Salvia D. and Remeron (Mirtazapine)

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    I have searched the internet looking for information on mixing the two and bar a few trip reports on erowid he has found nothing substantial.

    Here's the short story. I have been on this medication for a few months so has been unable to take the likes of e (sort of counter-act eachother, not a great 'high') or copious amounts of alcohol as it is very sedating. He turned to the more natural side of things and found salvia, having read about it slightly before. So, he began researching but didn't come across any drug reactions so 'went in blindly'. Obviously he knew that salvia demanded respect and he was not looking for a high but more like some enlightenment.

    Having heard two conflicting stories of starting with standard leaf of jumping in the deep end with the extracts he made the probably stupid choice of thinking 10x can't be that much more concentrated (obviously it's 10x more but anyway). After acquiring some and waiting a few days to get in the right mind-set he settled down in an evening with his salvia and pipe. The dose was about 0.1g, a nice starting point to the eye. He turbo-flamed it and took a nice big toke holding it in for the recomended 30 second (just) and didn't find it too harsh on the tongue. So, in theory those variables were covered.

    I won't write a full trip report as that isn't the point. I'm really only here to say that these two in combination probably intensifys it, if only slightly. I'm not saying all Anti-Depressants do but as swim's not really a sensetive fellow when it comes to drugs, i think it was the medication. I just wanted to post some evidence that salvia and remeron must be used with caution. Of course, salvia on it's own needs its own but i'll wrap it up now. Sorry for the lengthy thread.