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    Dec 23, 2005
    Ok I decided to post my experience. This happened to me in November, and to this date it is the single most terrifying and life changing experience that I have had. It started off with me and a friend just hanging out. We smoked 5 or 6 bowls between the two of us out of my bong (probably about 2gs) of mid grade which got us very very stoned. We just listened to music and hung out for about an hour until our other friends got there. We are all stoners so we smoked a few more bowls between the 5 of us and my friend told us he had some 20x salvia. Having tried salvia extracts in the past I figured why not and we packed about 1/8 or 1/10 of the gram he had into my bong. I proceeded to decimate the bowl and held the smoke in for maybe 15 seconds. After that all hell broke loose. I can't remember what happened immediatly after, my brain was just trying to come to terms with what it was seeing and what had happened. From my friends point of view this is what happened:

    I exhaled then fell back onto my couch with an amazed look on my face. Then I brought my hands up and said 'ohhhhhhh noo' and curled up into a ball and started shaking. My eyes were closed. After doing that for a few min I got up and walked to my basement stairs got half way up them then screamed. Then I ran around trying to cope with what was happening. I kept frantically touching the side of my face and asking if 'it was there?', the entire time in a state of complete confusion. After a few more minutes I proclaimed that it was over and went upstairs to my bedroom to calm down.

    From my point of view the experience was complete terror, panic, and realization. After exhaling I was literally thrust into another existance, much like a DMT trip. The transformation was instantaneoius, it was like waking up from the life I had been leading as a human into a completly different reality, one that was the true reality. It felt like my soul was being torn apart. I became immersed in the world of jigsaw like patterns that stretched through infinity, in ways and directions that we cannot even fathom. Each of the jigsaw pieces that I witnessed were another person, another consiousness. I myself was also one of the pieces. It didnt feel unnatural, just terrifying that there was no escape no change that this was eternity and it would never end (any notion I was on a drug was long gone). Time itself had ceased to exist, and it felt like my emotions were on loop. While experiencing this new reality it felt like I was on a roller coaster, going at light speed. It was the most intense feeling, my mind was physically in pain. And it would not stop. Thats when the trip got really bad. Along each of the seams that connected each jigsaw piece, this new reality began to fall apart. And I became one with a giant spinning spehrical, epic, windmill. It had no dimensions or size, it was beyond that. It encompassed all that is. Each panel that stuck out from the wheel was showing me another reality. And I was inbetween our reality and the wheel, I was at the center. It felt like the panel jutted out from my forehead (at some point I had become aware of my face). However the wheel/sphere itself was spinning at incredible speeds while the panel did not move. So I was given the impression that my face was being torn and ground against the spinning wheel. The scary thing was that there was pain, it was no illusion. I can't remember anymore what happened after that but not long after I suddenly found myself on top of the stairs of my basement, with a vague idea of where I was and who I was again. I was still merged with the wheel and I could see our reality through my right eye and the salvia reality through my left. My brain tried to come up with a rational explanation and when I got down the stairs and looked at my wall I saw a giant red smear with chunks of bone in it. I became convinced I had smoked the salvia and ran straight into the wall, destroying the left side of my face, which explained why I could not see through that eye and why I was experiencing the intensity of the wheel on the left side of my face. Although I could see my friends at this point, i could not hear anything they were saying which was not reassuring. A few minutes later I was completly grounded in our world/reality again and knew I was ok. I told my friends not to worry and went upstairs to calm down and try and get the waves (the looping feeling I had felt earlier) to stop. Eventually they did, though I was incredibly shaken up.

    I don't know exactly at which point it was that I had screamed, as in my mind I had been screaming the entire time. I believe it may have been when I reconnected with reality. Even though this is already very long, it can't even begin to convey the experience.

    so be careful kids
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    OMG!!!!I had the exact same thing (not the spinning wheel thing) but the one eye in salvia land and one eye in reality!!

    SWIM once did a really strong level 5ish trip that ended with SWIM getting up off the floor, only I could still see the Salvia reality below with the the left eye when looking down, and normal reality with the right eye when looking around :)

    It was almost like I was half in some kind of 'Salvia swimming pool', if SWIM wanted to, I could dip the head below the surface of the water and carry on the trip! Very strange!

    That was a very positive trip though, sorry to hear about your bad one, maybe a lesson there - don't go into sally land when your mind isn't ready (or when you're really stoned)
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