyes trying to get a grip of reality when I spiraled into a very vivid CEV of a sleestak type creature hovering over me noiseless. That was the only time I had a realistic visual on any of my trips. I opened my eyes as quickly as possible as if to wake up from a bad dream. Check the contents of my vomit to make sure I didn't plurge blood or anything alarming and left my mess there tripping to hard to clean it up at that time.

    Z must have hurd me downstairs so he came down to me and said walk outside with me while I smoke a cigarette. I walked out on his back patio speechless. As he smoked I just set there contemplating my entire life deciding that I had done wrong to everyone and that a drastic change needed to be made. (Really it didn't)

    We walked back in and woke up R and all sat in the living room. Z and R were in a conversation while I rocked back and forth on the recliner zoning in and out. This was my fave part of the trip because I wasn't scared anymore and got the chance to enjoy my trip and set there listening to music in my headphones being consumed in every note almost melting into the recliner.

    Sorry if this all isn't to accurate as this happened quite sometime ago. Words cannot describe this experience, but I tried very hard.

    Duration: 4.5 hours
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    Apr 9, 2012
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    My cat Meatball told me once about his first heroic dose on the magic mushroom. At the time, my cat was 17, weighed 125lbs, and was 5'8". He was experienced with psychedelics up to this point and had his fair share of depersonalizing experiences but this was something that he was not ready for at all.

    Him and a group of other cats were camping out at the Renaissance Festival after a long day of fun and merriment. When they got back to camp the first thing they sought was a way to enjoy the magical night ahead of them. My cat almost immediately found an ounce of hydroponic shrooms compressed into chocolates a few tents over. The group split the chocolates up into fair amounts, my cat receiving 5.5 grams worth of chocolates.

    After consumption my cat started to feel the effects much faster than the other cats. He starts seeing colors brightened after just 20 minutes. He gets giggly and the other cats quickly notice how much more affected my cat is. After an hour the trip had really set in for my cat. They had been sitting in one of our three tents contently smoking bowl after bowl out of a bong when my cat starts repeating himself. "I don't understand, I don't understand". Over and over again, caught in a loop, my cat can't seem to move because he can't remember how muscles work. He feels like he's lost control of his body, yet he doesn't want to give in to the trip just yet. He struggles to move and makes it to the car parked next to the tent, though he doesn't know why he chose there. He gets in and begins to call random people on his phone because he doesn't know who the strange names belong to. he feels like he is reading Klingon, he understands nothing he sees. He curls up in the seat for another hour or so and finally musters up the will to move again. By this point, nothing seems to be the right color, nothing the other cats say is getting through to him (he can't understand his own language anymore) and the strange noises of the other festive camp goers is really tripping him out. My cat decided to get back into the safety of his now multicolored and melting tent before it is too distorted for entry. He begins trying to smoke out of the bong only to spill the water in the tent. He lays down, as the other cats urge him to do so, and help him to a dry spot.

    From that point on my cat decided to stay in one spot and finally give into the trip. He stopped ranting about how he didn't understand after this (He had been doing it pretty steadily up to this point) and with a sudden burst of understanding, he could comprehend everything. Nothing about his trip had changed but his mindset at this point (Around T+2:20) and just that small change made the rest of the night magical for him.

    He stayed in that tent for the rest of the night, seeing a multitude of colors, swirling patterns, hearing the English language (Yeah these cats talked) in a very foreign way, feeling things softer than they normally felt, and all the while his mind was in the cosmos. He thought about the strangest things, not caring about what his mind wandered to. There were no moral boundaries in his mind anymore and he rather enjoyed the feeling of being completely free to think as he wished within the confines of his own mind. A few times he got a bit overexcited and said some fairly embarrassing things at the top of his lungs apparently.

    After a good 5 hours he started to come back down to earth. His mindset became more regular, his sense of self-control returned and he was able to move freely again. This was the most depersonalized my cat has ever felt. Losing all sense of language, movement, self-control, and morality wasn't a bad experience in the least bit. My cat realized so many things about the universe that night that can never be captured in mere words. After all this, My cats emotional state was upbeat for days. He felt refreshed, he felt like a new cat altogether.
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    Apr 18, 2008
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    Total dosage: ~10g psilocybe mexicana truffles
    User’s age: 20
    User’s weight: unknown
    User’s gender: male

    This is a story of John’s second ever experience with hallucinogenic mushrooms. He had used them once before, at a dose of about 7.5g, several months earlier, and had a mild but thoroughly enjoyable trip (happiness, eagerness to chat, finding stuff funny, colours appearing more vivid). Aside from that, he had a lot of experience of mind-altering drugs such as ketamine, MDMA and of course cannabis, but no experience of true hallucinogens.

    Sadly John didn’t take notes of the time at any point during his experience, so we can’t be sure how long it lasted. Nonetheless I shall recount it as best as I can, from what he’s told me. It was late afternoon or early evening, and John was in Amsterdam with three friends. The four of them had spent all day (and all of the previous evening) smoking high-quality cannabis of various different strains, both bud and hash. Anyway, John and two of his friends consumed about 5g of mexicana truffles each. The other friend didn’t want to trip. The three trippers hadn’t eaten anything for the past several hours, since lunch, so they had fairly empty stomachs.

    They ate the 5g each of truffles in their hotel room, before heading to a coffeeshop to smoke some more weed and chill out. They stayed there for a couple of hours, chatting shit and smoking joints. The two other trippers started feeling the effects of the mushrooms, claiming to be feeling really high off them. At the time, John claimed not to feel anything, but in retrospect he probably did. The sober friend commented that all three of them were shaking, and that John seemed just as affected as the others. All three were very energetic and chatty, considering how much weed they’d been smoking. It’s probable that getting stoned masked the effects somewhat, and that the effects of the mushrooms and the weed became intertwined, which is why John felt that he wasn’t very affected by the mushrooms.

    Then the four of them returned to their hotel room, and the three trippers ate another 5g of truffles each, before they left and headed to a live music event: a show by Immortal Technique. For those who aren’t familiar with Technique, he’s a politically-charged, very angry Peruvian-American rapper. All four friends are absolutely obsessed with him, and know his work very well: he’s one of their favourite artists, and the primary purpose of visiting Amsterdam was to see this show.

    Shortly after getting into the show, John started to feel much more high. There was a DJ set, then two sets by support rappers, before Immortal Technique’s headlining set. During the DJ and support rappers, John was enjoying the music on a level that he never thought possible. He was also feeling very intense euphoria, stronger than anything he’d ever experienced on MDMA, and much “cleaner”, and more “authentic”- and “organic”-feeling than anything he’d felt on MDMA. The colours of the lighting were incredibly pleasing, and it seemed as though there was an incredible lightshow, but the sober friend later said that the lights had been nothing special. As the show went on, his enjoyment of the music increased, as did his euphoria and general feeling of intoxication. He remembered realizing that he had a huge, stupid grin on his face, and was aware that he must look like an idiot, but didn’t care. He got very involved in call-and-response, cheering and clapping. When Immortal Technique came on, John’s high became even more intense. He kept thinking that he’d reached the peak of the experience, but it kept getting better. During Immortal Technique’s set, his sober friend passed him a joint: this was the first weed he’d smoked since leaving the coffeeshop and taking the second dose of truffles, so the first weed he’d smoked since he’d really started tripping. As he toked on it, he felt the visual aspect of the high intensify immediately: colours started to swim before his eyes.

    However, after this, the trip continued to become more intense, and John started finding it hard to concentrate on the music, becoming more involved in his own thoughts. He started analyzing everything very cynically, and it seemed to him that Immortal Technique was simply putting on an act, and it seemed very obvious that he was just doing and saying what he thought would please the crowd. John can’t recall everything he was thinking about, but he knows it was very analytical, he was viewing the world in a very detached and objective manner.

    Then something very odd happened: from John’s perspective, it seemed as though everything he saw was on a TV screen, and the picture quality had suddenly gone very bad; the stage suddenly seemed very far away, and started to fade; John also more-or-less lost his hearing. Then he experienced something very much like a k-hole (a high dosage of ketamine). At the time, he thought that he had died: it felt exactly as though he had woken from a dream, with a feeling of realization like “Oh yeah, of course that wasn’t real,” as he often gets when waking from a dream. It felt as though the entire of his life had been a dream, and now he had died, waking up from the dream to true existence. He felt nostalgia and regret, wishing he was still alive. Looking back at this part of the trip, it was as though John really went inside his own mind, although at the time it didn’t feel like that, rather that he had escaped the shackles of his own body.

    After a while, John started to gradually regain awareness of his surroundings, but he was still very confused and disorientated: he was preoccupied by the notion that music was reality, and for a time thought that the music venue was the entire universe. He also felt that the people watching the show were all trapped in a loop, stuck watching Immortal Technique for eternity, with Technique himself elevated to the status of some sort of deity. John decided that he didn’t like being in such close proximity to so many people, and so retreated to the back of the venue. He drank a glass of tap water and – surprised that this didn’t clear his head – then a second. He tried to watch the show from here, and briefly got back into the music, but then felt an overwhelming urge to go outside. As he exited the building, it really dawned on him that the rest of the world existed, and that he was in Amsterdam tripping on mushrooms. Up to this point, he had been unsure as to why he felt this way, at first thinking that he had smoked too much weed. The fresh air was lovely, but now John didn’t know what to do. He felt that he was supposed to go back in and watch the show, but he didn’t understand why, and didn’t want to. It occurred to him that maybe he was supposed to return to the hotel room. On the way there, he felt detached from his body in a manner reminiscent of ketamine. At one point he considered walking straight into a canal, to see what happened, but decided against it.

    Once back at the hotel room, John became utterly obsessed by the question of what he was supposed to do. It seemed to him that people only act in the way that they feel that they are supposed to. It felt that he had to do something, but he had no idea what. He became very distressed at the thought that he would have to go on living his normal life feeling like this, and thought it was utterly tragic that people live ordinary lives. He thought he had gone insane. He felt the urge to talk to someone, and wanted to call his girlfriend, but decided against it so as not to alarm her, and because he wanted to avoid international phone bills. Instead he lay on his bed and tried to calm down. As he calmed down a bit, the walls started physically moving: shimmering kind of like the paintings in Super Mario 64. This made him realize once again that he was hallucinating, and he thought it was cool that he had open-eye visuals. Now, finally fully understanding that he was under the influence of a psychedelic drug, which he’d taken through choice in order to trip, he calmed down somewhat. He didn’t want his friends to find him lying in bed, so he returned to the venue and found them. He watched the end of the show and enjoyed it somewhat, though felt distracted by weird visuals (it felt like green electricity was everywhere in the air). After the show, he tried to urge his friends that they should leave the venue promptly, but they wanted to stay for a bit. During this time, he went through alternating waves of anxiety and calm. Talking to his friends really helped to chill him out, especially talking to them about what he was feeling, and being reassured that the other trippers were feeling similar effects. Even though he had calmed down quite a lot, some of the mental effects remained: such as a feeling of viewing time from the outside. At one point a random guy tried to talk to John, and John found himself bizarrely completely unable to respond to him, even though the guy was speaking English.

    After finally leaving the venue, the four returned to the hotel room and relaxed for a while. John felt a lot better, perfectly calm now, but assured the others that he was not in the right state of mind to go to a bar or anything like that. Instead the sober friend rolled a blunt, they went outside and smoked it. The blunt seemed to completely remove the effects of the mushrooms, leaving John pleasantly clear-headed, though quite exhausted. They all went to bed after that. The next morning John felt very drained but not at all ill or depressed, or anything like that. He spent the whole next day smoking weed, but didn’t actually feel very stoned at any point, which was weird. Might have had nothing to do with the ‘shrooms though.

    In conclusion, John admits that a gig was probably not the best scenario for such a heavy trip. It would probably have been great at a lower dose. Also, music with more upbeat and positive vibes would probably have been preferable (or some really psychedelic music). Nonetheless, this “bad trip” hasn’t put him off hallucinogens. On the contrary, he’s fascinated by the overwhelming affect the psilocybin had on him and his way of thinking and he’s keen to try a similar dosage in a better setting (preferably out in nature, during the day).
  13. mirmywhut

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    May 1, 2012
    from earth
    An 18 year old, 75 kg weighing, male pink eyed crocodile grew his own mushies and wanted to try them. He was a little bit scared of the effects because one of his friends had gone in a psychose. So the croc decided to eat four dried, bone hard and totally disgusting mushies. They tasted like hell. He took less than a gram of the cubensis B+.it seems very few, and it is. but the effect was overwhelming. He first felt nothing, but after half an hour, the bedroom he was in started to wave, and all the colors started to shine brighter. Everything was good, and the croc felt happy about everything. There was an awesome connection with the earth and everything around him; he wasn't on earth, he was in the universe.
    He felt an urge to write everything he experienced down, but I tried to read it, but it was just impossible. The croc's legs started to feel really awkward and tingely. it seemed as if there was a ball in his veins that he could make go up and down(a red ball). There was no more such thing as time. The clock of the croc seemed to stand still and after that go really really really fast. everything the croc looked at was waving and coming closer and going further at the exact same time. The funny thing was that the croc could see everything that happened, but in a magical way. After a while(2.8 hours) he went out to go to the pharmacist for something to make his pupils smaller again because they were huge. it was an odd experience for the croc because he couldn't see any depth, his reaction was always 5 seconds too late and he was amazed over everything. after the pharmacist, he went to the music store where he looked at all the music and was intrigued by all the geniuses this world has and had. he could feel the music, he was wrapped by the music. When he arrived back home(without a cd or something else) he started painting stuff on his wall that seemed amazing when he painted them, but afterwards don't seem so amazing.
    after +- 3.5-4 hours, the crocodile started to feel normal again, but everything still seemed special. one shouldn't make others do drugs, but the pink eyed crocodile is sure he wants to do this again and maybe even a higher dose, but with a sitter. it is a really odd feeling, but the contentedness with the universe and everything in the environment is magnificent.

    Blessings upon the I
  14. Sonix

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    Aug 7, 2012
    from Canada
    My friend is a 6'2, 155lbs 17 year old male which smokes pot often. He never tried anything else but he was always really interested by psychedelics. So before taking LSD he decided to try magic mushrooms with two other friends. They ingested the shrooms by making orange juice + grounded shrooms. They took a dose of 2.5g each and in less than 20 minutes they started acting.

    My friend reported that after 20 minutes he was starting to laugh for no reason and that the colors we're brightening up. He said he felt like someone had just turn up the brightness level up to 100. He also went hunting for his ipod, which was in his car. When he came back inside he realized that galloped his way to the car and back. He said he felt very jolly and excited.

    5 minutes after he returned from fetching the ipod he and his friends decided to go in the woods. They were all dressed in "shit" clothes so that they would not ruin their "normal" clothes. As they walked in the woods they noticed the grass was very green and the trees were magnificent. The rustling water and rocks were also very interesting. When they got to the side of the beach they noticed rocks in the river. When they noticed these they decided to walk on them and try to reach the middle of the river, or the farthest they could. After my friend stumbled and fell in the water he decided that he should take his shoes and and continue walking in the water since he was already wet. They stayed in the water for 5 hours. During these 5 hours they talked, played in the water, found out that the rock "hippopotamus, crocodiles and whales" ( the animals depend on the shape and size of the rocks ) were breathing and that they might even be moving around. They also played with socks and made everything enjoyable.

    When they realized that they were really cold they decided to go inside, he and another played guitar while the third one made chipotle sauced pizza. My friend also decided to go in the shower. In the shower he was amazed by his body. He kept touching his legs, torso and arms and kept telling himself that he felt long but small. He felt so small compared to the whole world but he believed he was fairly skinny and tall. He also started having an idea of how sex would be "better" on shrooms and starting thinking about a girl in particular. After shifting his thought to the tiles, how they felt and how they breathed he had an episode that he believed resembled schizophrenia. He started talking to himself and making up conversations with other people but in his head. He believed that this was how people would go on a bad trip but he didn't panic he actually really enjoyed it.

    When he got out of the shower he took a towel and started playing with it since it was very colorful. He made his way downstairs, ate pizza and couldn't believe how good everything was. How everything was so much better and enjoyable. He then decided to lay in a memory foam bed, the most comfortable thing in the house in his opinion.

    As a whole he really liked the whole trip, is looking forward to doing some again and is glad he did it. He thought the whole experience was very insightful and believes that the beauty he saw on mush present in daily life but that people do not see it because they do not take the time to enjoy it. The morning after my friend had a major headache, believe to be of dehydration.

  15. Jack Charles

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    Nov 11, 2012
    from U.S.A.
    This is a story of an experience I had with mushrooms in a past life, or maybe it was in a dream? Haha

    I was about 15 at the time, and had never done any drugs other than smoking weed. Anyways, I bought a quarter ounce of mushrooms because somebody was selling them and I had never been able to get my paws on anything crazy like that yet since I was only like 15 and figured I better jump on the opportunity. I have no idea what say it was or anything, I think it was on the weekend, but I will tell you what. Hoooolllllyyyy shittt.

    The person I got the shrooms from told me that for my first time I should eat about a quarter to half an eigth to test the waters, and that I should feel it within a half hour. The half hour mark came and went and I just told myself that the motherfucker probably ripped me off and gave me some bunk ass shrooms, either that or I was delirious already and had no idea what I was doing. Regardless, I polished off the remainder of the quarter ounce minus like maybe a gram tops which I gave to a friend earlier in the day, in between buying them and eating them, who I planned on meeting up with later. Anyways, I'm 15 years old and have never tripped out before and have a good 6 grams of mushrooms in my stomach. I has noooooo idea...

    After I ate them all I called the kid who sold them to me and I was like "fuck you dude, you sold me some bunk ass shrooms. I just ate that whole sack and i don't feel shit" he started laughing hysterically and told me I better go drink some orange juice and lay down and prepare myself or something. I was like yeah ok faggot. I drank some orange juice nonetheless, with no idea why orange juice is supposed to help. I just remember looking in the fridge while on the phone with him and just decided orange juice tastes pretty good anyways so ill drink some. Then instead of laying down I went to go meet up with my friend who I was with earlier by the school by my house. It was night time by now and we were on the bleachers smoking weed.

    That is when it all hit me, I just remember looking at that glowing pipe, right under my nose in the dark. The crackle of a long drag of some dirty ass weed cuz all the kid had was some schwag. I had no idea how many times I hit it. I felt like I hit it like 500 times. I felt like I was just sitting there smoking weed for a long ass time, like that one hit I took was like an hour long, and when I came out on the other side after that hit i came out in shroom land.

    From this point I remember that we planned on going to my house to steal a bottle of booze from my house, and my friends I was with kept trying to keep me on track, but I would walk like 5 feet and stop, totally forgetting what the hell the plan was or what I was doing, I had to keep asking what we were doing. Then we got going... Everyone was just walking down the road fine but I was swerving from side to side with my arms out to the side like I as an airplane or something, or like a fish. I just remember that the air looked like it was so thick, like it was water. But it was multicolored, and it was waving back and forth, like waves, but the air. Not just walls melting or warping, but the very air I was living and breathing In could be seen.

    Anyways, we got back to my house finally, and we all sat in the front yard in the dark. I was to go inside and grab a bottle while everyone waited out front. It took me 4 or 5 tries to get it. I remember walking in and out of my house so god damn confused with the situation, and every time I would return to my friends scratching my head like, wtf??? They would be like c'mon dude, remember you were getting a bottle?.... Oh yeah.... Be right back.... I went inside the last time and I encountered my brother in the kitchen, to this day I don't even know if it was him for real or an illusion. I just remember staring at him like a deer in the head lights. I remember he was talking to me asking what the hell was going on and trying to have a conversation but I was just staring at him in the face while he was asking me questions for like 5 minutes then I just turned around, grabbed the bottle finally and walked out the back door. Dident even say a word.

    Got back out, I don't remember anything from that point until everyone left. At this point I went upstairs and tried going to sleep. H O L Y. S H I T. This is where I D I E D.... Truly died. No longer here on this plane. Dead. Fucking dead. You do NOT understand. I was dead. I spent years in my my room that night. Years and years and year and years and years. It was so fucking scary. Yeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrssss in a matter of minutes. I just can't even explain.

    I just remember laying there in the dark and looking at the clock on the other side of the room, but it looked like it was pressed right up against my face. It read whatever time it was. And I would close my eyes... Years would go by. Just floating thought the galaxies. Truly, no body, just my soul floating through the galaxies at top speed watching galaxies fly bye on either side of my soul. But of course at that point I was beyond "sides". Years would pass. A number that has always come to mind is 7. I think I spent 7 years in that moment. But get this.... I opened my eyes and the clock was at the same fucking time!!! I was dead. That's what dath was. You die and that's the last moment there is. I died at the moment the clock stopped working. And that's what it was. I could close my eyes and experience the univers, the galaxies of a couple more years. Maybe thousands of years, 7 doesn't seem long enough anymore. Might have been 7 thousand. Then I could open my eyes and experience the moment in which I died. And stare at the clock that would never change. By far the most terrifying experience of my life. It doesn't matter how long something really lasts in earth time. I swear to fucking god that I spent YEARS there, DEAD. Does anyone understand??

    That's the last I remember, I don't remember coming out of it for some reason. I don't know much about theese technical terms like ego death or plus four or plus five. I can just tell you one thing. There was no time. There was nothing except the galaxies, and I was dead. Eternity was spent there. Time is completely irrelevant. What the fuck is time? There is no way anybody can understand unless they have been there. I think it was extra intense because it was my first trip on anything. And I am scared shitless of shrooms at high doses now. Ill eat 7 hits of acid in a night and go on a crazy mission. But I'm too scared to eat any more mushrooms in a large dose, I don't want to die like that again.
  16. Calliope

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    Feb 18, 2012
    from a nutshell, an infinite space
    Age: 18 (many many moons ago indeed)
    Sex: female
    Weight: ~ 160 lbs
    Dose: ~ 4g of unknown/forgotten species, dried and taken by chewing and swallowing with some water.
    Other drugs: nothing but cigarettes before or during, but much experience with LSD, some mushrooms, frequent cannabis use, some benzodiazepines and alcohol.
    Set: Positive, summertime happy disposition
    Setting: Northern Ontario lake country, nature but with easy access to amenities, and 'civilization if desired or needed

    During this trip we were out in nature, with a cabin and access to 'civilization' if we needed it. The trip began pleasantly in the late morning with all of us out on the lake in several canoes and dingy-type boats. Then about t+ 80 minutes, the atmosphere started feeling ominous to me in a way and for reasons I couldn't precisely pinpoint or diagnose. Then something startling and frightening: a large military plane flew overhead very very low, it seemed only perhaps 100 ft above the trees around the lake. This was in the mid 1980s when the cold war was still on, and many North Americans had some (reasonable?) level of fear about nuclear war with the Soviets. I was myself involved in the anti-nuke peace movement. The sight of the plane and the ominous and very loud sound of it triggered intense feelings of discomfort, anxiety, fear. We all sort of looked at each other, wtf? Did you see that too? But before we could discuss or digest, mere moments later, a second plane flew over, again low, and then a third. There may even have been a forth, I do not recall.

    This series escalated my feelings of fear briefly to panic and many thoughts of horrible war and societal breakdown went through my mind. This subsided a fair bit after perhaps half an hour as nothing further reinforcing the ideas happened. We left the lake and headed into woods and trails we knew well and were a good setting given our comfort and frequent experience with use of LSD and cannabis there.

    However, for the rest of the trip I experienced the effects especially the visuals from the mushrooms, the brightening and slightly dancey pulsating distortions of objects, especially of plants and the natural environment, as creepy and negative. Things seemed to pulsate, radiate, or undulate with some sort of corruption or illness, which I perceived as pollution or infection at some profound level, and which seemed somehow to have been caused by the evil we humans have inflicted on each other and more generally in the world. Things just generally seemed to drip a kind of sickening ooze of creepiness and anger, not specifically directed at me as an individual but as a human being. The visuals were not full blown hallucinations, just vivid fine-grained distortions, overlays of dynamic evolving coloured patterns, but they all shared a tinge of evil to them. Things ooozed ominous warnings and alarms. I found this frightening, but felt unable to articulate or point it out to anyone else. Partly for fear that they did not see it, as I did not want to draw their attention to something very disturbing that I was convinced was out of our power to fix, if they were not already aware of it. I also feared having my perceptions confirmed and a deeper anxiety and feeling of soul-sickness coming over me through emotional contagion. So keeping it to myself was in a way a technique to try to control or limit the bad trip, if not a positive technique to diminish or end these bad feelings.

    At the same time I was experiencing some real physical discomfort, nausea and some cramping in my abdomen. I had had this physical reaction to mushrooms before, but this time it seemed as though I was experiencing the expression of the corruption or pollution of everything manifesting inside my body. Before the trip ended I did decide/realize that it was likely my feeling physically ill was itself a large cause of the negativity of my visuals from the drug. I decided I was projecting my GI tract distress onto the visual aspects of my experience. This did not stop the badness of the trip in one way, it was all still happening around me, so to speak, but I became significantly less disturbed as I now believed the mushrooms making me feel ill was the root cause of the experience, and it had simply been bad luck that the military planes cast a fearful shadow across the trip at a sensitive stage, turning my mind to negative thoughts about humanity and generating an overlay which morphed the visuals into the scary and soul-sickening things they were.

    I was very reluctant to take mushrooms again after that trip, though I continued for four or five more years to take LSD fairly regularly with probably only a mild increase in negative thinking or occurrence of out-and-out bad trips. But I do think that the bad mushroom trip made me a slightly more anxious and fearful and negative person. Abuse of cocaine starting not much later exacerbated this, becoming an addiction that set me up for long-standing minor depression punctuated by periods of major depression and an anxiety disorder then appearing and sleep disturbances worsening and new ones appearing.

    About 7 years after this trip I choose to stop using psychedelic drugs entirely as a result of being afraid of the consistent experiences I was undergoing involving unwanted insight into personal failings and a belief that I was unable to live my life in a way that I could not despise when on psychedelic drugs. A further 15 years later I did take several small dose mushroom trips with my then-husband which were pleasant, only slightly trippy, but which involved quite intensely enjoyable philosophical discussions (we are both philosophers by profession). And then very recently I began trying other, new, psychedelics, rather cautiously, trying a few different tryptamines, 2Cs, and 6-apb type empathogen and psychedelic drugs. This use has been helpful in an ongoing project begun several years ago to alter my life and behaviour to things that do not trigger those old unwanted insights. Among other changes the use of these drugs has helped me to more or less completely cease use of opiate/opiod drugs to which I had become addicted a few years after stopping taking LSD.
  17. JustSomeGirl

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    Feb 13, 2013
    from U.S.A.
    Age: 33
    Gender: Female
    Weight: ~190
    Height: 5'10"
    Experience: One mushroom trip close to a decade ago, plenty of experience with pot, alcohol, and meth.
    Type: Not sure, long white stems, streaks of blue.

    So since I had responsibilities to attend to this morning, my friends and I each had only one stem to test out his new batch. Within about 30 minutes, I was laying on the couch in a nice little cocoon of pillows and blankets. I wasn't really tired, just heavy, and laying down felt soooooooo good. I was hearing the many drifting paths that the conversations took around me, but joining or even interjecting was just something that didn't sound fun at all.

    By about the hour mark, closed eye visuals were in full swing. There were colors swirling around in almost a paisley print design, and if I tried to pin them down, I could see what they were made of. Sequins, rhinestones, beads, buttons, at one point it all went black light sensitive.

    All in all, a very nice, mellow trip. I've got my little stash all ready to go in a couple weekends when the timing is right for a full on trip.
  18. xyz789

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    Sep 14, 2012
    from U.K.
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5"11 / 180 cm
    Weight: 10 stone / 64 kg / 141 lbs
    Dose: 7.5g of Psilocybe Utopia Truffles (I know this is a brand name rather than a genuine species)
    Experience: 1 Prior very mild experience, low dose (3.5g), with the same truffles, MDMA (5 times, ~120-180mg dose), Alcohol
    Set: Good frame of mind, open to the experience etc.
    Setting: Living room of my best friends house, me him and two other friends tripping, and two other friends just watching

    This was my second experience with shrooms, the first time being a few weeks prior to this one. My first experience was very mild, no visuals or changes in perception, just some weird thought patterns and a kind of childlike curiosity at everything around me (A 'Level 1' Experience perhaps). I think took too low a dose and was overly cautious the first time, due to anxiety over having a 'bad trip' or whatever. However, the experience reassured me and made me much more comfortable with having a psychedelic experience, easing my anxiety.

    So with that in mind I came to this trip with a good open mindset, not expecting anything in particular but just ready to take whatever the experience would throw at me. Me and three other friends all took 7.5g at about 3.15pm. Didn't taste too bad really with a kind of oddly sweet aftertaste. I first started to notice effects ~30mins after eating. My body began to feel very heavy and I felt a bit lightheaded with a hint of nausea, I had to lie down on the couch to make myself feel better. I began to get the odd unusual thought, but would then 'snap back out of it' instantly and feel relatively normal and sober again. After around another 15 mins had passed my friends told me my pupils had dilated massively. I was still feeling quite a body load at this point, I began to get shivery and my teeth chattered a little. I kept feeling alternatively hot and cold all over. At this point one of my friends who'd eaten shrooms began to suffer extreme nausea and had to go to the toilet to vomit. Unfortunately he must have vomited up all of the truffles because he wouldn't trip at all all evening.

    After another 15 mins the trip began to start for real. Time began to slow down completely. I started to have odd thought patterns, and began thinking about lots of really odd things. Someone put some music on, and it felt incredibly amplified, almost like the emotion was gushing out of it. I thought I began to notice minor visual phenomena at this point, but I couldn't be sure it wasn't just psychological or the anticipation causing it.

    After this point, things became very blurry. Time became almost meaningless. I am not exactly sure of the sequence of events between around 4.30pm and 7.00pm, as I was tripping so hard. I began to get a ridiculous amount of visuals, so apparent that I knew beyond doubt they were definitely due to the shrooms. The first thing I noticed was a kind of motion blur whenever I shifted my gaze from one point to another. I looked at the plain white wall behind the couch my friends were sitting on and saw strange streams of a semi-transparent gooey looking fluid parting and merging and flowing all around the lamp on the wall. These soon morphed into a red wireframe cube that was constantly shifting and pulsating. At one point I looked up at the woodchip ceiling. The shadows cast by the woodchips seemed to be growing and shrinking in time to the music. Then all of a sudden it appeared as though there was a whole other three dimensional world behind the ceiling, so incredibly complex I can't even begin to describe it. I looked down at my jeans at one point and the texture of the fabric seemed impossibly rich, the lines of the thread were moving in opposite directions and portions of the fabric in random geometric shapes like squares and rectangles seemed to rise up and be floating above the rest of my jeans. I began to notice odd connections between seemingly unrelated objects in the room, at one point the creases in the fabric of a flag hanging from the wall and the diagonal planks of wood in the staircase seemed to be acting as a spotlight or something. I used the word 'alignment' to describe this phenomenon to my friends at the time. I had crazy indescribable CEVs. Everything I looked at seemed suggestive or symbolic of something else, especially people's faces. Whatever I looked at seemed to be constantly in flux and changing, never static, always oddly warping around the edges or subtly altered.

    It was just my vision that was affected though, it was definitely a multi-sensory experience. My sense of my own body was incredibly distorted, my arms and legs felt like they were constantly changing in length, and at one point I felt like I had another elbow in between my shoulder and elbow in my left arm. After tripping for a while I realised I had to piss so I had to get up from the sofa and go to the toilet. It was genuinely one of the hardest things I had to do! Walking was so difficult I felt so uncoordinated with my limbs of differing lengths, and actually using the toilet was incredibly difficult, it was almost like I'd never had a piss in my life before! In fact I began to doubt whether I did actually need the toilet at all or if it was just some strange sensation caused by the drug. However after what seemed like an age I managed to do it and returned to the living room.

    I kept having odd tastes and smells, in particular at one point I had a strong metallic taste in my mouth. I also at one point had a sensation of falling into the sofa, as if the black leather was a liquid and I was swimming in it. My experience of music became incredibly intense, and it almost dictated my entire mood. Each note seemed to bear so much emotion. At one point a song came on with a very rich synth-pad sound and it felt like it was literally washing over me bathing me in its emotion.

    However all the sensory phenomena were secondary really to what was going on inside my head. It is so hard to describe I can only hint at it really. The whole experience reminded me slightly of the weird, semi-awake, semi-dreams you have just as you drift off to sleep. I was constantly in conversation with myself, often it felt like multiple voices that were all me were conversing with one another. I kept asking myself extremely abstract questions with no discernible answers such as 'What is art?' and 'What is time?'. I began to think in very symbolic terms, I can describe it only as almost thinking in pure ideas rather than in words. I began to see how words are mere labels we apply to a vast array of things, and in my thought processes I began to bypass the words and think directly of the things themselves. I continued with my odd questions, at one point asking a question like 'What am I?' This triggered a very intense introspective element to the trip, that was the hardest things I had to deal with in the whole experience. It felt like putting a microscope over every aspect of your personality and being. At times it felt like it was going down a bad route and I had to think about something else or find something to distract myself for fear of it becoming a bad trip. I did, thankfully come out of it stronger and unscathed.

    My mood became dictated greatly by the music that was playing. At one point someone got out a fancy light that coloured the room either red, blue or green. I remember being neutral to the blue colour, fearful of the red colour and very happy with the green colour coz it reminded me of nature.

    For the most part, while I was at this intense part of the trip I sat on my own silently not interacting with anyone. However occasionally there were lighter moments and conversations that resulted in a fit of giggles amongst us all. My friend who was tripping wanted to put a movie on, but was describing a very particular movie he wanted to see that the rest of us all agreed didn't exist. But he was insistent, and in the end got frustrated he couldn't watch it, declaring he'd like to take it back to the shop and get his money back. I remarked, 'What, the shop that sells movies that don't exist?' and then someone else said 'None of us even wanted to watch a movie in the first place anyway' and the situation was just so absurd we all broke down in an intense fit of laughter. Another time the same friend was desperately trying to read from a book he picked of the shelf, but just could not manage a single word. The rest of us were encouraging him and giving him ridiculous advice like 'take deep breaths' and 'just take it one letter at a time' but he couldn't manage it and we all broke down laughing again. Another time I remarked to everyone that it felt like the top of my head was perfectly flat, and everyone found this hilarious.

    At around 7.00pm, I suddenly snapped out of it. I could tell I was still quite high but I was suddenly able to sit up instead of slouching on the couch, and could get up and walk around without difficultly. Interacting with other people up until this point had been very hard, but suddenly I felt able to converse with others again. The visuals almost completely stopped at this point, but I remained in a kind of childlike way of thinking, that reminded me of my first tripping experience. I played with a visualiser app on my iphone for about an hour, and found it incredibly interesting. During this time I became very reflective about the experience I'd just had, and had a few moments of euphoria. I realised I had come through the self-examination phase unscathed, and that gave me immense self-assuredness, realising I had not found anything about myself that I disliked, and it meant I could be happy with who I was as a person. I also felt pleased with myself for having come through such an emotionally intense and challenging experience unscathed, and this helped me to realise I am quite psychologically robust and mentally stable. All in all this was definitely the most rewarding aspect of the whole experience.

    I started to feel almost normal again by around 9pm-10pm, although I remained in a giggly mood for the rest of the day, finding lots of things intensely funny. I experience a lovely reflective afterglow that continued on to the day after.

    Anyway, sorry for such a long post, but I thought it was important to share my first major psychedelic experience. This was also my first post on the site, so thanks for reading! :)
  19. JustSomeGirl

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    Feb 13, 2013
    from U.S.A.
    Female, 33 years old, 190 lbs, 5'10", limited experience with mushrooms, low dose trips only.

    My friend and I had what we knew to be very potent mushrooms, not sure what kind. They are white with streaks of blue. We went to a natural hot spring deep in the mountains and ate a stem each, plus we shared a cap. He is 220, 6'2" with extensive hallucinagen experience, though it had been quite a few years.

    His trip came on very quickly, probably within 5-10 minutes with strong visuals. He began to feel uncomfortable, and clung to me as his anchor, so to speak. Within about 20 minutes, my high began to come on. My body was very... it's hard to find the word... awesome lol. I wasn't getting ay visuals, but my thought process was very euphoric and connected to the earth and my friend in a very deep, spiritual, andloving way.

    I realy wanted to soak in the springs, but my friend was still far too uncomfortable for that, so we ended up sitting on the ground with our arms wrapped around each other, talking, for a legnth of time I'd be afraid to guess at. We kissed for a while, which was an AMAZING experience, but since we were around people we had to stop fairly quickly. At one point he played with my hair, which was simply wonderful for both of us.

    Finally his trip began to lift, and he suggested that we make the 1/4 mile hike back to the car for some rest. This was the moment that my visuals came on in a HUGE way. In the light of the moon, everything looked like pencil sketches drawn on black paper. I had a lot of trouble making sense of anything I was seeing, and I basically sat there cautiously touching everything to figure out what it really was.

    Finally (I'm sorry i have no idea of the time frame), I felt real enough to make the hike. We sat in the car listening to music, but I was freezing cold and my shivering was bordering on convultions. Thankfully he had the brilliant idea to have sex, which was absolutely amazing and warmed me up very nicely. :)
  20. crystal methodist

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    Mar 17, 2013
    29 y/o from U.S.A.
    A few months ago, after waiting what seemed like forever, I procured 8 grams of dried amazonian psilocybes with beautiful blue streaking throughout the stems. That night, at roughly 9 p.m. I consumed 4 grams of mainly large caps and a few stems, slowly chewing and savoring each. The flavor was earthy, and I liked it. After about 10 minutes or so I finished the meal, and layer in bed awaiting the trip to begin. I was in good spirits and planning on what i would resolve during this useful time. My life had been down lately. I deeply missed being a child. Being an adult depresses me. I also had gone through a seperation of a great friend and needed to get over her. I waited in bed not long before the first signs began to appear. My mind slowly began to wander. I experienced only the slightest twinge of nausea during the whole trip. The first visuals showed themselves at around the half hour mark. It seemed as if I could see every molecule every object was made of. Like the small cells you can see in our eye, but over my entire vision. Soon after small colorful tubes floated about my field of view. Neon yellows and pinks of the utmost clarity. This is where it picked up speed. I had no fear at this point. I was in pure ecstasy, and at one point convinced myself that that was what real mdma was like. I rolled in my bed in amazement of how great things were, I felt truely happy. I looked out my window to see the trees dancing about the streets, they seemed to pick up on the smile I had from ear to ear. The introspective point began. I closed my eyes and was propelled through every memory I had. From birth to present. It couldn't have been more than 5 minutes. But it was so lifting. It was like being a kid again. Something I had craved for so long. Even the bad memories. My dad not being here, or my grandma dying and the start of my spiral into depression. But it shed new light. And it was all so deep and meaningful. By this time, time had stopped. My clock began to lose its meaning. It stopped for what seemed like hours. The numbers turning into words. I wasgrab able to grab my phone and somehow turn it on. Facebook was an odd concept. But I came to the girl I wanted to get over. Every picture I saw of her, I watched her grow old and turn to dust. it was so empowering. I was over her as of instantly. I didn't need her anymore. Soon after my phone came to porn, and I must say, it was beautiful. There was a glow coming from behind the actors. It also seemed as if it was constantly skipping back. I was not aroused by this at all, only stuck in awe of how beautiful sex was. The peak was subsiding after this, and I was able to find the funny pictures on Facebook, which in turn led to the longest and hardest period of giggles I had ever had. I flipped through every picture, trying to hold the laughs in, but it was a futile attempt. I flipped for atleast an hour. A trip to the bathroom let me know my motor skills were still impaired. But gazing into the mirror was fantastic. My skin was crawling, shrinking and expanding. My pupils wavered as if fluid. The physical aspect was still there as well as lasting stimulation. But the mental fuzz was gone. I could clearly think. I knew I needed sleep, but it just wasn't possible. I had the best time of my life in a mere 4 hours. I felt so refreshed and new. The afterglow lasted for weeks. All the weights had been lifted from my shoulders. And so it ended. My trip was all I had hoped and needed. Such a theraputic tool. I hope you all have experiences as wonderful as I did.