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    Jan 20, 2005
    I tried Philosopher's StoneTruffles for the first time on Friday. I
    bought 15 grams from an online shop which I was told was enough for 2
    medium trips or one really good one.

    I'd been told that a truffle experience can last up to six hours so I
    started early. I did half the bag (making sure I stashed the rest for
    another time) and skinned up some hash while I was waiting. After about
    half an hour I began to notice that I was higher than I should be after
    two joints and figured that it must be kicking in.

    I was a little disappointed that the effects weren't happening quicker
    though. I've done a lot of acid in the past and I'm familiar with the
    whole two hours going up, two hours trippin', and two hours comin' down
    concept though, so I tried to stay patient.

    It was worth it.

    Two hours in I was flying. And the I realised how this stuff got it's
    name. I put some Floyd on (Echoes...and yes I'm an old bastard! [​IMG])
    and had a superb trip. Pictures on the wall seemed to come to life, not
    just moving, but the colours too, really vivid and intense. A tiger
    print I have seemed particularly fascinated with the fact that I
    discovered the meaning of life in about ten minutes! [​IMG]

    About four hours in I was worried that the trip might end so I dug out
    the rest of the bag. I also had the munchies, couldn't say if it was
    the shrooms or the dope, but I didn't give a crap at the time.

    I ended up with a chicking bhuna, into which I sprinkled half the
    remaining truffles. The truffles look like mouldy walnuts, and they
    kind of have a nutty flavour too. (They're also nice on a popadum with
    mango chutney and red onions if you you're not keen on eating them

    About an hour later I was going up again. After two hours I was well on
    my way and I'd eaten the rest of the truffles. And ten hours after
    first trying the truffles I was tripping like a champion again. Ten

    By five in the morning (having started about 3pm the previous day) I
    was f*cked up beyond belief. I'd done all 15 grams of truffles, seven
    or eight joints, and a few shots of mezcal. Have to say, I like to do
    Mezcal or Tequila shots with salt and lemon, but I was a bit cagey
    about taking any citrus fruits or drinks in case it began to bring me
    down, so I didn't do more than three or four. Nice feeling though.

    Overall, it was a great intro to shrooms, and a fantastic experience.
    I've got 150 grams of cubensis coming next week so maybe I'll do
    another report if anyone's interested.

    Ciao for now...


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    Feb 27, 2005
    from The Netherlands
    I have had only one experience with magic mushrooms, and it
    was a great one. The type I had was Philosopher's Stone. I ate the mushrooms
    (15 grams of them). The taste wasn't too bad at all. After about two hours I
    noticed the first effects. I was lying down looking at my curtains when I noticed
    the change. My curtains have some patterns on them, kind of resembling
    mountains in different colours. All of a sudden the colours intensified and the
    lines started flowing, like on waves of beauty. I think I had been lying there
    for an hour, just looking at my curtains, before I moved again. This time I
    took a look at my floor, which also has patterns on it. The patterns changed
    into huge armies of ants battling each other on my floor. I looked at that for
    a while, and decided to take a walk. When walking I felt totally balanced, even
    though I was moving around very unbalanced. When I washed my hands, I didn't
    really feel the difference between wet and dry. I went back to my room, where I
    noticed that I didn't really feel the motivation to do anything after I'd sat
    down. Although I felt quite uncomfortable sitting there with my back against
    the ice-cold heating system (it was turned off), I didn't feel like doing
    anything about it when my back came into contact with the cold thing, and I
    didn't feel like doing anything either when my back was freezing. It felt sort
    of like accepting the discomfort because it wasn't really bad anyway. About an
    hour later, I was overcome by a sense of awareness. That is, all of my senses
    were wide awake - I could definitely hear a lot of things better and I could
    also actually feel the difference between wet and dry again. I also felt
    quiteeuphoric. My mind was working at full speed. I was doing a lot of philosophizing
    - seeing as I've never had any other mushrooms than the Philosopher's Stone
    kind, I don't know whether the name is suitable for all magic mushrooms or just
    for this kind.

    This was one of the most profound experiences of my life,
    and it has certainly changed my life.