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    Dec 23, 2004
    This is a query for those of you who know people who have
    come across different RC's.

    In a perfect world, RC's would be 100% pure and their appearance would
    correspond exactly with the description in pikal/<st1:City><st1:place>tikal</st1:place></st1:City>.

    Is this the case with RC's you have seen? Trying to be as
    specific as possible in terms of colour, consistency (clumped, powdery etc),
    homogeneity (a single pure substance, or something different distinct parts)

    Hotlinking to a picture of an Research Chemical would be ideal for those of you with digital
    cameras. (you can host images @ imageshack.us) Remember, if you're taking a
    picture of a light coloured substance, a dark background will give the best

    <br style="">

    Why am I so interested?

    A friend of mine recently came across a couple of RC's that didn't quite meet
    what he expected in terms of their physical appearance. He compared them to
    only one or two pictures hosted on Erowid, and was unable to find any other
    pictures around the net.

    It is possible that there is a variation in physical appearance within a
    reasonably pure substance depending on how it was prepared. Perhaps some RC’s
    are sold with “filler” chemicals to bulk them up.

    So let me start off with my friends description of a couple RC's he happened

    <b style="">2-CI[/b]

    This sample was pure white and sparkly. It did not bunch into larger
    clumps. In fact, it was a consistent sample of very fine "crystal
    bristles" ranging from near powder to 1mm in length.

    <b style="">5-Meo-Dipt[/b]

    This sample was off white - pinkish or orangeish. Much of the sample was made
    up of .5mm "flakes". As the bag was tilted, these flakes sparkled each
    in turn. This sample contained many irregular clumps. Oddly, it also had in it larger
    pink/brown crystal chunks that seemed to be distinctly different from the bulk
    of the material. This sample was on sale – perhaps it was the last of a large

    Anyone else have some descriptions or photos of stuff they or their friends may have seen?
  2. noeticbuzz

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    Jan 6, 2005
    That is fairly similar to the visual description of my 2c-i, almost spot on. I had slight crystal clumpage but very small maybe 2mm tops. I guess you could add that my 2c-i looked 'fluffy' in a very solid hard way, if that makes any sense.
  3. sunyata

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    Dec 16, 2004
    from norway
    5-meo-Dipt: Fine, white powder crystals with a slight pink hue, no lumps or flakes,reflected lightthe same way snowdoes when it's really cold(sparkling), "fluffy".

    AMT- Slightly yellow crystals,more lumps than 5-meo-Dipt, smells like the fur from a clean dog(I know it sounds weird, but it really does, Alaskan husky, if anyone is curious).

    Both compounds taste horrible, the AMT slightly worse than the 5-meo-Dipt. Both dissolve quickly in alcohol, but AMT dissolves slower. Hopethis helps.Edited by: sunyata
  4. Dualpower

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    Dec 23, 2004
    Refering to chems described in my first post:

    2ci & a metric ruler (click to load)


    2ci & a penny


    5meo-Dipt & a metric ruler


    5meo-Dipt & a penny


    the 5meo-dipt in these pic's looks more pinkish/orangeish in real life

    I should also mention that this is what I was sent by a supplier, these
    aren't neccesarily pics of what these chemicals actually look like.
    Although said supplier supposedly does have a good reputation.

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  5. Dreeker

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    Jan 7, 2005
    from earth
    how much mgs was the 2ci in the first pic with the ruler?

  6. serpent

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    Feb 14, 2005
    buy some scales dreeker,dont judge by eye!
  7. Dualpower

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    Dec 23, 2004
    "how much mgs was the 2ci in the first pic with the ruler?"

    My friend says he just shook some out of the bag in order to take a picture of it.

    And serpent is right.

    Get some scales, or put the drugs on the shelf.
  8. Eirias

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    Jan 21, 2005
    In SWIM's experience,

    AMT is a fine white to slightly-off white to faint
    yellowish-white power that is more powdery than crystalline (almost
    like ground-up chalk) and has a pungent DMT-like odor (not identical to
    the smell of DMT, but very similar/tryptamine-esque). The more
    the AMT is exposed to oxygen/aged, the more it smells/became slightly
    off-white and then clumped together into one chunk (1 gram in a tinted

    5-MeO-DIPT in the purest form I have seen is white and
    crystalline to slightly tan, and with a subtle tryptamine odor.
    I have also seen very pure 5-MeO-DIPT than was rather light-tan/khaki
    and in tiny 1mm rod-like/needle-like crystals that "sparkled" like cold
    icy snow when rotated in semi-direct light (the "needle-like "crystals
    were different than "needle-like" crystals I had seen of 2C-B).

    2C-I is fluffy white and sometimes "bright", and rarely
    off-white, simliar to 2C-B HCL but a bit less crystalline and more
    powdery fluffy. As described earlier in this thread, it reflected
    light and "sparkled" a bit, but not in the "snowy" reflective fashion
    that 5-MeO-DIPT responded to light and movement.

    2C-T-7 is finer than 2C-I in consistency, and less fluffy and
    crystalline. It is most often light-tan in SWIM's experience, but
    is sometimes (rarely) white that gradually fades to tan over time and

    5-MeO-DMT is chunky and crystalline like methamphetamine (but
    not really in the "shard-like" crystals that meth has), and ranges from
    a pale semi-translucent yellowish to an off-whitish/white to
    translucent/clear/water-white. It lacks the classic "tryptamine"
    odour but has its own distinct smell that is much more subtle than
    n,n-DMT or AMT and is kind of "sweet" smelling. The smell is
    stronger when the substance is melted/vaporized. Upon being
    exposed to open air for longer periods of time, the yellowish colour
    increases and it can even become ever-so-slightly reddish-hued.
    If the substance reaches this reddish-hued state, it is seemingly
    rather oxidized from the atmosphere and will have lost a good deal of
    its potency.

    DPT HCL is light-tan, often with faint purplish hues, but occasionally and
    quite rarely it is whitish to off-white. It sometimes has a very faint
    odour most reminiscent of 5-MeO-DMT, but still different. It is
    powdery and not very crystalline, but it still reflects light a bit.

    IMO, with all Research Chemicals the ideal purest forms would be pure white
    powders. But with different methods of synthesis/xtalization used
    to manufacture the compounds, and different lengths and conditions of
    storage, the textures and colours are bound to change from batch to
    batch. Even if an Research Chemical seems "impure" it could be from extended exposure
    to moisture or oxygen/air or hot temps, but is most likely not "cut" or
    adulterated with any foreign substance. The liability and
    damaging effect this would have on a supplier, should the word get out
    that their products were adulterated, is too much to risk IMO for most
    companies, and would soon be detected by researchers with access to the
    proper testing equipment. I have had RCS in a myriad of
    different hues and textures, with often surprising results as to the
    apparent subjective purity and potency of each substance. The
    only way to know for sure is to get a Mecke or Marquis reagent kit and
    do a field test, or send the compound somewhere where its identity can
    be accurately verified.


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  9. Dualpower

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    Dec 23, 2004

    I checked out these tests on dancesafe.org. They don't seem like they
    would be very useful for IDing RC's, but then I don't know the
    mechanics of how they work. Would a positive for 2ct7, for instance, be
    indicative of a 2c-like substance?

    What kind of lab would you send this too?

    If only my friend were still in school - he had his own lab with some ridiculously hi-tech mass spectrometer. [​IMG]
  10. Eirias

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    Jan 21, 2005
    There used to be a lab you could send any substance and have it
    verified, and even Sasha Shulgin was performing this service for
    awhile. But nowadays your best chance would be to send it to the
    labs at DanceSafe or EcstasyData.org if they are up and running, and
    act like it's an "Ecstasy" pill that you want to have tested.
    They can't/won't test it if you say that it wasn't sold as or
    represented as or otherwise "supposed to be" MD(M)A.

    The Marquis reagent probably wouldn't be very helpful in all
    reality, and even the Mecke reagent is still a bit general in its
    analytical capabilities, but it could at least determine if the
    substance was either "MD-like" or "2C-like". For indolic
    substances like tryptamines, there is a reagent that can be prepared
    fairly easily to determine the presence of any indolic compound, and I
    believe that Rhodium's site had instructions on how to prepare it.

    Another option if you are chemistry-literate would be to do some
    type of simple liquid "spot" chromatography, and then compare the
    results with the chromatographic guidelines for whatever compound you
    were testing.


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  11. freakybass

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    Feb 1, 2005
    from zambia
    <b style="">TMA-2[/b]

    This sample was off white - pinkish or purplish. Much of the sample was made
    up of .2mm "flakes". The flakes didn't sparkled at all. This sample contained many irregular clumps.

    TMA-2 & a penny


    A 100mg TMA-2 bag


    TMA-2 Zoom


    Note: The bag was never open before taking the picture.