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Discussion in 'Salvia divinorum' started by astenu, Feb 11, 2006.

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    Oct 29, 2005
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    here is my first experience with salvia utilizing the oral "quid" method. after approximately 25 minutes
    of chewing on the salvia ball i had rolled, i noticed some interesting body effects. my feet began to feel "heavy". this feeling began spreading up my legs. i got to walk around only to find myself somewhat dizzy and disoriented, but not in a "bad" way. i put on some light trance music and laid down on my bed. when i closed my eyes i could see green vines sprouting up all around and over my body. these vines were like tentacles embracing my being and "comforting" and "protecting" me from what i did not know. i then began to feel as if i was floating in the air on waves of the music that was playing. after several shapes and colors passed through my field of vision(eyes closed), i saw what looked like an egyptian queen or cleopatra. her face (esp. her eyes) was beautiful. her stare had penetrated into the core of being, making me feel at peace with myself. after these effects subsided i was left with a pleasant feeling of happiness and wonder. although felt a little "spacey" for the next few hours.
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    The vines, my Goddess, the vines. Those are the most memorable parts of the experience. If you've ever listened to heavier, "tweaked" music (NIN in my case), you'll swear you're right in the middle of the best music video ever, or better, in the middle of a Mike Diana experience.