Anal use - Rectal Administation Guide for Downers

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    This thread is just for educational purposes only (wink wink)
    Well if You is broke or just needs to conserve their pills, this way of administration will get you really high off of small doses.... BINGO You got it, rectal administration! It doesn't sound very pretty, but its really not as bad as it sounds, and plus you’s anal cavity has many more veins than oral or nasal administration has, which means you get a hell of a lot more for your buck. :D Also be sure to read the comments/suggestions before You goes through with this procedure!

    Here are the following instructions on how to administer you's downer (whether it be zopidem or alprazolam) rectally:

    1. Get some of your desired pill/s and crush them up fine (make sure its a small dose, make sure the dose is smaller (as in 1/2 your normal oral dose).
    2. Get a syringe (without needle of course) and suck up some hot water (SWIdr uses a 5 mL syringe, but it can be done with all sorts of different syringes so don't worry!)
    3. Put the water (from the syringe) and the powdered pill/s into a small container; like a shot glass.
    4. Start mixing it for about a couple of minutes or until it dissolves, (but not all of it will dissolve, but that’s ok).
    5. Quickly stir the mixture one last time (to get the good stuff that was sitting on the bottom to swirl around towards the top, so it would be easier to get all of the good stuff) then suck it up with the syringe.
    6. Go find a place were You can be alone for 10-20 minutes, and also it would be best if You had a book, TV, or music to entertain him because after he done administering it.
    7. Lie on you’s left side (right if your left handed) and take off your pants.
    8. Lubricate the syringe a lot (especially the tip) and/or anus. Personal water based lubricant works best, although SWIdr really hasn't really tried it with any other sources of lubrication.
    9. (Here comes the fun part! :p ) Lift right (or left) leg and slowly insert the syringe into you’s anus.
    10. The syringe should be as deep into your anal cavity as possible, so just push it in until it reaches the plunger part, then slowly inject the contents of the syringe into you’s anal cavity (You will probably feel a weird tingling sensation).
    11. Once You has pumped out all syringe contents, slowly remove the syringe, and now your done with the hard part!
    12. All You have to do is relax (also it might help to squeeze your sphincter muscles until the urge to shit has died down), and lay on you’s side for a period of time from 2-20mins (to help with absorption).


    1. The onset will start very soon after administration, you should hit the plateau in less than 30 minutes after administration and it will last for about 1-3 hours, and the decline will be very rapid, and leave you comfortably sleepy.
    2. It would be best (if You is a newbie to this type of administration) to try a test run with plain water, so You know what to expect.
    3. SWIdr strongly suggests that You try to shit before You administers the downer, but its ok if You can't, you just might end up with a bunch of fecal matter on your syringe.
    4. You should try not to move for at least 5 minutes after You is done with the administration to ensure good absorption.
    5. Do NOT shit right away or even 10-15 minutes after You is done with the administration, or else the drug will not be absorbed nearly as well.
    6. Some downers (i.e. lorazepam are not very soluble in water, so You might want to use wine instead of water (be careful though, alc.+downers of any kind can be very bad!). So if You is not sure how soluble the drug you want to rectally administer is, you might want to do some research on your own about its solubility in different liquids and choose he best one for this procedure.

    Well there it is, SWIdr hopes it help you guys out and stuff, and let SWIdr say this can be way better (absorption wise) than oral and or nasal administration! Good luck, and feel free to PM or post any of your questions/suggestions!
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