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    SHROOM TEA WAS AMAZING!!! The actual tripping is in the 3rd chunk

    Had about an oz of gold caps a while back and decided i would eat 5 grams for a nice afternoon. I felt really uplifted but not veery many visuals and overall I was a little bit disappointed, because I have eaten just 2 grams before and been very high.

    So I had a concert to go to 10 days after that and decided I was going to grind 7 grams of the same stuff into a powder and put the powder in these huge tea bags that you fill yourself. I brewed a tea with it for 5 minutes, i only used about a coffeemug of water. and i chugged all the tea down in 5 minutes or less. I got into my friends car and it started to hit me.

    The roads began to run into each other, my hands were melting, my friends eyes were shifting on his face, Im watching his hands melt into the steering wheel as he makes turns, and I tried to close my eyes in attempt to stop seeing all this stuff. But the closed eye visuals were stronger than the open eyed, I was seeing geometrical shapes and patterns in the colours orange and white , while they are pulsing brighter and darker. the shapes are moving "impossibly" melting into one another but then coming back into original shapes. When I closed my eyes as far as i could see in any direction was just a maze of these shapes. I would open my eyes, count to 10, then close them again, and the same shapes were there, I couldn't avoid it or stop it if i wanted to. So i opened my eyes and tried to look out the window of the car. It looked like we were driving at 400 miles an hour and everything that we passed or i saw moving left a small tracer behind it like when you take a picture of something moving. I told my friends how I have never been this fucked before and they were very surprised to hear that and also scared because out of all my friends I always took the extra pill, or the extra line, or the extra few grams, or extra few tabs of acid. I always wanted more, I would be pleased to be too fucked most of the time. So my friend offered to turn around to get some food and sober me a bit so I don't feel sketchy at the concert.

    We ended up turning around and going back to my place because I had never felt so fucked before, I have been higher, like when i took 10 hits of acid, but this time i knew i had to go down to toronto for a concert in the cold and I wasn't sure if i would be able to deal with myself. So i went home and watched my friends play super smash bros on the gamecube (which was fucking hilarious to me the whole time) and ate some food. I smoked about 2 grams of weed in 15 minutes to get my head straight and get the munchies.I stayed around the house for an hour walking around and playing with my cats. I love playing with my cats on psychedelics. I ate more food and then we took off for the concert and had a great night anyways.

    I decided that I fucking looooooooove shrooms in a tea better than in capsules or in dried form. But I hate shrooms in comparison to some good acid. the shrooms get to my stomach, and on acid I can drink beer and eat food with no problem, it actual makes everything tast so good to me.
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    In this post, I’ll be describing my third and most profound experience with psilocybin so far…

    The day before yesterday, I ordered 45 grams of Mexicana Dragon sclerotia off the internet. The next morning, I got out of bed and checked the mailbox. Sure enough, the truffles were there already.

    I was planning on tripping with 3 friends at one of their houses. However, something came up and my buddy at whose house we were going to eat them had to call it off because he was busy with family, and he wouldn't be having any free time in the days to come either. So my other friend and I decided to head out into the city and eat them there.

    I had never tripped with other people, let alone in public. We headed to a nice park and we both ate 15 grams. I usually never have problems with nausea, but I hadn't eaten anything for 14 hours. Those truffles were the first thing that my stomach had to process, and I started feeling really nauseous. I threw up once, but luckily I was able to suppress it a bit and keep at least more than half of the truffles still inside me. I then waited a bit until my stomach felt better again and ate a chocolate chip cookie very slowly. My stomach felt fine after eating the cookie, so I ate the other 15 grams because I was afraid that I wasn't going to trip. Luckily no more nausea was felt.

    We then headed to a bar where the owners have no problem with you rolling joints, as long as you smoke them outside and a bit out of sight. We figured they wouldn't have a problem with people tripping either. Right as I entered, the psilocybin started kicking in. On the wall was a leopard motif which started to swirl and form geometric patterns, which would constantly distract me when I would try to have a conversation. On the counter, there was a garden gnome painted in neon yellow green and orange, and along the roof there were strings spun like a chaotic spider web in the same colors. The music they were playing was this strange tribal music which just made the trip so much more intense. It seemed like the perfect environment to trip. We spent some hours in the bar just laughing like madmen because we just couldn't grasp what the hell was going on. My buddy was asking me questions like “when is tomorrow?” which doesn't seem so extremely hilarious and thought-provoking now, yet at that moment it really was.

    Even though hours had gone by, we both thought that we had only been there for a good half hour or so. At one point I told my friend that I wish life would always be this way. Everything was beautiful, strange and hilarious at the same time. I completely take that back…

    Some people noticed that we were on drugs, and came over to ask us what we were on. All of a sudden I was unable to talk. I could hear and understand what they were saying but I wasn't able to talk or react to a situation as I would sober. Everything was extremely awkward and I started feeling uneasy as I noticed people staring us down constantly. They weren't menacing stares, they were probably just curious and interested as we sat there laughing about stupid things or staring at the wall.

    We decided to head back to the park were we initially ate the truffles. By now, the intensity of the trip had decreased a bit already. With all other psychedelics I have tried, the intensity came in waves. On this trip, I felt no waves what so ever. I was constantly hallucinating quite hard.

    We sat there for another couple of hours, trying to roll a joint. The simplest task in the world seemed so hard and it probably took 30 minutes to roll the joint. It tasted horrible, but the marijuana high on top of the psilocybin felt nice. It opened another door of the trip so to speak; as we sat there, I felt pure bliss. I was looking at the sky which was grey with clouds, but through the clouds you could see a bit of blue sky. It was the nicest shade of blue I have ever seen. Birds were flying over and chirping all around, the sound of falling water coming from the fountains, the feint noise of kids playing in the background… It was perfect.

    A bit later, a Moroccan boy and a Romanian guy in his late 20s came and sat right beside us, while there were literally tens of other benches still unoccupied. They started talking to us in French about how they were criminals and they kill people and whatnot, all that tough guy talk. It kind of freaked us out, though we knew they were bullshitting as this type of situation is fairly common to us. Basically they were trying to scare us into giving them weed for free. When we told them that we were leaving, they got a little aggressive because we refused to give them weed. I simply told him that weed costs money for us as well, and that we also had to work for that money. This seemed like an extremely good answer to get out of this negative situation, seeing that my social abilities were greatly lowered…

    After just walking around a bit, my friend wanted to go home because his tripping had subsided, while I was still up there. I decided that I would just walk around a bit more.

    I walked for about 10 minutes, and when I turned the corner of a particular street, I noticed that the sun was setting. The clouds in the sky were illuminated by a beautiful glowing orange. It was no doubt the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I sat down on a bench all by myself and just watched the clouds swirling and bathing in a rich shade of orange until the sun went down. I wish I had taken a picture!

    After it was starting to get dark, I headed to this spot were my friends and I sometimes get together to smoke. It’s hidden from the outside, not many people know about it and it has a nice, quiet and peaceful feel to it. I rolled another joint for myself which was already getting a lot easier. I stood up, and just listened and watched. It was like an intense form of meditation. I didn't even feel as if I was standing up, and I could hear and see everything super clearly. Usually when you hear something when sober, you hear it as one big soup of noise so to say. This time I heard all the noises very distinctly and individually. My vision was super sharp; I was seeing everything in ‘widescreen-mode’ and I could more or less see in the dark. All this time I felt so calm and peaceful. I stood there for a good half hour, until my body started feeling uncomfortable from standing up the whole time.

    I then proceeded to take my train home and head to bed. Interactions with other people still felt awkward, but as soon as I woke up this morning everything was back to normal. I still feel very relaxed, as if I am reborn and a completely different person, more aware. I didn't have this after my previous experiences, and that is why this one is so special to me. Next time though, I'll make sure to have a more peaceful and controlable setting. I already look forward to my next psychedelic journey which will probably be in a couple of months from now!
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    This is the report of my most recent and my best experience with psilocybin mushrooms.

    • Age-19
    • Weight-165 lbs
    • Preperation- None, chewed and swallowed
    • Dose-3.5 grams dried
    • Species- Unknown
    I hadn't used psychedelics for a while and I felt it was time for another experience with psilocybin mushrooms. The person I got them from didn't know the species of them, but they were almost all white dried and were covered with blue bruisings. I usually get psilocybe cubensis, but these were different. I was kind of nervous, as I don't like taking an unknown type, but my source was trustworthy so I continued with the experience. I don't know the exact time frame of the experience, other than the first hour or so. The concept of time is so strange while tripping and I completely lose track of time, as it becomes meaningless.

    T+00:00 It's about 10:30 and I decide it's time to begin the experience. I have heard alot of people say that mushrooms have a bad taste and alot of people don't like it, but I actually love eating dried mushrooms, which is somewhat strange as I don't like eating mushrooms in food. The mushrooms taste very good and I enjoy eating every one of them. It only takes about 5 minutes or less to eat my dose.

    T+00:30 I could feel the shrooms beginning to take effect. I was watching american dad and it became very funny. The colors became brighter, I started to feel euphoric, everything started to feel very good. I continued to watch t.v. until the effects got stronger.

    T+00:50 The effects began to really pick up at this point. I looked in the mirror to check my pupils and they were completely dilated. I could barely see a tiny ring of green in my eyes, the rest were black. I was amazed at how strange I looked with black eyes. I couldn't look away, I just stared into the mirror, looking at my black eyes. Eventually I snapped out of it and went into my room, where I would spend the rest of the experience.

    This is where I lost track of time. I was aware of time for a little bit longer, but I didn't check it for a while and when I did, the numbers on the clock became meaningless.

    When I got to my room, I put in my headphones and got lost in the experience. I could feel waves of pure ecstasy, just so much euphoria pulsing through my body. The music of pink floyd and the beatles only intensified the pleasure. My body was almost convulsing with these waves of euphoria. I could see the waves of pleasure washing over my body, I can't describe what they looked like, they just looked like wavy lines washing all over me that I thought were waves of euphoria. The euphoria is better than any MDMA experience I've ever had.

    The visuals began to really pick up. Everything became very "groovy" and colorful. Colors began to swirl together and objects began to melt into each other. I was enjoying every moment of the experience, it was amazing. I was thinking about how much I loved everything, my girlfriend, my friends and family and how I should appreciate them everyday. I was so happy and euphoric watching all sorts of beautiful visuals behind closed eyes, the music really intensified every aspect of the trip. The visuals began to increase and the trip just kept getting stronger and stronger.

    Everything got a little crazy when I started getting to the peak. I turned on the song Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, I love this song, but while peaking it was really intense. I was getting lost in the song and starting to peak very hard. The song was kind of giving me some bad vibes, it seemed like it would never end. Everytime I would try and change the song and find another one, I would just get distracted by the vocals and all the sounds. I finally decided to turn off the music, as I started to slightly panic. I thought turning off the music would change the atmosphere a little and it did, but I was still at the peak. I'm glad I was somewhat experienced with psychedelics because it only got more intense.

    I realized that I needed to just breathe and try and relax. I slowly began to lose touch with all reality. I was having some anxiety because I felt some slight nausea and just uncomfortable, which usually doesn't happen. I thought maybe some of the mushrooms were poisonous and I got very nervous. Once again I'm glad I had experience because I was about to calm myself down again. I tried to just ride out the peak. I suddenly realized I was dying. Not physically dying, but spiritually, mentally dying. Everything was losing meaning. I no longer knew what my bedroom was, what a mushroom was, or what "I" was. It was frightening at first, but eventually I stopped fighting and gave in to the experience. There was nothing more than just what I was experiencing. All I could see was this strange place filled with strange, talking plants and snakes. I am terrified of snakes, but I always see them when I'm on a tryptamine and they are never frightening, but I always see them. I was accepting that this was now reality.

    Eventually it felt as if I passed out for a while. The peak seemed to last forever, but as soon as it was over, it felt as if I had woke up from a dream or something. I was still tripping, but I was starting to come back to reality. I could see my room, clock, window, etc. and I was very happy to finally start coming down. The peak was amazing, but I was glad to be "alive" again. I went to the bathroom and as I was leaving to go back to bed, I looked into the mirror again. My pupils were still massively dilated, but as I looked into them, I could see movement on my face. My skin was moving, it looked as if each skin cell was like an ant, they were all moving in lines, but each line was going a different direction. It looked as if there was a highway of moving skin cells traveling all over my head. It was amazing. I was in the bathroom for what seemed a very long time watching my face move and swirl. Eventually I returned to my bed for the rest of the trip. I could feel the effects slowly beginning to fade.

    The comedown was amazing. I love mushroom comedowns. I'm still tripping and experiencing visuals and euphoria, but I can start to slowly begin to integrate the experience. Once again I was thinking about everything in life and just thinking about how much I love everything. On most comedowns, I find that being back to reality is so amazing, all the small things that I take advantage of eveyday sound amazing. Driving in the sun with my girlfriend, listening to music, time with friends, everything has a new meaning. I realize that reality isn't something to take for granted. I continued to contemplate everything in my life until about 6 a.m. and then I finally drifted off to sleep.

    I woke up feeling slightly tired from being up most of the night, but I felt refreshed and extremely happy. I spent the day just enjoying every little thing in life with friends and family. I always feel this kind of natural ecstasy following mushroom and oral dmt trips. I'm just extremely happy and just loving life for the next few weeks and this trip wasn't any different.
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    My first trip - Outdoors in beautiful sunshine - Level 1.5?

    I thought I'd share my first proper trip experience, I say first proper time because the previous times I'd eaten 4 fresh at home which had made me feel a bit weird and cold, and 2 fresh at home which hadn't done much at all.

    To rewind a bit, I picked these 20 or so psilocybe semilanceata in October last year up on Dartmoor. I'd dried them in front of a dehumidifier then put them in a sealed jar with desiccant pouches. Dried they weighed between 0.7 and 0.9 grams, I did weigh them before sealing the jar but stupidly didn't write it down anywhere. I remember looking at the dosage calculator on this website and seeing it would be somewhere between a level 1 and 2 trip.

    Fast forward to the weekend just gone, I opened the jar, put them in my pocket and went for a walk...

    In terms of set and setting, set probably wasn't great, I could have been in a better frame of mind for personal reasons but felt I could learn from it anyway, setting couldn't have been better. Out on Dartmoor amongst the animals on a beautiful hot sunny day. With some trepidation but a 'let's just do this' thought, I placed a pinch full of the mushrooms in my mouth, I actually ate them in three lots about 20 minutes apart, not sure why now, maybe it was to check I didn't throw up on the first lot or something. I chewed them well and held them against my gum like a wad of chewing tobacco for quite some time as I walked out onto the hills, then washed them down with my water bottle. The taste wasn't bad at all, not compared to how I remember the fresh ones to be (which also made me need the toilet a little while after taking them).

    I was concentrating on negotiating the rocks so things may have started happening before, but I'd say the first time I really noticed anything would have been 40 to 60 minutes after ingesting the first lot. My heart rate was high anyway after having climbed up the tor but there was what I can only describe as a slight shift in thought.

    I continued to clamber of the rocks with a view to finding somewhere nice to sit, chill out, take in the view and enjoy the experience. I started to feel warm from the strong sun and have to turn my head to examine things which appeared to move in the extremes of my vision, they were of course immobile lumps of rock. As I looked up to plan my route through the clinker I occasionally mistook rocks for sheep or visa versa, one rock looked like a sea-lion right up until I got close to it as well. I had the odd thing jump out at me (like a black cat) out of the corner of my eye which made me jump a bit, again nothing there but grass and rock when I turned to look.

    By this point I was experiencing what I guess has been described as the body load, an odd feeling by all accounts, not particularly comfortable at the time.

    Eventually I found my spot for the next few hours, a nice welcoming tor sheltered from the wind but in direct sunlight, I popped my bag off my shoulder and sat down in some nice soft grass to have a drink of water. This is when my trip took off.

    The body load was still heavy and I found myself staring out across the landscape, sometimes feeling nervous and a bit self conscious, thoughts were running through my head, I was telling myself to be calm and to just let things happen but my eyes were darting across the landscape near and far, focus and sometime perspective seemed a bit off. To try and relax I shifted a bit and lent back on the tor to stare up to the sky, regular wispy clouds drifted by and I instantly started to see them form faces.

    One of the first faces I saw was that of a menacing alien, I remember telling myself to 'think happy thoughts' and forced myself to smile. The second face I saw was of a sun god... now before Sunday I hadn't done any research into folklore, sun gods, celts or anything like this, but since getting back and searching for sun god which was what I instantly associated the face with, I've found the image which closely represents what I saw, that image is of the sun god Belenus. During the trip I also saw skulls in the clouds which I didn't like and actually 'tutted' at, almost blaming myself for making it appear??, and other grinning faces. The clouds also formed intricate detailed shapes, almost like semi-translucent machines. A couple of times a larger cloud in the form of a face would also appear to descend on to me, it was almost overwhelming but not shocking.

    I didn't experience any real CEV's apart from a faint orange, blue and black rope like effect, I couldn't really keep my eyes closed for very long, my eyelids just flickered open. I guess there was so much to see and it was also very bright.

    Looking out across the hills I became almost confused by things appearing to shift in the distance, I couldn't tell if they were rocks, people or what. I saw a sheep and it's lamb walk by, then looked again and it wasn't there, then later it was again. It was definitely real but it was all getting a bit confused. A particular vertical rock sticking out the ground kept grabbing my attention as I felt it was a person. I'm sure at one point I could taste a sudden metallic taste which went as quickly as it came.

    Then, the most profound part of the experience. Auditory hallucinations. The sound of bird song in my head. Now I know there were lots of birds out there and they were singing away but not like this, this was an almost synthesized version of bird song which went on constantly for maybe 30 seconds or more before stopping abruptly. It really took me by surprise and literally made me say 'woah!' out loud when I first heard it. It actually sounds like it was up above me but when I looked there was nothing there, at one point there were two of them on the go singing this intricate constantly changing song to me. It wasn't particularly pleasant to hear it, it was just magical. This was a recurring theme through the trip and one I interpreted as a sort of guide to my experience, once it had happened once I was prepared, when it came back I told myself to calm and just listen to 'what it had to say'.

    A few times, other walkers passed me heading back the other way, I saw them from a way off and they would obviously have seen me sat there. As they got closer I tried to keep as calm as possible and happily exchanged waves and hello's as they passed. Someone remarked, 'nice day isn't it', I replied along of the lines of 'it's gorgeous'. I was hoping I didn't look distressed or otherwise cause them concern. As I sat there waiting for them to pass I took an apple from my bag and ate it.

    I decided to then take a further walk along to the next group of rocks for a change of scene. My legs felt a bit week and balance wasn't perfect but I safely followed the path along and again crashed down. I felt the sun burning me as I sat there, I actually now have a strong tan. Again, the faces in the clouds, again the bird song. Sometimes the hills in the distance would shift slightly as I turned to look at them but then instantly settled. During the most intense parts I realised my palms were very sweaty.

    After a while I decided to get up and walk back to the spot I had been at before, as I followed the path back up the hill I had a sudden fear of walking in the wrong direction. I had to stop, turn a few times until I was convinced I was walking back towards home, even though I could see the flat farmland out in the distance past the tors. As I walked through some dry grass, the crunching sound underneath my boots seemed to echo off the surrounding hills in the far distance, I found this unusual and mildly amusing.

    Suddenly without warning a paraglider appeared in the valley to my right, he had a multi coloured wing which looked amazing in the sunlight. It was a pleasure to see him flying around up there and wondered what it would be like from his perspective. I remember saying to myself 'I do hope he is real', and he definitely was.

    I plonked myself down in the original spot and ate a small chocolate bar which made me feel a little sick at one point but my bodily must have benefited from the energy. I enjoyed sitting there watching the paraglider get higher and higher until he was nearly at the clouds which had previously been forming faces etc.

    Another walker passed and we waved to each other respectfully. At this point it was probably around 4.5 hours since first ingestion, I decided to head back over the hills towards home. The bird song flared up again but it was not as strong and it faded the further away I got from my resting spot, almost as if I was leaving the trip behind.

    By the time I got home I just had a nice strange glowing feeling, with tired legs and a little bit of a headache.

    In summary, although it was neither a positive or negative experience (I was kind of expecting some euphoria), and I had probably misunderestimated the body load effect, I'm glad I did it and feel better for it. I do actually feel I've learnt a bit about myself and also seem to have been acting quite calmer than normal against everyday stresses and annoyances.

    I've no immediate desire to repeat the experience but feel that I probably will one day. Next time I'll just make sure my 'set' is in the right place. It's almost as if this time my bad set and the good setting cancelled each other out. When I've heard the birds singing outside my bedroom or when out walking since, I've smiled to myself remembering the experience up in the hills.

    Thanks for reading.
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    • now i will try to recall the first prominent mushroom experience of my life, and the most prominent thus far, the experience that left me glowing for months to come..

      now i was a young girl, about 50kg, as it still remains. i wasnt expecting to eat mushrooms when waking up that day at a friends flat downtown, but run-ins with friends turned the day in a different direction. one friend had a dry gram on him and was finishing it up but gave me the last tidbits, which i didnt think would do anything, but what the hell. in a little while after, another friend dropped by with the leftovers of a bagful of psilocybe semilanceata, mind you, this abundance of mushrooms is because it was picking season in our country, everyone whos anyone was eating, picking and giving them away.. so this friend meant to give this bag to another friend, but that guy had left, so he offered to give the bag to whomever wanted it, i gladly accepted and ate something like a fistful of dry weight, not putting much consideration into how much exactly i had there and what it would do to my mind. oh lord, no, i did not have a clue as to what i would be going through in a few hours.

      me and my friends, we're the street kids, so there we are, hopping form cafe to cafe, i'm making plans with a mate to use my tickets to the local film festival in a few hours, it was closing night that day. we hung around the park, then went back into a cafe, meandering, and i'm feeling kind of funny, not sure what it is.. then i look down at the surface of the table i'm sitting at, there in the cafe. holy jesus, the table is casually swirling, pulsating in a sort of marbled, smooth, silky red colour. i gotta get out of here, i think. i gotta go now before it hits. and i feel it, somewhere at the edge of my mind, like a literal tidal wave at the edge of my mind, rushing at me even then, and i can feel its shadow, i know its a huge wave coming.. and i gotta get out of there. i cancel all film plans with my mate then and there, that is all rendered obsolete next to the prospect of the giant, oncoming wave..

      i tell him i have eaten a hell of a lot of mushrooms, and i am going home, he is going home too, so we will be making our way to the bus station together. standing up, out of the cafe, me thinking as i make it towards the door that everyone must be seeing how wobbly i am, i am probably completely disoriented, they must think i am on drugs. then we are out of the street, shops to our left and right, people walking along.. and i am steadily loosing touch. 'how long til we're at the station?' i ask. my friend replies, not long. we keep walking, and my mind and my thoughts and my observations are occupying my mind in a swirl as we walk. finally, i ask again. 'how long til we're there?' my friend seems to be concerned with this, he says i literally asked a second ago. this notion struck me and i had to consider that possibility. it felt like an indefinite, long amount of time we had been walking. i might have asked this a few more times anyways, even though it alienated me to some degree that i could not make sense of this time lapse, i had really lost hold of time at that point.. walking, nearly gliding, down the street towards the station. finally we were there, ending the walk that was stuck in time.. (in all actuality was not more than a few minutes) and then comes one experience, quaint but ever so remarkable in my eyes.

      we sit at a bench and wait for the bus, my friend making small talk, but my superficial side being wiped away completely i am not commenting more than i feel absolutely necessary, and making strange observations while at it. the usually plain, even slightly ugly red tile floor of the station was glorious, vibrant and glowing, patterned, exquisite to behold. and then.. the trashcans....

      i heard somewhere some time ago that the subconscious mind does not reason, that it lacks logical cognition.. through this quote, i strongly feel that the mushroom experience dissolves a barrier between your conscious and subconscious mind, bringing the subconscious to dominance.. because the blunt, sheer lack of waking-state logic in my experiences with the mushroom state, is absolutely uncanny. my favourite example, the trashcans....

      as we were sitting and waiting, i beheld a trashcan, yellow as can be, just an ordinary trash can. but to me it was like a menace. an artificial presence, too bright and play-doughy to be real. i looked around and saw two other trash cans, one by the door, one by the snack bar.. my reasoning was this: why would there be a third trash can? why would someone put it there when there are already two of them, by the door and the snack bar, that is where they are supposed to be.. and it made the most clear sense of my life at that point.. although by any waking-state standards this was utterly illogical.. and as i beheld it i felt alienated, i felt like the trash can should not be there! i tried to explain this to my friend, i was genuinely worried at this point and asked him if he saw a trash can where i was seeing it. he made a concerned and slightly worried sort of demeanor and said that there was nothing there. i almost lost it, but then i thought, oh, i'm hallucinating, and i dutifully accepted it, nodding to my friend and saying that i thought not.. then that smug little thing gives a laugh and prods me, admitting that he was messing with my mind! there is a trash can there, he admits. 'just helping along with your trip', he says, and it makes sense to me, what he says, and i even find it rightly so. but then he has to catch his bus, he asks me if i can make it until mine comes along in a few minutes and i queasily wave him off, that i'll be fine... oh, that trashcan!!

      in few minutes the bus is there and i climb aboard, somehow i make it, all the while i am between worlds, and i feel like its almost there, the wave is almost crashing... and then bam, i sit down, and that was the last thing i could do before i lost myself. melting into chair, bus flying, play-dough shapes whirling past, plastic looking buildings sticking out as if out of nowhere, my face absolutely alien in the window reflection, although i know i am in that body, i cant find anything about it that i can relate to, it is so strange, so so strange.. my mind is a world, a spinning world or darkness and strangeness, jupiter's red spot, a storm of breakneck speed.. i feel schizophrenic, is this schizophrenia, i feel all my burdens but i dont feel the need to run, i have nowhere to run, i dont feel hurt, i dont feel any conscious protest, i dont feel the outside world anymore. i feel the chaos of my mind so starkly and i feel its discomfort but i dont seek an exit because i dont know how to do that anymore, i dont even know how to consider that as an option.. so i am left in there, to face my demons, there is no way around it now.. what i feel is wrong, what i feel i had done to wrong others, the situations that i buried to the depth of my mind because they werent pleasant, now they were facing me and i was deep in their midst. suddenly i knew what i had to do, i felt the warmth and the compassion of the world, i felt the goodness of existence, and glowing, sombre remorse for the wrongdoings..

      suddenly i was in a condition to look at the clock, and i realized many, many hours had elapsed while i was fighting my mind.. mind you i am not able to recall it all in crystal detail due to some of it being so purely abstract, and some of it being forgotten, but that was the bulk of it as best as i could say. i had been on that bus for about four hours and i had no idea where the time went and what in the hell had really just been happening to me. i was still tripping, still out of it, but i had broken free from the abstract, alien mindtrip that had been jettisoning me away to crazyland...

      i was on a bus, i realized that now. the music i heard on the radio made absolutely no sense to me, it sounded cluttered and ugly, a bunch of noise. the language spoken on the loudspeaker and exchanged between people sounded like gibberish. i could not catch on. i sat and looked out the window. i touched my jacket, and i felt that the jacket could feel my touch, just as any other part of my body would feel if i touched it. the jacket was part of me. i touched it more and i felt it feel my touch. i touched my headphones and their wires seemed strange, disconnected little loops tangled around each other, funny, strange little things to behold.. i listened to the music from my playlist.

      suddenly i felt and euphoric rush, the music was brilliant! the music i had listened to so many times over sounded completely anew, and it was so satisfyingly beautiful! feeling excited and very happy, only just acknowledging what i had just been through and was still experiencing, i decided to get off the bus when i came back to the station. (during the time i was on it it made about five full rounds and had been at the station many times. i remember certain aspects of the bus ride through the craze of my then occupied mind, faint and blurred) i did just so and hopped on another bus, eying the trash can as i passed it, giving it a hearty chuckle like an old friend (i still give it the eye from time to time when i'm catching a bus), and off i am, on the bus that stops by my house, still swooping in and out of a dream state, listening to music, elated, feeling wonderful, thus spending about 2 more hours riding around.. finally i am ready to get off at the stop next to my home, it being almost midnight.. two of my friends, whom i saw earlier that day before i left to the station, happen to get on to the bus downtown on its way to my house, and i am excited to share with them, and they listen in amazement as i recall the six hours i had spent on the buses, absorbed in my mind, between worlds.. then i am hopping off the bus, happy at the world, waving with genuine joy to my friends as i go, not one bit superficial in my joy of sharing the beauty of mushrooms with the world, and walking off home, feeling my exhausted body, ravished by the force of the wave, ready to go home, to sleep, and to never forget the lessons i had been taught. wonder was alive in my mind and soul, and i felt the joy of the world, something that cannot be taken away, that new perspective at living that will forever linger, those mysterious wings..

      aand thats the story of me becoming a psilocybe supporter for life.

      note. the dose i took was probably between 3-4 grams dry weight psilocybe semilanceata.
  6. Zoidberg22

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    Mar 14, 2013
    from U.S.A.
    Two nights ago I tried mushrooms for my first time. My buddy and I Each bought 2.5 grams while 3 of my other friends bought a tab of LSD each since our mushroom guy only had 5 grams left. We went to one of my friends house and set his room up with blacklights Christmas lights and a strobe light to increase our hallucinations. We basically had our sitter lock us in a room full of trippy lights with some food and water/gatorades. After 20 minutes from eating the shrooms my friend and I started seeing the floor flow in patterns, even though there was no pattern at all. After half an hour I was tripping majorly. The walls were breathing and expanding ad retracting while my friends faces were morphing into weird shapes. One of my friends looked like a werewolf at one point while my other friend looked like he had 4 eyes. I made the mistake of looking in the mirror and saw what I thought was an evil alter ego of myself and it scared the living shit out of me. One of the guys on LSD did the same thing and saw his eyes disappear and half his face melt away. This gave me about a 20 minute bad trip that I only came out of because started watching blue mountain state. At the 5 hour mark hallucinations were almost done, all but the carpet flowing, and I realized I had to go to a family reunion in the morning so I started freaking out thinking they'd all know I was tripping. Once I realized I was coming down I chilled out and watched key and peele with my friends who were still trippin on acid. I have to say shrooms were unlike anything I'd ever done and I would suggest them to anyone who is mentally prepared enough to handle seeing crazy shit. I would suggest not staying in one room the whole time like I did however, because we all got restless and that resulted in utter chaos that my sitter had to calm down multiple times.
  7. Cjn17

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    Aug 6, 2014
    26 y/o from U.K.
    That right there is utterly beautiful! Thank you so much for a beautiful insight and congratulations
  8. ScorpionFLY

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    Oct 22, 2014
    from Ukraine
    So, in May of 2013, my pet deer, Faline, tripped on shrooms for the first time. Here is the basic information about her and the trip:

    Age: 19
    Weight: 88 lbs
    Height: 5' 1'' (when she stands on her hind legs)
    Sex: F
    Species Taken: Psilocybe cubensis
    Dose: 1/8th (wet)
    Method of Ingestion: Chewed up and swallowed
    Setting: At mama deer's house when mama deer wasn't home. Faline's stag boyfriend trip sat.

    - Just a warning, this is going to be a monster post. So, Faline managed to get her hooves on some shrooms last year. It was her first time doing any kind of hallucinogen, so she was very excited. She purchased them wet and over the course of the next two days, used a box fan to get them cracker dry.

    - At about 2:00, she consumed all of the mushrooms in her bedroom. Her boyfriend was with her. She decided to go outside because she figured it would be more fun. Faline lived in a rural area on a 10 acre lot at the time. Her house was sitting in the middle of it in a ½ acre cleared area. The rest of the land was pine forest, and it surrounded the entire house. Nice and isolated. The shrooms hit my pet deer maybe 25-30 minutes in. Prior to this she was getting concerned that they wouldn't work. She had been sitting down on the concrete patio outside, but now she noticed that she had laid down and began rolling around. She found this to be enjoyable. Suddenly she felt the strong urge to open her eyes as wide as possible so she could take in as much of her surroundings as she could. Everything looked generally the same, but she felt different. Her vision had also enhanced greatly. The concrete that once was grey started to look like it was flecked with rainbow iridescent stones. She began seeing pentagrams in the rainbow stones, and inside the pentagrams, the outline of a goat head. It was a very positive vibe though. It was like the goat head represented creation.

    - She then looked to the trees around her an had a realization that trees are living fractals. The way that the leaves branch off of the stems which branch off of the trunk. She saw faces in the trees. They were the faces of tree spirits. Gnome faces. The stag asked her if she was having a good time. My deer told him that she didn't want to talk, just look and feel. She looked at his face. She found it strange that she could see every single pore on his nose and cheeks. She could also see a detailed network of purple veins just below the surface of his skin. She reached out past the concrete and started to stroke some grass. It felt very nice on her hoof. The rough touch of the concrete also felt pleasant. Everywhere she looked, she was filled with a sense of awe and wonder. Almost in a child-like way.

    - Thinking back, she thinks that this is the point where the stag began to get jealous. He himself hadn't gotten to trip in a long time. He was a very abusive person, which led to my deer breaking up with him. He began to get jealous that she was having a good time and that he wasn't.

    - He asked my deer to get naked (my deer has a thing for wearing human pajamas). She said no. She just wanted to lay on the concrete and enjoy the trip. He insisted. She told him to stop. She began getting very upset. She couldn't understand why he wouldn't stop asking. He started to get very irritated and she got a little afraid. She told him that she couldn't if she wanted. She couldn't even stand up. He grabbed her and forced her to stand. He got angry that she couldn't keep herself upright. He felt like she was doing it on purpose. He pulled her clothes off. She felt very uncomfortable. Exposed. She started to worry what would happen if mamma deer pulled up.

    - The stag told her to start walking to the forest. He said that she would like it. She didn't want to. He grabbed her hoof and started pulling her. She stepped into the grass. She was tripping to hard to continue. She was getting upset. She pulled her hoof away and just stood there, staring at the stag. She didn't notice it immediately, but she was standing with a hoof right in a fireant nest. It took her a minute to register the pain. Everything was taking her a minute to register. Her thoughts were heavily delayed. By the time she felt the burning, there were dozens of ants already crawling up her legs, biting her. She cried out. The stag did nothing. She rushed to the hose the best she could and tried spraying her legs. She ended up getting pretty wet and just sat on the patio whimpering for a couple of minutes. She begged the stag to let her get dressed again. He finally agreed. She struggled to pull her clothes on, but eventually managed. She was still tripping really hard and now she was soaking wet and covered in painful swollen bites.

    - On shrooms my pet deer noticed that her thoughts seemed to loop endlessly. A single thought could be hard to let go. It would just loop. This is what was happening with the sensation of the bites now. She sat on the patio a while more. The stag sat begin her. He said something along the lines of, “I'm pretty sure mama deer saw you yesterday after you got out of the shower. She saw you naked as you went to your room. She scrunched up her nose in disgust.” In retrospect, this makes no fucking sense, because that never happened. My pet deer had taken a shower when mama deer wasn't home and my pet deer always got fully dressed again while she was still in the bathroom. The stag was just trying to do his best to ruin the trip for her out of jealousy.

    - My deer was tripping too hard to realize how stupid the stuff was that the stag was saying. She was slapped in the face with a huge wave of embarrassment. Suddenly the happy playfulness of the gnomes in the trees disappeared. Everything started to seem dark. What he said about mama deer scrunching up her nose in disgust kept looping in Faline's mind. She had strong visuals of mama deer doing that. It looped in her head continously. She couldn't stop crying. She felt dirty. She started feeling like a filthy helplesss infant, especially since she couldn't stop crying. The stag said he didn't understand why she was freaking out so badly. He said it was time to go inside. She couldn't resist. She was really getting into the role of feeling like a helpless child. She felt like whatever he was saying must be true and she, the child, must not disobey.

    - This is now about two hours after the shrooms had been consumed. He practically had to carry her inside since she still couldn't walk properly. He took her upstairs to her room. She was still sobbing hysterically. He put her on the bed and told her to calm down. She couldn't. Her inability to control her emotions or actions made her feel even more helpless. At this point, she had fully mentally regressed to a 3 year old. Yet the trip was just peaking. The walls in my deer's room were painted pink. My deer hallucinated that she was trapped in the womb. She felt like she couldn't breathe. Like the walls were trying to close on her. She couldn't stop freaking out. The stag said he would go downstairs and get her something to eat. He left. She laid on the bed and sniffled, trying to get a grip. She calmed a little, but the burning of the ant bites was still bothering her just as greatly as it was when she first got bitten.

    - The stag returned with a bowl of watermelon. My pet deer dislikes watermelon. The stag insisted that she eat some. He said that maybe if she ate some while on shrooms, she would decide that she actually liked it. My deer was uncertain, but trusted him. Mentally, she still felt three, but her 'temper-tantrum' had somewhat subsided. She felt like the stag was one of her parents and he was feeding her like he would a baby. She hated it. She ate some of the watermelon anyways. It had little taste. It was not enjoyable or unpleasant. She didn't want to eat. The stag got her some anti-itch cream for the ant bites on her legs and helped her put it on. Then he made stupid small talk as she laid on the bed. Soon he brought up the thing he had said about mama deer seeing my pet deer naked again. Why? Because the stag is a huge asswipe.

    - This set off wave two of hysteria. My pet deer again felt slapped in the face by embarrassment. It was like being struck by lightning. She started sobbing hysterically again. The pink walls of the “womb” seemed to constrict and grow tighter, suffocating her. She started having flashbacks of all the times where, as a child, mama deer would yell or hit or be angry with my pet deer. The flashbacks were extremely vivid and it was almost like she was being transported back to that place and time. Each flashback made my deer freak out even more. What was worse was that they looped continuously in her head. The stag then said something like, “wow, you really need to grow up, calm the fuck down.” This pushed my deer over the edge. She started kicking and flailing wildly. She pounded her hooves on the walls and bed. She screamed and cried and rolled around, begging for the trip to end. She was now thinking not with words, but with raw emotion. She was angry, frustrated. Felt like speaking was impossible. Felt like communicating any thoughts at all was impossible because the stag wouldn't understand. The ant bites continued to drive her mad. She continued thrashing. At some point she told the stag to fuck off. He got all pissy, but he left the room and he closed the door behind him.

    - My deer started calming down quite a bit at this point. She was breathing heavily and her face was slick with tears. She laid on the bed for a good 30 minutes, regaining her composure. About 3 ½ hours had now passed since she had eaten the shrooms. Now that she was calming down, she started to notice the swirling patterns in the texturing on the walls. She no longer felt like a child. She was starting to feel her age again. It felt good. She hated feeling helpless. She called out to the stag that he could come back. He did and he sat on the bed beside her. She told him not to mention “the bad thing” again. He agreed. He asked if he could pay music. She said okay. He started to play music, but it sounded bad to my deer. It sounded jumbled and cluttered. Very unpleasant. She made him turn it off. She felt much better now. She was almost starting to enjoy herself again. She liked watching the swirling patterns.

    - She looked at the stag. He had a pimple between his eyes. She hallucinated that it was actually a shining ruby. The goat imagery returned a little. She suddenly believed that he was the Greek god Pan. She hallucinated that he had brown goat horns on the side of his head and that the “ruby” was actually part of a jeweled crown. Feelings of positivity started to rush over her again. She felt giddy and started laughing again. She couldn't stop touching the stag, particularly his face. He let her. She could see every detail on his face. He had to go downstairs for a moment to do something. He told her not to move. When he left, she started giggling. She felt mischievous. She jumped up and raced to the bathroom and went pee. It was very hard to stay on the toilet, but thankfully she managed to avoid pissing all over herself. She was keeping a tank of huge red and yellow locusts (eastern lubber grasshopper) in her bathroom for a biology project. She crouched on the floor and began to stare at them. For some reason, they looked like delicious candy to her. She removed one from its cage and started to hold it. It sat calmly on her hand. A little voice in the back of her head reminded her that it only looked delicious because she was tripping. She realized the voice was telling the truth, so she returned the locust to its cage.

    - Suddenly, she heard the stag. He was irritated that she had left the bed. She explained that she had to take a piss, and she sat back on the bed. We're now about 4 ½ hours into the trip, maybe 5. She was starting to come down. She noticed that the bites were still itchy, but not as itchy. Bearable. She spent the next hour staring at the tile on the floor. It was covered in some minor swirling patterns. She watched as it slowly stopped swirling. The trip was over. She still felt a little hazy for maybe 30 min to 1 hour afterwards. In the end, it lasted around 5 ½ to 6 hours. There were no residual effects the following day.

    - While the second half of the trip was a terrible experience, my pet deer can't wait to do shrooms again. She understands that the bad trip was the result of having a bad sitter. It was an intense experience.
  9. ianzombie

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    Jun 12, 2007
    44 y/o from ireland
    1/8th of what, an ounce?
    That would be 3.5 grams.
    I presume you meant dried, not wet? Otherwise your dose would be so small as to not really register at all.
    35 grams wet, sure, but not 3.5 grams.
  10. ScorpionFLY

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    Oct 22, 2014
    from Ukraine
    I'm sorry, I meant 1/4th wet, ended up being about 1/8th dried.
  11. Lynndah

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    Oct 19, 2014
    from U.S.A.
    I was 19 and in college. I weighed around 130. I wasn't on any medications.

    I was at a party, drinking beer. They started passing around a joint so of course I joined in. I thought it was just pot. It was laced with psilocybin.

    About 10 minutes or so after I was done smoking it I completely lost my memory. I had no idea who I was, where I was, or who anybody around me was. Scariest night of my life! I was completely hysterical and panicked. The RA (Resident Assistant) wanted to call an ambulance. Lucky for me one of the guys from upstairs was there and he told her that it was just a bad trip and that I'd be fine. I couldn't sleep in my room cuz my nerd roommate was completely sick of me being wasted and she wouldn't watch me. I went to sleep in another girl's room but I woke up in the adjoining room. I can only assume I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and went into the other room. I was still messed up when I woke up around 8 hours later. I started to panic again but I told myself there was no point to it and went back to sleep. I guess it took around 12 hours or so until my memory came back.

    I'm glad I can remember that night because I will never touch shrooms again.
  12. ThatDeepHouseDoe

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    Jan 14, 2015
    from earth
    This was recent.

    I was 19, approximately 140 pounds 5 foot 5

    My friends and i tried mushrooms for the first time and decided to do 2g each. I was the most experienced with other drugs and when one friend only managed to stomach 1.2 i took the rest to make my dose roughly 2.8 grams

    It was extremely cold out like -21 Celsius so the trip was spent alternating between a warm parked car and a nearby forest.

    Roughly 40 minutes go by and nothing, all of a sudden a huge rush of euphoria in my stomach. My friends told me my eyes went huge and i spaced out for a few seconds with a huge smile. I thought here we go! 5 minutes later back to feeling sober but noticing the orange on my mini speaker is now a vibrant glowing orange. the sparkles in the snow catch my attention and i notice the most amazing detail in the snow and trees.

    One friend who constantly complains about a lot like the weather keeps bringing us back into the car to text people.. i sit in the back absolutely amazed at the sunset and how beautiful everything looks and just cant resist the urge to explore but i do. I start to draw on the frost of the window and everything looks beautiful the water drops form perfect crystals that reflect light in an almost symbolic way telling me to go back to the forest to discover more.

    We go for another walk through a suburban neighbourhood in which i get the feeling that we are the only ones on this planet. It is so quiet i can hear everything crystal clearly. I feel like Every house is abandoned and we are here to explore the world for the first time. once again we make it to the woods and large stretches of empty snow become almost infinitely large like at least 20 times larger than before.

    The others who took less are tripping but have less of an urge to explore but i could care less i feel amazing in this cold. the snow on the trees formed jagged patterns looking like an ice kingdom of sorts. Also i keep getting the image of a symbolic eagle in my head every time i think about nature, thoughts of purity for whatever reason also keep coming up telling me this is exactly the right place to be and i belong here. everything is as it should be. I play some trippy deep house music and suggest that my friends smoke my joints.. I like to share and i came much more prepared than the others.

    shortly after the person who took very little and keeps complaining about the cold has the idea to drive to mcdonalds.

    I am unaware but this person is almost 90% sober because apparently the two others have faster digestion systems.. however i am in the most insane part of the trip at this point.. lol

    The drive in the car started before sunset but as we approached the mcdonalds it became dark and the highway stretched maybe 20 lanes wide, i felt as if we were the only ones on the road.

    Quickly i started to bad trip because i thought the driver was just as messed up as me and i couldn't shake the thoughts of how irresponsible driving was in this state.. which later i was relieved to find out he was completely fine.

    At mcdonalds i am becoming extremely frustrated with my friend who is not only not willing to explore nature as much as me but who is also taking so long to consume his food and messing up his order repeatedly. The other two are bawling with laughter in the mcdonalds while i feel the worst depression of my life. A family with 8 toddlers are yelling screaming and bawling their eyes out near the play area and the voices become so painfully annoying i request to wait in the car. When i get no reply i see my friend staring INSANELY at the kids which i understand because why the fuck is this family having a reunion at mcdonalds ??(apparently this same family does this often) I panic because he looks like a total pedophile and i dont want any altercations so i just space out and stare into my cola because the bubbles are cool and making cute popping noises

    As soon as we leave i feel the biggest rush of relief ever. we return to the parking spot i am still tripping very hard, one of the others is slightly and the other not so much.

    A car approaches and its a police car. it turns its lights on and faces us. i am high as balls and accepting the inevitability that i am going to jail because i have joints on me and caffeine pills that look like E. I dont want to ruin anybody's trip so i put the joints in my crotch without saying a word... 10 minutes pass and the car advances towards us and the police lights and signs on the car fade to gold and i realize it is only a regular pedestrian.

    We return home and i accidentally aggravate my friends mom by unplugging the satellite receiver and she spends time on the phone with the provider trying to figure out the problem while i have no idea i have even done it.

    I feel bad but the trip ends and i feel completely amazing and sedated on the couch approximately 7 hours after we began.

    For my first time i feel pretty damn proud that i not only didn't bad trip but i was able to pull myself out of negative thoughts which were abundant due to all the circumstances i was put into as a result of others not listening or caring about my mental state (mcdonalds, high traffic areas, confinement to a car, police, restriction of wonderous exploration)

    Anyway. I love mushrooms, they are my favorite substance in the universe more so than mdma, weed, xanax, codeine, coke anything. As a matter of fact after the experience i no longer valued any of those drugs anymore

    I respect the mushrooms and will plan to trip in the warmer weather with people who are more adventurous next time, also taking the reccomended 3.5g dose unless the setting is so perfect that it warrants a venture towards 5g
  13. LucySkyDiamands

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    May 14, 2015
    from earth
    Today I have experienced a 4.5 gram shroom trip, I weigh 175 and I’m a male I haven’t done any shrooms in over 2 months so It was intense unlike anything in the world…I thought acid was strong and life-changing but that all went out the window with what I saw, Things move so fluid like. Like watching water drip from a water facet, It made such an impact on my life that even my Diethyl Ether trips try to replicate its effects now.

    The peak is what I remember most about the trip, everything else feels like it wasn’t important to enough to remember. I could close my eyes and see a whole other world. I could see a majestic Tiger, I feel that it was my inner animal showing me how I feel about myself. My walls resembled a decaying organic mushroom type effect.

    My tendons feel like they might rip apart (that’s how intense the body load was) It was so enlightening I feel like I should have to take better care of myself, Take everything in moderation, slow down and think about my life, What do I want to do with it? Right now I’m listening to Fine Whine by ASAP Rocky, I’ve never heard music feel so moving and inspirational before. I’m seeing Connect the dot patterns all over the place and it has a rainbow film like effect to all the dots. I take a hit of this dank weed I picked up called AK47( I didn’t believe I had what I had till I smoked it) the visuals Become sleek extremely vivid.

    I feel like my body is having an all-out orgasm the body load is starting to scare me but I don’t lose focus because anything can change this trip from a good one to an instantly bloody hell nightmare (if I lost focus the visuals would melt into hell) but I keep asking myself “what do I want in life or what needs to be changed?) Moderation and Cleanliness is what I learned to appreciate more.

    I recommend everyone out there to try shrooms.. It has such natural and organic fluid like visuals that will blow you into a new world
  14. TheBigBadWolf

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    Apr 11, 2010
    from Germany
    So this is gonna be a trip report on shrooms -

    There was this guy in the park today who wanted a bit of hash and I had some. He said he'd give me a few shrooms, self grown obviously, and that's what he did.

    They were 1.1 g , the testee is a healthy male of 50 years, 67 kg, quite experienced in psychedelics of the oldskool kind, so no problem to be alone at home.

    I made an appointment with another member from here to tripsit me virtually.
    I suspect that the dose is not enough to produce a full-on trip, but let's see.

    For firing the thing up a bit, the testee has, while having the shrooms in his cheek pouch to draw water, built a one -person cigarette with about 0.15 g of pollum hash. Which will be consumed soon. more hash present to brake the psychedelics down, lol.

    Not much more now, post will be edited when the testee is able to read the notes they make during the night.


    Music to begin with:


    18 45 swallowing of the wetted shrooms , on nearly empty stomach - half a sub three hours ago - with plain water.

    19 20 my tripsitter joined me and we conversed on what I was experiencing - which was extreme music appreciation, if I let myself glide into it. always interrupted in the conversation times. that went a while on a steady plateau before it became more intense.

    20 00 music choice David Bowie, The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust

    20 06 found that when I conversed with my tripsitter the effects diminished, so we ceased talking and I gave myself over to listening to music, waves of joy running through my body, making me cry because it was such a wonderful humble feeling of oneness with everything (and its wife -and its dog..

    20 18 music appreciation grows more and more. a further dimension to the already well produced music.

    - fabrication of a joint which imroved the effects remarkably.
    20 31 visual distortions
    (hard to type)

    Much more didnt happen- I fell asleep soon after I wrote about the visual distortions because I have appreciated CEVs that happened while I was lying on my back, listening to 2/3 of the soundtrack of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    01:30 am I'm still having a nice euphoric afterglow that can stay for a while - puts a smile or grin on my face while I write this.

    Last edited: Jul 15, 2015
  15. Adas

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    Aug 22, 2013
    24 y/o from Slovakia
    My experience with taking 10g Panaeolus cinctulus (low-potency mushrooms).

    Took 6g in the morning, when the effects kicked in I've decided I would take more because I wasn't high enough, so took the rest (4g). After like 20 minutes it wasn't changing much, went outside for a walk. Felt pretty pleasant, walking felt nice and nature was accepting me. But before I've realized it, things got pretty weird. I felt like I've been in that exact state of mind somewhere in the past, or always, hard to describe. I felt like walking through the "birthplace of life", and its unchanging nature and "not giving a fuck" feeling was confusing me. My inner narrative changed into this old man's voice. A voice that was always soft and calming, although it was creeping me out as well. I was pretty messed up and wasn't even realizing it.

    Then I embarassed myself by coming too close to one fisherman and having a short, but for him confusing conversation. I felt like he was perceiving me as a threat and quickly walked away. This definitely contributed to the trip turning rather bad. My footsteps were creeping me out. *Crunch*, *crunch* was echoing in my head like it was never going to end. I've also felt access to some advices and criticisms planted into my head by my relatives sometime in the past. It all felt like this cloud of negative thoughts and paranoia was chasing me. I came home and washed my hands in the sink, it looked (and the water dripping sounded) EXACTLY like some movie scene, or a scene from a bad trip. I was not feeling good, but I've laughed it off.

    This was my first trip with major visuals. I was seeing Maztec (or whatever) art on any surface, and realized it's always there but the sober brain can't connect the dots properly. I wasn't able to gain a positive mindset, whatever I did seemed irrelevant. Then I put on some emotional music and cried a lot, which helped me come to terms with what was happening and this was actually a good and healing part of the trip. I've felt like coming out of the formlessness, felt like gaining structure again. Then I was positive and euphoric again for a while and then the weird mood returned, but the trip was much weaker by that point.

    I came out with zero psychological damage, but next time I would like to have a trip sitter. This is definitely not for pussies, and having to face a bad trip by yourself is not the best thing that can happen. Regardless, I've learned a lot and very soon (the same day actually) started to look very positively at my experience. I'm thankful for it, but the next time I'll make sure not to underestimate these teachers.

    This is, obviously, not the complete report but it covers the most important aspects. I hope it'll be useful to someone. 10g really could be a good dose, but it's too many mushrooms for a relatively weak trip. I prefer more potent species that hit you like a wrecking ball and get you into the zone quickly. It also tends to be a more pleasant ride. These little guys were pretty uneasy to me.

    Also, when your loved ones don't like your psychedelic use and you have to do it in secret, that's also a concerning factor that could interfere with your trip. I'm pretty unfortunate in this. Happy trippin everyone!
  16. Zeratul420

    Zeratul420 Newbie

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    May 22, 2017
    from Texas, United States
    18, 125lbs, Male
    Unknown species
    Chewed and swallowed
    Place of residence at the time, mostly in the bedroom.

    It's been some years so the memory on time-frame is somewhat fuzzy, this is also 100 percent solo.
    These numbers are not meant to define a specific time of day.

    0:00 - Tasted great, calmed my stomach, spent most of the beginning clearing my mind.

    0:30 - Slight yellow/orange tone to everything, much like taking a picture with sepia. I was somewhat amped so cannabis was added at this point.

    0:45 - Sense of time is lost.

    ~1:00 - At this point full on euphoria, on the bed with a pillow against the wall, Tool's album Lateralus is on.

    ~1:45 - The song Lateralus starts. I feel myeslf slowly sink into the bed, then into the wall. Almost feeling as if a part of both.

    ~1:50 Feel as if i'm sucked out of body through feet, slowly spiral around the outside of my chest, the spiral closes in with increasing speed turning into a ball.
    Very intense feeling at this point. Eyes were closed.

    ~2:00 I pop back into my body and have a mild euphoria for another 2-4 hours.

    Afterward I was feeling absolutely great and happy for a solid 2 weeks.

    Overall the experience was great, I was hoping for far more to happen visually though. Haven't felt an urge to do it again so I haven't.
    Not for the weak in willpower.
  17. pvdridge

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    Jun 5, 2017
    from Roseville, MN, United States
    Dear Drugs-Forum,

    Hello! I hope you are all well.

    Long story short: I ate an eighth of magic mushrooms last year, and it was the best decision I've ever made in my 21 years of life, bar none. I ended up writing 37 pages on it—working on getting it published soon (advice would be very much appreciated). I'd like to share it with you all today!

    Please share this whenever appropriate. A central goal of this paper is to reduce harm, and if that's the only thing this accomplishes, then I'm a happy camper. :)

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  18. Adas

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    Aug 22, 2013
    24 y/o from Slovakia
    37 PAGES? wow man.. I'll probably read it later :) thanks for sharing
  19. Adas

    Adas Silver Member

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    Aug 22, 2013
    24 y/o from Slovakia
    @pvdridge , I have read your report and it's AMAZING! You seem like a good writer. I can also relate to some of the feelings you've had - footsteps infinitely reverberating, feeling of being at the source.. Although my trip was so bad that all of this felt very scary. It was definitely a good read. Thanks for composing this. :)
  20. detoxin momma

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    Jan 10, 2014
    from Mid-West USA
    IMG_2526.JPG IMG_2351.JPG

    This is a trip report i scribbled down a few months ago when i was away from DF, as i look over it, i can barely read it, but i wrote it for a reason,so i figured i would share. Be warned, nothing exciting happened, just sounds like a person with some serious ADHD going on to me, lol...

    This was my first experience with these psilocybin capsules.

    I am a female, age 34, 5 ft 2 , 125 pounds.
    I have bipolar 1, OCD, panic disorder, G.A.D, and fibromyalgia.
    I take depakote, Ativan, and olanzapine, which were in my system at the time as well.
    The capsules are of unknown contents, as far as MGs, and type of shroom or pot in them.They were given to me.

    Plenty of people believe hallucinogens do not mix well with bipolar people, and or bipolar medicatons, personally, i have never had an issue, nothing scarey has ever happened really, more of a, this is boring. yet to experience a psychedelic trip that copmared to a true manic episode. so anyways, here goes...

    2:45 pm - ingested one capsule

    by 3 :15 everything feels warm and fuzzy, i can not keep myself from smiling and laughing, so much so my dimples on my face are hurting, already. i can taste the kush in the capsules as soon as they dissolved in my stomach. I feel like smoking a few one hits. As i do this, i have that, " your posture really sucks", voice in my head. and its right. so i start straightening up, telling myself, your back wouldnt hurt all the time if youd work onn your posture more often!

    My older 2 kids have left with friends, and my husband is in the living room playing blocks with our little one.

    The setting is not ideal, we have so mchh to talk about, im not sure if he brought me these drugs as a way to get me to talk, or to just relax, dosnt matter, we'll see what happens i suppose.
    I decide to turn on the original Alice and wonderland and esape to my back porchh where i sit and write in the sunshine, i love it out there, so many birds, so much animal noise.

    I have told him, yes, i will take these drugs, i am bored, but i am not promising anything, you need to do you, and i need to do me for awhile. his face does not seem to enjoy this comment one bit, but, its the truth.

    its about 3:45 by now, my urge to smoke pot is very strong. The music playing from the movie sounds so happy and joyful i cant help but feel the urge to get up and dance around with the music acting the movie out, but i dont, i just do it in my head and i find this very amusing. My eyes feel extremely heavy, like i have feathers for eyelashes and i have to tell my nerves to open and close them, big whoosh whoosh as they open and close. I have zero fibromyalgia pain, which is something i notice right away, if you have it, you know, its a constant tingling sensation, so its really really a relief when you get a break from that torture!

    "Round and Round We Go,
    Where will it End,
    When Will it Stop"

    This peace inside, where, how deep is it really hidden, like a buried treasure, sometimes at ease, sometimes reigning in the beast.When theres no place left to hide, what shall we do, i just cant take it, always back and forth, with you....
    Learn to say no, no matter how much you fear, offending may do so.

    He always comes bearing gifts, flowers, drugs, more promises. always with the promises.

    4 pm - everything has a heavy haze over it now, like watching gasoline or oil float on top of water. My husband is chasing our baby girl around laughing and this brings me great joy to see and hear, i feel very blessed at this moment. this is all i really want, my babies to have their father as long as possible. i feel so certain of that right now.

    No hallucinations, just mild visuals, birds have tracers, this patterned sheet i have draped over my deck to block perverts from watching me sunbathe seems to be dancing along, typical stuff. my surroundings look like im living inside one big oil painting, and it feels extremely relaxing. I decide to smoke a little more pot.

    watching Alice communicate with the cheshire cat in the movie is making me giggle to myself, one of those, what could really be that funny type of laughs...
    I sit gazing at the flowers i was just given, the yellow ones seem to be alive, like they are breathing, it makes me want to go out of my way to try and match my breathing to what i am witnessing, and it feels incredible, like the flowers and I are one.

    Damn ants
    vile creatures
    what a life

    These flowers sure are amazing though, so soft, like silk, i just want to sit and play with it in my fingers. I wonder how strong that capsule was, im thinking by now maybe i should have taken 2. I feel very thirsty and decide to get some wine, awesome flower is coming with me.
    I feel very very stoned, like the urge to use the word MAN before and after every sentence,lol..that kind of stoned, and i feel as if im operating with closed eyes. I can taste the kush in the capsules even more potent than the wine im sipping.
    I feel zero physical pain, which is really really nice.

    why, how does this flower smell so good?
    What a magnificent creation for people to enjoy!
    so simple, so pure, yet, so taken for granted!?
    i wish i could snap a picture of exactly how life looks to me right now, bottle it up, and sell it...
    oh, wait, i guess someone just did, lol!

    Its about 5 pm now, a stray dog comes creeping around the corner of my house. I am realizing at this very moment, i am having a strong case of deja vu. this exact scene, i cant place it though, was it a dream i had recently?! Am i in a time loop? do i have one foot in the 4th dimension!? or should I say, One eye!? so weird, that deja vu feeling, very unsettling, damn it! get out of her dog youre killing my vibe!
    A firework pops in the distance, she runs away.

    My gosh these are the most beautiful flowers i have ever seen! This triangle pattern on this sheet in front of me now looks like a line of sprawled out womans legs in front of me. thats weird, ive layed on this sheet countless times, never have i perceived a bunch of womans legs sprawled out in front of me before, horney bitch!

    I gotta get up and bust out some youtube. Speaking is becoming difficult, i seem to have developed a lisp.Im watching a few ants try to drag a flower petal away, i had to sit and rub my eyes a few times to covince myself that fower petal wasnt a dead caterpillar being drug away for dinner for these guys, damn ants, vile creatures...

    Its about 5:15 by now, and i feel the bug paranoia creeping in.what is it with me and the bug paranoia...
    as i sit, it is starting to feel like the echoes of fireworks in the distance are starting to affirm my each and every thought, depersonalization, i hate it when that happens. maybe i shouldnt have smoked so much pot, never can tell, its all good. i do enjoy a little depersonalization, it feels enlighting, as long as i can shake it off.

    BOOM BOOM BOOM...ok, lets change the subject, lol..

    By 6 pm, i just want to sit and play with my hair, it feels so soft and smooth.. i lay on the couch with my face pressed into my own hair sniffing it in, what a weirdo.
    I start playing blocks with my youngest and giggling at the slightest things for the next few hours, feeling extremely stoned, but in a light, goofy way, not a heavy tired way.
    I went to bed with zero physical pains, and slept like a rock.
    overall pretty boring, but its better than having a bad trip.
    Next time, i will take 2 of these capsules, and there will be no kids at all present.
    hope to experience something more exciting.