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    Mar 28, 2005
    SWIM just acquired some raw opium, straight from a few pods he planted a while back, its quite alot of this gooand he's pretty happy with the outcome, all he did was plant it in a field and check on it everyonce and a while to make sure no one was fucking with it, then he cut it wit a pearing knife and let it drip out

    i heard u gotta cook it b/4 ucan smokeit so he's not too interested in goin through all that, but he is looking toeat it , so what would be a good oral dose for this stuff? how should he take it? just straight off a spoon? in a capsule?

    also, how does eating it compare to smoking it? can it be eaten after it is cooked? if you dislike smokin it
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    Apr 8, 2005
    You don't HAVE to cook it before you smoke it, it just makes the smoking alot easier, healthier and more pleasant. There are some tribes that do not cook it, and they do smoke it. Cooking it really isn't a very difficult procedure - Basically just putting it into a pot with water, turning up the temperature until what can dissolve (opium) does dissolve, running it througha filter or even cheesecloth and then evaporating the water away at a tempterature of below 80C. Cooking it just removes the excess plant matter.

    Yes, you can eat it after it is cooked.

    As for an oral dose - that question is frought with problems - it depends on the potency of the opium whether it was cooked, the strain and the stresses it underwent growing as well as the time the pods were bled in it's life cycle as well as the individuals personal opiate tolerance. IfSWIPG has ever had tea, the eating it is comparable to that;longer lasting and a longer build up than smoking.

    Lots of people have recommended oral dosages, use the search engine to find out - SWIM's personal advice is eat very little, wait and then eat a little more. You are the best judge of your own body's tolerance. Too much won't be pleasant - it will make you sick. It's better to be wondering if you are high than wondering if you're gonna die.