Combinations - Quetiapine, Opiates and DXM

Discussion in 'Antipsychotics' started by K_Rakovsky, Mar 4, 2004.

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    Mar 4, 2004
    Firstly, I would like to know if there is a connection between the chemical make up of seroquel and DXM. I was doing DXM for about 3 months every day last year and dropped the "habit" in the begining of November. In the begining of December '03 I got myself a very nice painkiller connection (opiates have been my drug of choice since day 1). Now I find myself forced to detox because no one is "around". Two days ago i recieved a script for seroquel... and noticed the label says "avoid grapeful products" much like DXM - I also noticed that the effects were like a low dosage of DXM - a pleasant surprise to a dope addict. Anyway. My question is this, how much like DXM is Seroquel chemically, and secondly, will it inhibit opiates from getting me "high"; thirdly, will it take the edge off of my forced detox, thanks to whomever if/ever this is responsed to/by.
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    Re: Seroquel, Opiates and DXM

    seroquel is gross. It makes you all weird and sedated, but barely able to think. I imagine it might be related because ive taken it and it seems to have some weird effects. who knows what's in it??
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    Re: Seroquel, Opiates and DXM

    From what swim knows dxm has a pretty close chemical connection to fentanyl but is so different it acts nothing like an opiate.Seroquel is an anti psychotic and probably has no relation to either.
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    Re: Seroquel, Opiates and DXM

    Firstly... Taken from the Rules • "Do not incriminate yourself! It is not allowed to post that you are going to do or have done any illegal activity. Hypothetical stories or questions are allowed."

    With that being said... DXM and Quetiapine are both very different drugs, chemically and effect wise. Like Orchid_Suspiria stated, Seroquel is an Antipsychotic whereas DXM is cough suppressant - in higher doses a dissociative.

    If you want to see how the chemical names of DXM and Quetiapine differ, check

    I would suggest marijuana or alcohol to take some of the edge off during swiys detox. Swim can't imagine Seroquel doing much to help, also Seroquel is not a drug You would want to be taking at recreational's important you use it as your directed to by your doctor.

    Also, Kratom is something that You may want to do some research on. Kratom in combination with Alcohol and Marijuana is highly recommended, but be cautioned that just like swiys opiate addiction it would not be odd if You formed a habit to Kratom as well.


    "I believe in a long, prolonged, derangement of the senses in order to obtain the unknown."
    -- Jim Morrison
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    Re: Seroquel, Opiates and DXM

    Opiates aren't really going to come into the equation here as far as psychoactive effects go. Respiratory depression would be my concern, and You would be advised to slide these drugs through a good interaction checker like this one before screwing around.

    That said, quetiapine and dextromethorphan don't have any relation that HAL has been able to come up with. DXM's action is primarily mediated by it's function as an NMDA receptor antagonist. Quetiapine is an antagonist of several receptors, perhaps most notably histamine, dopamine, and serotonin.

    My professional background is about as far from hard science as academia gets, but I did come up with a few links on when I searched for the terms "NMDA antagonist quetiapine". From what I could surmise, the articles seemd to be saying that certain types of anti-psychotics, among them quetiapine, could quell the psychic damage/ "side effects" inflicted by accidental overdoses of NMDA antagonists. This led me to believe that regular maintainence doses of the appropriate anti-psych would prevent the occurance of side effects like hallucinations and time-space disconnect from occuring in the event of an NMDAR antagonist.

    Hopefully a card-carrying geek will step in and confirm/correct. I speak 4 languages, read 5, but none of them is Chemistry.
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    My experience with dxm while being prescribed 300mgs of seroquel is odd. She took a whole bottle of cough gels, around 200mgs of dxm, and it didn't really do anything, except distort her vision a bit. None of the cool psychedelic effects, or even the effect of being high. She felt annoyed and sober, and wasted money. Swim things seroquel negates a lot of stuff for her. Cold medicine, and any kind of cold medicine, sudafed, diphenhydramine, nothing works for her any more. It's really weird.
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    Swim used the dissociative opiod dextromethorphan extensively for several years. Then I was diagnosed schizophrenic. I have been prescribed quietiapine (seroquel, both regular and xr), olanzapine (zyprexa), aripiprazole (abilify), risperidone (risperdal), paliperidone (Invega), ziprasidone (geodon), haloperidol (haldol), and fluphenazine (prolixin). Swim, dosed himself with dxm on all of those drugs, and found the effects dissapointing, and nothing whatsoever resembling the effects oif dxm without psychiatric medications. If you are on psychiatric medications dxm is a worthless option for getting high. All that happens is that you feel slow, you have to shit shortly after dosing, your vision gets distorted (I am talking being cross eyed and getting hardcore tunnel vision, not seeing things breathe or melt or change color,) the flow of blood to your capillaries increases so your skin looks red, you cant urinate, your heart beat gets weird, and you get the shakes. You do not get closed eye visuals, music is not intense and pleasurable, walking wears you out, your production of sweat is magnified, you are able to physically feel your brain (always a bad sign), and other people will tell you they think something is wrong with you which means you dont just feel weird, you actually look weird.
    In my rather extensive experience dxm and antipsychotics are a worthless combination. Igf you are gonna do dxm dont take your antipsychotic for AT LEAST a week if you want to get the high you expect.
    In my opinion, dextromethorphan is an extremely valuable tool for the exploration into the subtle realms of consciousness, but I have discovered that every antipsychotic drug I have been on has almost completely negated the psychoactive effects of dxm to the point that I dont consider dxm a drug worth taking while I am being treated with antipsychotics.

    Summary: If you7 take antipsychotics, and you dose on dxm, the only effects you get are a rather nast and undesired body buzz. No mental effects whatsoever. Theses drugs do what they are supposed to do. They prevent psychosis which is exactly what dxm produces.

    Its a waste of time. Ive tried extensively without positive results.

    DXM and antipsychotics dont mix.