Rolling in the K Hole

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    Dec 22, 2005
    This happened to SWIM few months ago so please bare with him if he can't remember all the details.

    I was working a 4 pm to 12 am shift at hus place of work on a summer night. He works in the back of a kitchen, and it's a very relaxed and slack place to work. Sometimes no orders come in for hours at a time, so most of the workers spend a lot of time smoking weed behind the building and just screwing around. On this particular night SWIM split a half gram of coke with his friend who was working the late shift. They started railing it at about 8:00 and finished it off by about 9:00, just taking a line every so often.
    SWIM's friend T told him after they finished the blow that his dealer just got some new E that had ketamine in it. SWIM gave him some cash and he left to go get some. When he returned he had 3 pills, 2 for SWIM, one for him. They were round and yellow with faint white speckles and an Oakley symbol imprinted on them. SWIM dropped one pill at 11:30 so he would be rolling after his shift ended. T dropped his pill at the same time. After about a half hour, I could feel "something", but it might have just been a placebo effect. After about 1.5 hours had passed and he still felt the same, he decided to eat my other pill. About 2.5 hours had passed and he still didn't feel anything. SWIM and T went out back and smoked a bowl, and when they walked back inside, it hit him.
    Everything got a sort of metallic glow to it, like everything was brighter. I got a kind of energy rush, but he thinks it was just because everything looked so cool that he wanted to run around and look at everything. I didn't get any lovey or touchy feelings, mostly just a lot of eye jittering. After about 3 hours since I had dropped his first pill, he split another pill with T and they snorted it. The visuals really kicked in after this.
    The kitchen was closed by this time and they went out back to smoke another bowl before heading to T's house. T still wasn't feeling anything yet. While they were walking there, everything SWIM focused on would start to shake back and forth violently. Entire buildings in SWIM's field of vision would start to shake back and forth. When thry got to T's house, they sat down and turned on a movie. It was at this point that T's pill kicked in. He slumped into his couch and fell asleep within 20 minutes because he was so relaxed/tired. While I was watching the movie, he could feel the second pill "creeping" over him. This is when things got really weird for SWIM.
    The heads and faces of everyone in the movie got blurry and shook around rapidly, but only the heads. He couldn't really understand what they were saying either. This was pretty unnerving for him, but he felt too messed up to really feel scared or anxious. He decided it might be fun to try playing some videos games, so he loaded Mario Golf into T's GameCube and turned on the system. He sat back down and the game turned on. SWIM noticed that very easy tasks became increasingly hard to do. It was near impossible to choose a game mode or character. It was like his mind just couldn't make his body do anything. SWIM knew he was supposed to start the game, but he couldn't figure out how to do it. When he finally managed to get the game started, SWIM lost consciousness.
    For the next 2 hours SWIM can't remember anything except small "clips" from his trip. He can remember looking at a clock, looking back at the screen for what seemed like 5 seconds, and looking back at the clock to see that an hour had passed already. SWIM also remembers his vision at one point being similar to the fish eye lense that is used so often in CKY/Jackass videos (that's the best way I can describe it, like my vision had a bubble-like curve to it). SWIM just watched the video game screen, unable to play. He would press a button every so often, but it was very hard to do. The last thing I remember is turning off the system and laying down til he fell asleep.
    When SWIM woke up the next morning, he felt spaced out and "blank". T told him that he woke up during the night and found SWIM sitting in the chair, holding the controller, just staring at the screen. SWIM looked over at him, shot him a smile, and returned back to the screen to watch his motionless character. For the rest of the day SWIM noticed sometimes that he would see things in his peripheral vision. Just trails of colour that would disappear as soon as he glanced over. This lasted for a few days before it left him.
    The only conclusion that SWIM can draw from this is that the pills had a very high amount of ketamine in them and very little, if any, MDMA. Has anybody else ever experienced anything like this before? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    May 10, 2005
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    About a year ago i ate 2 red flags. They were supposed to be top quality pilss but i just ended up in someones lawn at 3 am. I was drunk when i ate them and really dont think i felt much of the pills. When i woke up in the lawn about 20 minutes later i was surroundeed by a few cops and an ambulance. I tld the cops i was just drinking and they gave me a ride home with no ticket or anything. I dont know if they had K in them but i blacked out for at least 2o minutes, and even after i woke up i was very disorientated. It was probably due to my alcohol level.
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    Jan 10, 2005
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    about 3 years ago id gone out for my mates birthday. clubbing til 3 with a few decent pills, then went back to his house. had a couple more pills and chilled out. when the pills were starting to wear off, we snorted a couple of lines of ket. didnt expect it to be quite so strong! the ket id had before mustve been shit.

    anyway, the first line began to hit me even before id finished snorting the second, and by the time id put the tray down on the floor my arms were getting longer and i seemed to be separating from them. i must admit that its hard to describe in real words exactly how i felt during any of this experience. i tried to stand up and move to the bed (i was on a chair) but i couldnt control my legs properly.

    i decided to turn around and look at his video collection on the cupboard. for some reason, i got focused on the videos, to the extent that it felt like they were the entire universe, that nothing else beyond existed. then my other mate entered the room and started trying to talk to us. very weird hearing a disembodied voice from beyond the outer reaches of the universe!

    i lost total track of time, but later we decided that it mustve been about an hour because of how far through the music we were. all the time this was happening to me, my mate was lying on the floor, completely incapable of anything, dont think he really enjoyed it too much.

    afterwards, when the peak of the ket had worn off, everything had a kind of '3d' look to it. lots of seemingly bright, primary colours. not trippy colours, its just that everything seemed more 'there'. the corners of objects looked pretty cool, and i found it rather difficult to focus on things much. there seemed to be fairy lights on the walls too, but only if i didnt look directly at them.

    all in all, one of the most interesting experiences ive had, and one of the weirdest. would like to repeat it some day, but gotta have somewhere safe to do it - with my mum upstairs in bed is not really suitable...