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Discussion in 'Kratom' started by electricjw, Jun 9, 2013.

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    There are so many diff types of red veins out there, whether it be indo, thai, horn, kalico, borneo, etc, but which is the best (on avg). If you take an avg red vein indo compared to a red vein thai, or red horn or to a red vein borneo, which is produces more of a sedative aroma? And how would these compare to an average bali?

    I havent noticed all the subtle differences in the aromas of each, and have only tried the red indo, red thai, and red borneo. I've pretty much mixed everytime i use, so i dont have a true feel for what the aroma really produces. I liked the red indo but i haven't tested enough of the others. So how does these reds compare to a bali? Is the bali strains the best for a sedative aroma? I haven't really ordered bali, so I was wondering if it would be an upgrade over the other types of reds, and I also hear a lot of ppl loving bali.
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    There really is no best, its all very subjective.
    Why not find a vendor that sells sample packs of all their different strains so you can find what works best for you.

    Red Vein Bali (aka borneo) is the strain of choice for people looking for an opiate like effect, or who want to use it to try and move away from or withdraw from opiates. Personally im not the biggest fan.
    Ive found Red Veined Riau to be very sedating.

    People get different effects though, so some self experimentation is needed.
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    There are subtle differences between all of these strains. Whats more confusing is that there are noticeable differences in both aroma, quality, potency, etc between different vendors version of each of these. For me RVB is the most sedating. It is usually not very intense but has some long legs. It's also an Indo. Bali (also an Indo) TENDS to be less sedating, and for me has more of a u4ic kick to me. it's aroma is easily identifiable and different from other strains. RVI is VERY generic and can be from almost anywhere in Indonesia, and vary widely. The RVI 2% is very potent and can kick your assl; it's also pricey. Red Horn is a strain from 1 specific vendor. It's very good and potent. Sedating with great body warmth. It's called horn because the tips of the leaf are spiked (according to the vendor). Not sure exactly what it is; my best guess would be RVB, but the best RVB I've ever had. It's not exactly cheap. RVT is the only non-Indo (Thai), and is the most energetic of the bunch. It's full-bodied like it's Red Indo counterparts, but tends to be more intense and short-acting. One of my personal faves.