Combinations - *REPORT* Psilocybe Cubensis + Salvia + Nitrous + Marijuana

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    The following was found stuck to the bottom of my shoe on my way home from work today... i'll try to re-type what wasn't too badly shredded, as it's an interesting read.


    Setting: Early afternoon, relaxed, no priorities whatsoever. One might say the perfect day for a romp.

    5 Grams dried psilocye cubensis [Ecuadorian Strain] was consumed in 3 gelcaps, along with 1 "00" gelcap of a concoction consisting of: 1 Gram activated cannabis, a pinch of skeletium, and a pinch of kava.

    1 hour after ingestion the signs are becoming apparent. That "i'm hallucinationg" face one gets glancing back from a mirror is very pronounced already.

    1.5 Hours in, and the euphoria is almost overwhelming. It's been about 4 years since shroomin, almost forgot how great they make one feel.

    2 Hours in, things are at full boar and the oral marijuana tried in conjunction with mushrooms will be repeated every time for sure. The come up was not at all interfering with pre-trip headspace which was surprising due to the large dose and time off from the magical mushroom. Maybe the Skeletium and Kava had some say in this as well.

    2.5 Hours in. Minset is very nice. Much is going on mentally, altho nothing overwhelming visually. The common wavey distortion and application of enough focus onto 1 object will make it entertaining.. but at this dose one would expect it to happen without much more effortlessly. Oh well.. no complaints. The euphoria is what this trip is all about. So lets try some nitrous. Cautious with nitrous and other drugs should always adhered to. Start with tiny whips, and go up slowly, while checking blood pressure, and make sure your are sitting down for god sakes! so.....1/3 of a cartridge of nitrous through the whip cream canister method was taken approx every 7 or so min and the visuals (especially cev's) are just blown wide open. 2 cartridges were nursed for an hour while watching Metalocalypse and smoking more pot.

    3.5 Hours in And nitrous was put away. Mushroom visuals are now on par with headspace, altho they both feel like they are about to diminish at the same time. So 20x Slavia extract on Damnia (50mg) is loaded into a pipe, and aniahlated with 1 toke.

    What unfolded was literally the scariest thing ever experienced in my time on this planet. Not 1 second after exhaling the Salvia EVERYTHING changed. Not just things started morphing more, and breathing faster... I was now somewhere different. (Btw this was the first time so called "breaking through" on salvia in about 5 previous tries last year). For the next what felt like hours, but was actually under 2 minutes, was something I would not wish on anyone. And if it was anything longer than 2 minutes I would not be here to write this. Ok.. so. Now there is no more apartment, no more tv, no more walls, no balcony.. you get it.. Now there was a forrest, with palms and green.. lots and lots of green. Never before has a substance taken me elsewhere, with me not rememberming how or when I got there, but lady Salvia was the first. Not too much is remembered but the things that stuck out were :

    Feeling in a different spot, with no memory of getting there. Ego and memory both went out the window, and I did not even feel like me... truley frightening. Looking at the areas of the room ie./ where the computer should be, but not even remembering a computer was even once there, instead there was a palm tree with the bottom covered in sand, but it was on a forrest floor, so the sand was out of place. And that was all that stuck out in my mind. Then I somewhat remember the freakout, but the only solid evidence was the fact that cd's, and candles, and a can of cola, still slowly dripping, were found strewn allover the place. This was after I had awoken, come to? I dunno what to even call it, cause i don't remember passing out in the corner of the kitchen. This my friends is my first break through and last experience with Lady salvia. The mushrooms obviously played a role, but to ever experience that level of terror again, is not something I would wish upon anyone.

    ****BTW I googled metalocalpyse cause it sounded interesting. Goto youtube and search for it. you won't regret it. And it makes me even think the show had some effect on the state experienced afterwards by this individual, who of course is and was never me.******