Recent Heroin experience with many questions

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    I have injected many different types of opiates to date including heroin. But the few times he's gotten H in the past he was almost certain it was shitty H. This time SWIM bought from a guy he was certain would have the good stuff.

    The H came in a little plastic zip-lock back. It was dark brown and gooey/sticky. It had a pungent and distinct aroma that made SWIM think of vinegar.

    SWIM cooked up a bit about the size of a match head to be safe. Injecting this he felt a mild rush and slight relaxation. Over the next couple hours, I injected small amounts about 5 more times. As he had no sitter, he was wary of loading up a bigger shot. With each subsequent shot there was another slight rush and an extension of the slight relaxation feeling. It was far from overwhelming. On about the 6th shot, SWIM loaded one that was a bit bigger and attained a state that he guesses is what people call 'being on the nod' or whatever. He expected this 'nod' state to be much more profound and pleasurable. It was not unpleasant to be sure, but mostly SWIM struggled to keep his eyes open and felt kinda retarded.

    After the last shot, with no accompanying increase in pleasurable feelings, SWIM began to feel nauseous. This didn't happen right away mind you, which is the way I had been told to expect it. The heavy nausea started an hour or more after last injection and lasted for 4 or 5 hours. During this time, I couldn't eat and threw up on at least 3 separate occasoins. He was definitely nodding, but it wasn't super pleasureable. I had always assumed that a person on the nod who was vomiting may look miserable on the outside, but was actually pretty blissed out on the inside; not so for SWIM.

    So now some questions:

    - How does one handle this black tar heroin? It's so gooey and wants to stick to everything used in preparing a shot.

    - Where are the orgasmic feelings people are always talking about? Like Renton says in Trainspotting, "Take the best orgasm you've ever had, multiply it by 1000 and you're still nowhere near it."

    - Can black tar heroin be smoked off foil? And which sidel goes up, dull or shiny?

    - SWIM read just today that the high from heroin lasts 6 hours. I am a non-tolerant opiate user, or was when starting these experiments. The high he achieved didn't seem much different from vicodin with the exception of the initial rush.

    - How long should the nausea last after a shot?

    - If a user cooks up heroin and draws into a syringe, how long can they wait to actually shoot it without re-cooking it?

    Thanks in advance for any help, especially since I'm sure that I might have found answers to a couple of these by doing a few searches.

    Thanks again-

    - Beltane
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    1. put some water in the microwave or over a stove, and when it starts to boil suck some up with the syringe and put in the cooker (spoon). Add your dope and heat again until it dissolves. (You doesn't really need to boil the water first, but it keeps the dope from sticking to the spoon less)

    2. You didn't use an appropriate dose to achieve this feeling. I would have to shoot a 1/2 gram to come even close, so You should probably use 1/4. a 1/2 probably won't hurt, but wait till swiys tolerance is a little higher.

    3. yes, it can be smoked. first, make your boat (shiny side down) and run a flame up and down the foil to burn off the chemicals. drop your piece in the middle and run the flame up and down using a tutor to inhale.

    4. if enough is used, then yes, it will be felt for up to 6 hours. You won't be high that long. Swim usually peaks about 20-30 minutes afterwards, so a non-tolerant will most likely peak at 1-2 hours, with a buzz lasting for a couple more hours.

    5. until You pukes. If You doesn't want to puke (although it can't be helped sometimes) just don't stand up and walk around. If You just sits still or lays down, the nausea should pass within a half hour or so.

    6. It should be fine for an hour or so. I'm not really sure, but it seems to me like tar needs to be cooked to make it dissolve and kill bacteria. I've heard that it needs to be heated to be active, but I also know of people that don't even cook their shots (with china white). It should still be active if you let it sit for awhile