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Injecting - Recipes for injecting tablets

Discussion in 'Opiates & Opioids' started by kasbeq, Jan 12, 2010.

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    Recipes from a dream – based on lies

    The aim is to give guidelines , and reduce harm for people who are going to inject pills anyway

    Morphine Tablets

    There have been a lot of questions and confusion about how to make Morphine tablets soluble for intravenous injection. The following is an easy, fast, reliable way to turn Morphine tablets into base Diacetyl-morphine or Morphine Hydrochloride for injection.

    Things You Will Need to Have
      1. Tablespoon and Teaspoon (use glass if using hydrochloric acid)
      2. Syringes x3
      3. Baking soda
      4. Citrus acid or white vinegar(don't use if using hydrochloric acid)
      5. Cigarette filters
      6. Acetic Anhydride or Hydrochloric Acid

    If you cannot get Acetic Anhydride you cannot make Diacetyl-morphine, however if you can get Hydrochloric Acid which is available at hardware stores you can still make Morphine Hydrochloride which is not as powerful as Diacetyl-morphine but can still be injected.
      1. Take the Morphine tablet and carefully remove the colored coating with a damp paper cloth.
      2. Place the tablet in a table spoon and add a small amount (the same size as the tablet)of baking soda.
      3. Add one mil of water and gently heat the mixture over a low heat (the lowest setting on the stove element) when it is bubbling slowly break up the tablet with the end of a teaspoon and slowly evaporate the water off, you should now have a light brown / white dry mixture.
      4. Place a small amount of Acetic Anhydride or Hydrochloric Acid on the mixture to make it damp and let it sit for 2min, then gently heat the mixture over a low heat until dry (brown). Do not breath the fumes. Make sure that the mixture is dry.

        (Skip step 5 if you are using hydrochloric acid.)
      5. Place a small amount of citrus acid or white vinegar on top of the mixture.
      6. Add water and gently heat the mixture over a low heat for 30 seconds, place a cigarette filter on top of the mixture and then get your needle and suck the Heroin or Morphine thru the filter you may repeat this 2 or 3 times to get all the Heroin or Morphine.
      7. You can now inject the heroin intravenously, to work out the dosage is simple, if you used a 30mg pill and only wanted to inject 15mg just divide the solution into two needles, if you wanted only 10mg divide the solution into three needles and so on.
    OxyContin & Ms Contin

    OxyContin®: Oxycodone HCl Controlled-Release: 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg, 80 mg, and 160 mg Tablets. MS Contin®: Morphine Sulfate Controlled-Release: 15 mg, 30 mg, 60 mg, 100 mg, and 200 mg Tablets.
    1. Take the pill and gently scrape off the coating. For the coating inside the imprint, use the end of a needle and pick away at it gently until it falls off. There are some who take a moistened paper towel and wipe the coating off, but I've never done that.
    2. Place the pill in between a folded piece of heavy-weight paper. Fold the sides and top so that when you crush it, no pulverized pill gets out. Take a hard object and slowly crush the pill. With a straight edge blade, open the folded paper and spread however much you crushed around and close it and crush some more. Do this until you have nothing left but powder. The drug is bound to the carnauba wax. In the next step you'll be able to extract it.
    3. Take a 1/2 cc syringe and twist and bend the needle until it breaks off. Then with pliers (or your teeth) remove the plastic tip. You will now have a syringe that quickly takes up water and quickly eliminates it when you plunge it. Fill the syringe with ice cold water and set aside.
    4. Take the powder and pour it into a mound in a large spoon (that is bent so that when you put it down, the spoon will be flat and not tip over and spill your stuff). Add water just to the point of getting all the powder immersed in liquid.
    5. Run the spoon over a flame. The best thing to do is to take some 91% alcohol and place a small amount in a shallow dish. Light it on fire and run the spoon slowly over the flames until you see it begin to boil. You do not want to boil what is in the spoon, you just want to liquefy the water and the powder. This will make the wax come up to the top like scum.
    6. After the powder is liquefied, immediately set the spoon down and add the ice cold water from the syringe you set aside. This will make the wax harden, leaving the remaining water with the drug.
    7. Now use the same needle that you had the cold water in and stuff the end with a tightly packed piece of cotton that you've rolled around in your fingertips and stuff it in the end of the syringe.
    8. Put the syringe with the cotton end directly into the spoon. Begin to draw up the solution. It will be cloudy, but see-through.
    9. Take a new syringe and remove the plunger. Take the cotton off the tip of the syringe with the solution and inject the solution through the back side of the new syringe. The point here is not to mess with the needle, since you want it to remain as sharp as possible for comfort.
    10. Once the solution is the new syringe, but the plunger back in, tap the syringe so all air -bubbles are gone. You may have to move the plunger up and down a bit inside the syringe to have all of the solution settle. You are now ready to inject the solution. The scum on the spoon can be eaten, since there will always be some of the drug left in it, or you may repeat the process of boiling the scum and adding cold water after boiling to have the wax harden, again drawing the solution that is left. If you're using a 1/2 cc syringe though, you may want to inject it on the next round.


    Morphine Sulfate Controlled-Release: 15 mg, 30 mg, 60 mg, 100 mg, and 200 mg Tablets.

    1. Wash the color off the pill.
    2. Put it on a tablespoon and add 1.4 mls of water. (Use a 1 cc insulin syringe, 1 full syringe of water plus 40 units more).
    3. Heat the water with a lighter until the pill JUST starts to dissolve on the edges.
    4. Stop heating. Mash the pill thoroughly with the end of the plunger, mixing with the water.
    5. Reheat the mixture just a little! Until the wax floating on top is melted again. Don't EVER heat so much that it boils. (The second heating is very short, it takes some practice. If you have heated too long you will find that the mixture is too thick and hard to draw up. In this case add a drop of water and reheat a little).
    6. Blow the waxy stuff off to the side of the spoon gently.
    7. If it is heated just right, you blow on the wax and it all floats over to the side very easily. At this point the mixture should also have cooled down a little. Draw up the liquid, staying away from the wax. If you blew it to the side and it has cooled, it will not go into the syringe. You may find toward the end a little bit of thicker stuff. Take your time and it will draw up too. With practice the whole thing takes about two minutes. Good luck.

    Hydromorphone Hydrochloride: 2 mg, 4 mg, and 8 mg Tablets.
    1. Take one K4 or 4mg of generic the first time.
    2. Fold up a glossy magazine cover (think playboy center-fold) or a crisp new bill into quarters.
    3. Insert the pill inside. Crush it forcefully and thoroughly with the back of a tablespoon or a hammer (crush, not bang).
    4. When you open the paper, you should see a finely powdered version of what used to be a pill. Transfer the contents to a spoon (or whatever you use to cook your drugs).
    5. Add 0.75 cc (0.75 ml) of warm water. Stir, stir, stir.
    6. Draw the contents into a syringe through a cotton.
    Swim suggests that pills should not be injected – However swim knows that people will continue to inject them so he has prepared some recipes to reduce the harm
    Remember that pills are designed to be eaten, not to be injected. Injecting pills is thus inherently dangerous. Consider not injecting them, but if you do, use great caution.

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