Combinations - Report: Mushrooms + Ecstasy

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    May 15, 2005
    So I chew 2 pills of E, and top it with several large piles of mushrooms. MDMA hits me very weakly. I suddenly tune into life and it took me a few seconds to figure out who I am. Little do I know, this will be happening ALOT more on this occasion. A few minutes later, when this is happening more often at an increasing speed, and when conversations are making NO sense whatsoever, the gang decides to walk down to the local mall for reasons unknown to me. We take off. Everyone (a group of 4 or 5, on Mushrooms) is part of a conversation, yet I am unable to comprehend. I figure we are all very intoxicated and none of us are making sense. We reach an intersection and as we're crossing the street time slows down. Extension has begun. At this point reality is in slow motion. I see unknown faces, hear unknown voices, forget who or why I am; I make a run for it because everyone around me (who is definitely unrecognizable to me) does so. After what seemed like long painful years, at last the impossible task of crossing the street is successfully accomplished by all. After this tiring journey from the other side of the street it I find it relieving to be able to take solid steps on Earth where time is like I've always known it. However the reward was not last. Mere moments later I discovered myself unaware of reality. I retune into life and become aware of my own existence; this time it takes me slightly longer to figure out who I am. It happens again, and again, and again, and again, every time with a shorter interval. We enter the mall. The cool air, the shiny lights, and the pleasant confusion and unawareness provide an orgasmic state of mind, that I cannot recall experiencing elsewhere. We walk around for an unknown length of time, during which I allow my mind to explore itself while trying to keep my appearance normal. Suddenly the general public is staring at me; I am guiltily the center of attention. I am what is happening. I am all that matters, and I have embarrassed the gang and myself by making it deafeningly obvious that I am living in a different universe than everyone else. I panic. At this point I am tuning in and out of existence so fast that there is not enough time for me to figure out who I am every time I tune in. I remember the car that I was in earlier. I try my best to focus and I locate the driver. Though I am still doubtful whether he is the driver or not, whether there was a driver in the first place, or whether this is just a bad dream, I stick with my decision. Somehow I find myself running towards the car on the mall’s parking lots. I’m confused, and have literally NO IDEA what is going on. Keep in mind that I’m still constantly tuning in and out of existence. It’s as if I’m being reborn over and over again; I’m learning how it is to ‘feel’ over and over again. I look around me, there is a person following me. Several seconds later I realize he is who I thought the driver was. I feel my only choice is trusting him. I find myself uncontrollably talking to him, asking for guidance through being. We reach the slow-motion intersection once again. I prepare myself for several more years of pain and numbness, but thankfully this time I sense no difference in time. A car slows down as it gets near. I notice people pointing and laughing at me. I can’t care less; I’ve got important things on my mind. I find myself alone lying in the back seat. What the fuck just happened?! Was the entire nightmare at the mall a dream? No it wasn’t; once again at a rapidly increasing speed, I am being reborn repeatedly. Panic begins once again. I am desperate. I close my eyes hard and try to think. A huge burst of energy passes through my body, just like when I was on LSD for the first time, however this time it’s pleasant and comforting kind of energy. Several seconds go by and once again I’m unaware of everything. My eyes are still closed and I am still conducting energy. I feel different parts of my body with my hands. I notice something on my thigh. I search for the mysterious object, and after a long time I find it. It’s black, in the shape of a rectangle and it is unrecognizable. I notice someone walking around the car. He is talking on a cell phone, which finally leads me to realize what the mysterious object is. I realize I am soaking in sweat. It is sickening. My level of panic increases exponentially. Once again I try to focus, and make a decision of some sort, this time with my eyes open. I blink and I’m sitting on the front seat listening to music. Another blink and I’m lying relaxed on the ground with several new faces around and several old faces not around. Finally I’m starting to come down. Now I’m experiencing what I experience every other time I’d done E. I’m energetic and talkative, and grinding my teeth. Another burst of energy and I was once again extending time. But this time it was fun. Throughout the night I experienced some more time-stretches, and there were several more instances of being reborn.

    The lessons:
    1.While drugged do not bring yourself into the public, unless you know EXACTLY what you’re getting into.
    2.When doing Ecstasy especially large quantities, keep yourself hydrated, and chew on something other than your lips or tongue.
    3.Do not be irresponsible – do not make other people HAVE to be responsible for you.
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    May 10, 2005
    from ireland
    Sounds like quite the experience. I have considered doing the mushroom and XTC candy-flip but I would only do it in a very low dose. Probably one E and 5g of some fresh moderately strong mushroom.

    Being out in public on any serious mind-altering drug is never good in my experience. With XTC, I would just feel too vulnerable physically and with mushrooms I would feel too vulnerable mentally. Perhaps you felt both these things.

    I tend to find that avoiding chewing anything works out a lot better for teeth and gums the next day. Even when sober, chewing a piece of gum for a long period of time will hurt your mouth. People tend to forget this when they're on E. I focus on not chewing and just smoking something to keep my mind off it.