Spiritual - Reiki: Exploring Your Inner Energies on Mushrooms

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    Hi, a few months ago I was initiated to 1st degree Reiki. Reiki is the passing on of the life energie through your hands, I won't explain the whole story so here's a link xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Anyway, the thing I can compare it most with is Chi, only Chi is more like directing your energie to just on part. Reiki uses energie from the earth and the galaxy. It's a very warm and friendly feeling.

    When I was initiated I almost imidiatly thought how it would be on a Psychedelic. Since I live in Holland shrooms was the most easy psychedelic to get (except Ganja). So I asked Swibl to get some and try it (he is able to do reiki too). He tryed it with a friend (also 1st degree). As soon as it started Swibl could notice the difference. When he put his hands on him he could see drastic changes in his perception and visuals.

    Now comes the good part, Swibl was, before he discoverd Reiki, almost only interested in the visuals that Psychedelics give. Now he could feel intens body waves en presure points(when performing Reiki). The next thing he noticed was that when he did a smal reiki session (10 min) he could feel as if he was in perfect balance. With himself and everything. A ++++ experience without the mindblowing visuals. It was as breaking through the twisted an weird aspects of shrooms. Like I had some thing with mushrooms that during the upcome it was very difficult to focus on one thing. I couldn't do it or something. Well swibl had the same thing but after reiki he was in balance, he was untwisted.

    Another curious thing was that the warmth and flowing feeling of Reiki increased very VERY much on shrooms. Swibl has done MDMA also on reiki but that wasn't half as intense as on shrooms.

    I think that Shrooms give you a certain connection with the energie of the earth, of the universe and with yourself. It is really an intense, absolutly stunning and wunderfull experience.
    Will give a very detailed report one day but I'm very bussy with music and school. Havn't been here a long time, Is there a music topic here by the way?

    O yeah BTW. Listen shpongle an entire trip, IT IS A REALLY GOOD EXPERIENCE

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    Re: Reiki, Exploring your inner energy's (On Shrooms)

    I used to eat a lot of mushrooms when they were legal in the UK and sending reiki while tripping can be awesome, especially when you learn to see the energy flowing from your body.

    One experiment you might want to try -- get two trays of cress seeds and eat as many shrooms as you like. Then flow your energy to one of the trays and ignore the other.

    By the time the trip is over, or at least within a couple of days, you'll probably notice that the tray you gave energy to has grown much faster than the other tray. It's usually a pretty big difference.

    If you're anything like me, that's a nice way to prove to yourself that this stuff really does work.