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Question About meth and allergies

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine' started by madwhack, May 15, 2004.

  1. madwhack

    madwhack Newbie

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    May 15, 2004
    Hey all, first post and this its sweet that such a site exists.

    Just a warning! the following post is very, very long, but I beg you to read it and throw in your opinion about the situation. My current situation is grim and I fear the worst for my self in the near future, but If I can get some good solid information, I just might find a better and safter alternative to my problem. Thank you :)

    My questionis about me smokingCrankrepressing my allergies...well, stopping them all together. The other day I bought a paper from a friend (we call it a paper, not sure what everyone else calls it, but its a quarter) and after about an hour of smoking it, I noticed that I could breath out of my nose, which I havent been able to do since I was 12. Im 21 now. I swear that when I took my first breath, this giant sigh of relief and weight was lifted off of my shoulders, butI dont know why. I then just set back in my chair and enjoyed breathing out of my nose for about half an hour.

    Now I will explain in detail why my nose Is like it is. If you dont want to read it just scroll to the bottom and read the rest of my post. I explain because most people just don't believe my situation and basically think im lying. So just to clear up everything, the middle part is pretty much why Im writing this thing, so I think it might be kind of important, but if you dont want to read it and get to the question then skip the middle, and once again, sorry the post is so long. Its just that im tweaking and this is truely the biggest problem in my life.

    Backwhen Iwas 12, things were completelydifferent. On my 12th birthday, is when I firstnoticed it. All of the sudden my nosejust completely stopped up like someone went inside of it and pulled out acork and plugged er up. It wasn't like when you get a stopped up nose from a cold, I just didnt get any response from my nose at all. If I tried to suck air in frommy nose, you didnt hearair kinda getting throughand making a"stopped" up sound like when youhave a cold, simply nothing happened.My nose didnt create even a miniscule amound of suction. It was simply,plugged.From that point on, Icould not breath out of my nose, not even the slightest.Every now, and then I would get one nostral partially free and be able to breath for about 5 seconds and then it stopped up again.And those times were rare.At first my mom always said "just go blow your nose", but I would blow my nose for 5 minutes strait, sometimesuntilI got a nose bleed, but I was still very stopped up all the time. WhenIsay all the tiime, I dont mean most of the time....Im talking about 24/7. My bodyhad to teach its self to breath throughthe mouth when I was sleeping.

    Acording to my doctor, you usually dont use your mouth when you sleep since its just unessessary energy being used to keep the passageway from your mouth to your lungs open. It hinders the entire resting process cause yourbrain still hasto be alert to keep the passageway open to your mouth.When I was younger, I had all kinds of dreams where I got my head cut off or I was drowning in water,thenwaking upgasping for air. It was almost like my mind planned to kill me in my dream. I know this is not true, but thats what it fealt like.This would cause fear for meto go to sleep, so needless to say, I spent many hours infront of my tv, playing my super nintendo or sega saturn, which is probably why im such a hardcoregamer today.Which inturn backlashed in school since I always fell asleap in class.Sometimes you use yourmouth, but only in certainsituations...likea increased heartrate from a bad dream and, of course, when you got a cold and your nose is stopped up.But when its constant, it causes a lot of problems.After numerous, andI mean numeroustreatments that were almost guaranteed to work acording to my doctor and alergist, they didn't even dent the problem.Then one day, I went to the dentist, because I was being fitted for dentures. Yeah I know,kinda young for dentures, but the anti social thing that developed with the nose kinda made itwhere I didnt take care of my self a whole lot. I think I took a shower onceevery 2 to 3 weeks simply because I coudnt smell if I smelled or not, nor did I care. I had to wait for my mom togo "jesus crist, take a freakin shower" Anyway, in order to get fitted with dentures you have you bite down on this thing that takes a mold of your teeth, but you have to breath out of your nose since it covers the mouth and has to be on there for 3 minutes. I explained my situation to him and he asked me if I had Pollyps. I told him I didnt know what that was and he said Its a growth in your nose, Usually caused by chronic allergies and It can block the nasal pasages. Atfirst I didn't know exactly what he was talking about, but low and behold, I look in a mirror closely and I see 2 giant things clogging my nose. I was just dumbfounded. If thishas turned out tobe theproblem the whole time instead of allergies, I was goin to kill the crap outof my doctor and alergist.It turns outIt hasbeen the problem the entire time. For 9 years, Ive been taking alergy medicine after medicine and its all been in vane. Well, The only way to get rid of pollyps is to have thesergically removedbecausae they are attached to pretty important bloodvessels in your nose. Well, this isnt an option for me simplty because I dont have the money since its classified as major surgury.

    Thats where Crank fits in.I started smokingit when I was about 18 and have done it very rarely inbetween, and was usually high when I did it. And when Im high from smoking weed, My nose feels more stopped up than ever. But this time around its been about 2 years since ive done it and I was bored because I accidentaly burnt my 400 dollar video card(radeon 9800xt, may you rest in peace)and like ive stated above video games are pretty much my life. So with no video card comes no games and console games are just plain boring compared to computer games so I became "bored". So I bought a paper from a friend, cleaned out a light bulb, and then started smokin away. Then I remember how it used to feel and It was great. I also had some music playing in the background(fiona apple I think), but anyway I like singing along to music, but it was work when your nose is stopped up. I had noticed that I was singing along to the music, but it was good, not like the muffled singing I have been accustomed to. I was able to change the pitch of my voice easly just as she does and hold my notes for a long time with out gasping for air. Thats when I realised I was breathing out of my nose. The first breath I noticed, I fealt like a completely different person. Without being able to use my nose for such a long time I completely freaked out and went all insane. I ran to the kitchen and began to smell stuff. I even liked the odor the litterbox was giving off. Any smell that I experienced was like I was smelling it for the first time. I went ouside and could smell the dew from when It rained and everything. I completely forgot I was tweaking and my friend was freakin out and thought I went insane when I smoked it. It was pretty funny now that I think about it. The feeling was like I was holding some tremendous burden and then I finally let go. I dont know what the burden was, but I let it go and it felt great. Just to be safe and to see if it was just some one time fluke, I completely came down, waited a week, and then bought some more. And It happened once again.

    My Question Is This: Should I smoke crank on the sole ground that It clears up my nose, which in its self, is like tweaking to me. Im afraid I might get addicted to my nose being clear, not the tweak itself. If that were to happen I would put my job in jeopardy and my heath in jeopardy, especially if continually use it.

    Thank you for reading this and tell me the cold hard truth. Thank you.
  2. jmoney

    jmoney Newbie

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    Apr 20, 2004
    I'm happy you can breath out of your nose! i dont see a problem in it if you just smoke in moderation. Just dont become an everydayer and get all twacted out. I honestly believe if your safe and can contol yourself then by all means go ahead it probably would be nice to breath out of your nose if you havnt been able to for the past 9 years. Anyway man glad your an american Idol with your singing abilities!

  3. chriskett

    chriskett Newbie

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    Aug 13, 2004
    What i dont understand is how you reduced the size of the polyps by smoking meth. Now i do know that ephidrin is a brocholator most meth is produced from it. i for one have noticed an increase in mucas from meth when i stop i get ....stopped up that is. any dr.s in the House
  4. Pinkavvy

    Pinkavvy Platinum Member & Advisor Donating Member

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    Jul 3, 2004
    Male from U.S.A.
    Often times there is left over ephedrin and crank that didn't react, when it's cooked sloppy and not cleaned. I could see how smoking ephedrine could clear your nasals.

    also, even if it's pure, meth is an amphetimines and it's been my experience that all amphetimines clear my nasals.
  5. perpel budz

    perpel budz Newbie

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    Sep 15, 2004
    I didn't read all of your post but crank should not be used as a cure for your allergies. I only recommend crank for recreation, if your sinuses are that clogged you should start a hardcore drinking program, over time the alcohol will thin your mucus and allow you to breathe again, use the crank only as a last resort :)

    PS-if alcohol doesn't work in about 2 months start drinking heavier and consider heroin