Dose - Quick Question About Diphenhydramine Dosage? How much for a light-medium Trip

Discussion in 'Deliriant antihistamines' started by mainevent, Aug 17, 2006.

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    Jul 25, 2006
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    SWIM's got some strips, with 12.5 mg of Diphenhydramine HCL each. I was wondering how much he should take for a light to medium trip? He's read alot about dramamine and knows what to expect, just isn't sure about dosage for diphenhydramine HCL. Please and thanks!
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    Just a note,
    Diphenhydramine hydrochloride is not Dramamine (it's Benadryl)
    Dimenhydrinate Hydrochloride is Dramamine

    Which drug are you using as while their effects are very similar their dosages are not!

    If you do have Diphenhydramine consult below

    Oral Diphenhydramine Dosages
    Threshold 10mg
    Light 25-150 mg
    Common 150-300 mg
    Strong 250-500 mg
    Heavy 400-700
    LD50 (Lethal Dose*) 500 mg/kg in rats
    Duration : 4 - 8 hours
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    Jan 8, 2006
    regardless of which one you explore the results will require a good friend to watch your ass. I wouldn't wish the end result of 600mg Diphenhydramine hydrochloride on my worst enemy. good luck!
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    read some trip reports on erowid before deciding if You really wants to do this. especially the "difficult experiences" ones. those tend to be more common. deleriants are nothing to take lightly and many people dont enjoy them. even with a low-level trip You may interact with people and things that are not there, so follow raedons advice and get a sitter!
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    Get a sitter?! More like get a straight-jacket and a padded cell. Large doses of any deleriant will cause one to totally lose touch with reality and enter into, and react to, an entirely fabricated one. One which may be extremely frightening, or embarrassing.

    Take the example of someone I knew: He was on a hot and heavy date with a person only he could see. He fucked a sleeping-bag on the floor in front of a group of us - with no recall the next day. And he was one of the lucky ones!
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    Re: Quick Question About Diphenhydramine Dosage?

    dude dont do it its not wirth it.i dosed on benadryl once and im never going to take another pill again.a friend of mine and me meet up to go party and for some reason thier were no partys that day so she told me about benadryl so i said fuck it why not and we went and bought 2 boxs of benadryl and we each took 21 pills (each pill we took was 25mg so we took all togeither 525mg)she said she took 20 before in the past and it was pretty good(but the ones she was talken about she took in the past were only 15mg pills which we didnt know till it was to late.).so ya anyway we took the pills and 20mins passed and nothing was happening then 40mins after we took the pills we were feeling weird and getting cold then hot and then cold over and over then 5mins after that we were fucked.we kept hearing voices,like for me i thought she was talken to me and when i started talken back she didnt know wtf i was talken about because she wasent really talken to me.then i heard someone saying "HEY" about 16 times in a row.then i looked at a cleanex box and it like turned into a big white ball with abunch of stringy legs...
    then we both went to bed and she was sleeping in a different room then me but about 5mins after she went to slept i saw her come in my room and jump in my bed and started talken to me for abit and then i satup and she was gone in a second.all the shit i was seeing and hear seemed so fucken real.anyway i layed back down and closed my eyes i dont know how long i was laying thier but i felt like i was close to dying so i forsed my num has hell body to get up out of bed and go in her room for abit.everything i looked at had a palse and had like waves or air flying off of w/e i looked at.has i was laying in her bed i was looken around and everything had a face was looken at me.i looked by her door and this like small guy ina hoody was staring at me and turning his head.then i finally past out,and when i woke up the guy i saw in the hoody was really just her purse hanging on her door...

    it was one of the worse feelings ever in my life so far i think.i really thought i was dying and she thought she was dying to.i think if i had to pick from that feeling again or getting shot i would probly pick getting shot.

    anyway long story short:pills are bad dont do just going to stick with weed and beer lol.
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    Re: Quick Question About Diphenhydramine Dosage?

    Welcome to the forums, I can tell you hope to add your valuable experiences in order to help others but please, read the rules first. It's not proper to post on threads that are very old. This one is over 1.5 years old and the original poster was banned, therefore can't read your replies and probably engaged in whatever activity in question.
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    I've taken a total of 25 of the 25 mg pills before. I would honestly recommend your first dosage to be around 17-18 pills atleast. Many people say 100-200mg your first time or even 400mg but I found at these dosages I mainly just got tired and had zero visuals and very few of any auditory hallucinations. These people out here saying people trip and see stuff on 300 mg in my opinion are lying but hey everyone's bodies are different and different drugs react differently for each person. For your first dosage I'd def recommend around 400mg definitely because you don't know what your getting into but for most people don't expect much at 400mg. Diphenhydramine takes me atleast 600+ in mg to work for me. I also don't dose daily either so I mainly have a pretty low tolerance for diphenhydramine.