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Combinations - ritalin and ativan together

Discussion in 'Concerta & Ritalin' started by emersonthecat, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. emersonthecat

    emersonthecat Newbie

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    Apr 11, 2009
    29 y/o Female from Canada
    This has proly already been asked, but I couldn't find it. Anyhow, my kittie sometimes gets bored at night and takes some ritalin, instant release, 10mg to get high. Usually ends up pretty happy, music is awesome, talkative and a lot of empathy. Very nice, but then of course there is that crash, then he wants more, and etc. It is so hard for him to not just take a benzo and go to bed after the first crash. I know most ppl when they talk about ritalin binges, they mean like being on it for days, well my cat could never do that, by the early morning hours he is tweaked and wants to die. not literally but you know what i mean. anyways, he uses benzos and sometimes zopiclone to knock himself out after. Zopiclone knocks him out very quickly but usualy makes him groggy and has a nasty taste in them orning so he prefers to just take 2-3mg ativan when he has it, and it works like a charm and he ends up falling asleep after a bit, but atleast he is comfy and not tweaking anymore. Anyways, the point of this whole post is he asked me to find out if it would be safe to take small amounts of ativan at the same time, while high, to soften the blows and lessen the anxiety? I tried to look it up but couldn't find very solid answers. I know it probably is dangerous, considering ritalin speeds heart up, and ativan the opposite but I thought I'd ask for him. It may be easier for him to stop after the crash too and not end up re-dosing to avoid the horrible crash/come down. Also, if he did take some ativan to try to soften the crash, would it be unsafe to take more ritalin after? He takes it orally and only uses the ritalin now and again bc of the yucky side effects, but when he does he usually ends up taking 30mg every 1 1/2 hours, which is pretty high too he realizes but he hates the crash. Also, he wants me to ask, but only people who know for fact and are not just talking out their asses, how unsafe is the usual dose he takes? is it possible to overdose at that dose and timing, or is it mostly dangerous when ppl take a lot at once? It is hard to find info on ritalin online. He loves the high, it makes him talk more and be more open and get things out easier that he can't normally, without getting totally messed on something like e. He wants to be safe though as well and smart, he is very educated about the few drugs he uses but this one is so hard to find good info on. ALSO, he is on 40mg of celexa a day which probably helps the crash not be as bad as it could. I know some boards don't like these type of questions so I hope I am not gonna get in shit, but seriously, I have looked everywhere trying to find the answers, so if you can help me out and aren't talking out your ass, thanks!

    Has anyone had any experiences taking ativan with ritalin at the same time? Did it lessen the euphoria? Thanks :)
  2. Canadian4Life

    Canadian4Life Newbie

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    Jun 27, 2010
    Male from Canada
    I haven't tried ritalin and ativan but I take ritalin and Klonopin daily. I tried ativan on it's own and found it made me too tired and Klonopin doesn't have this effect. And Klonopin does not take away any of the effects of the ritalin just reduces some of the stimulation but none of the mental focus
  3. ger_generic

    ger_generic Newbie

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    Sep 2, 2010
    32 y/o Male from Germany
    my cactus used to combine this: he wasn't anxious anymore, what was good, but: he said things to people which were inappropriate and embarassing. anxiety is important sometimes, although unpleasant, and helps avoiding trouble