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TEK - Pure LSA extraction and convertion to LSH, and freebasing LSA/LSH

Discussion in 'LSA seeds' started by darkbreed, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. darkbreed

    darkbreed Newbie

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    May 4, 2008
    37 y/o Male
    Well a lot have been said and rumored about LSA extractions and convertions into LSH.

    SWIM have seen the peppermint tea preparations and such, and once tried this without noticing any difference in effects.

    So, he is curious, where does this peppermint oil/ tea technique origin from? What is it based up, scientifically speaking? Is there any scientific papers on this showing how and what in the peppermint affects the LSA to convert it to LSH? And, what other ways is there to convert LSA into LSH? Is there scientific evidence that fresh morning glory and hawaiian baby woodrose contains LSH and that it gradually turns into LSA by time?

    SWIM is curious about two things:
    1 - a proper and yet easy to do LSA extraction method that yields pure LSA and non of the toxic and unwanted substances.

    SWIM have read several methods on this, some saying that the toxins are soluble in water but not alcohol, and some saying the other way around. Other solvents have also been mentioned.

    So, what solvents are LSA soluble in, meaning HIGHLY soluble, while the other unwanted toxins and alakloids are NOT soluble, or at least very SLIGHTLY soluble in? Hopefully there is one solvent that can be used for this, or a mix of solvents where the LSA is soluble in one layer and the toxins soluble in the other and then these layers can be separated from eachother? That would probably mean a non-polar and polar used together.

    Or, a mix where the two do not necessarily form two layers, but keeps either the LSA solid and the toxins soluble so the solids can be filtered out and saved, or the other way keeping the toxins solid and the LSA soluble and discarding the solids and keeping the solution which then can be evaporated down to collect the LSA.

    Is there any way to precitipate LSA in a solvent? If so what method and what chemicals would be needed for this?

    Perhaps it is also possible to freebase the LSA/LSA by adjusting to correct PH and at the same time not freebase the toxins, and then extract the freebased LSA/LSH by filtering out in something it would stay solid in while the toxins are soluble?

    Any dogs or cats that got some experience and knowledge on any or all of these questions would be appreciated to get some input from.

    Did anyone ever try to smoke LSA in either pure or freebased form and if so did this produce any effects?

    That would be all for now, SWIMs bird has no more to add for the moment but hope someone else got something!
  2. DarkDead

    DarkDead Silver Member

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    Jun 19, 2008
    Male from portugal
    Why do you started a new thread on a subject discussed in a dozen of other threads?
    Most of your questions are already answered here:

    TEK - LSA extraction of morning glory using only isopropyl alcohol? - Drugs Forum - Here 69Ron gives information about the solubility of LSA and explains a extraction method which seems pretty good. The topic was even started by you.
    Purity - Freebasing LSA - Drugs Forum

    LSA extraction and peppermint oil - Drugs Forum
    TEK - Peppermint Oil Extraction Technique - Drugs Forum
  3. Benga

    Benga Platinum Member & Advisor

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    Aug 15, 2005
    Male from japan

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