Safety of chronic peganum harmala use to treat depression/lack of motivation

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    SWIM's been lacking any motivation and personality lately. He isn't anymore very social and his head is usually empty, no thoughts going on. All that has happened in a period of about half a year, or at least the change has been most notable during that period. For more details check the thread about ayahuasca healing:

    So I found that 5g peganum harmala with 10g of mimosa hostilis made an amazing improvement for about three days. Last night SWIM experiented with 4,5g peganum and smoked some weed. Now he feels a bit better, but it is all the weed he smoked that makes him quite confused the next day so he can't really tell how much the peganum alone did for him.

    The question is what kind of side effects would there be if he used peganum 3-5 times weekly? His stomach might at least get upset because of constantly eating seeds. He propably should also extract the alkaloids for long-term use as currently he just crushes them(poorly) with his morter and puts them in gelcaps. Ofcourse there'd be pharmas like Moclobemide but they aren't easy to obtain for SWIM and he remembers reading that beta-carbolines have a whole lot more binding affinity than the medications in question.